Walking Dead #164 Spoilers

The Walking Dead #164 hits stores tomorrow. Spoilers and cussing below. Read on only if you like spoilers and cussing

The Walking Dead #164 doesn’t have the bloody goodness fans of the series are hoping for, lets face it, it has been quiet on that front lately. However there is some huge plot and character growth, which fans of the series also love. Robert Kirkman has always said the book isn’t about zombies, thee are tons in this issue, but about the survivors. He delivers on that front.


When we last check in, the town of Alexandria was being swarmed by zombies. Negan saved Rick and they were on the run. This is where we pick up. (click the spoiler boxes to see the spoiler protected images.


Negan being his normal swarms self.


While they are completely surrounded.


Negan and Rick getting to know each other a little better.


Negan’s question gets an answer.

That Negan just wasn’t ready to hear. Negan’s answer shows a more emotional side, as well as, motivation.  Which also ties into the story in Image Plus.


Meanwhile, Eugene’s ham radio comes into focus, this could be leading up to something.


And Carl comes into his own…. Could the story’s leadership be taking a different role shortly?


And let’s not forget the Saviors. They are still lurking ready to pounce.



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5 Responses to Walking Dead #164 Spoilers

  1. Brennan says:

    Even when not much happens this book is great. I don’t understand why the show has really started to be…well, not good lately. I feel like the more they stray from the original material the worse it gets. Does anyone else feel like they used to stray from the source way better in the earlier seasons??
    I will admit though that the conclusion to last nights episode was really good. That grin.

    • Anthony says:

      I like when they keep close to the story in the comics. They have to stray some but I like when they follow the comic.

    • I feel like they are stretching things out longer than they need to. I understand they want to make the union of the various groups of survivors more believable, but it’s also obvious they are trying to spend more time on this in a way that is stalling the overall story. It also has me wondering what they’re going to do when the flash-forward hits; if they’ll opt to let things play out in real-time instead of jumping ahead, just for the sake of padding things out.

  2. h says:

    thanks a lot guys!!!

  3. Brennan says:

    Great. Issue.

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