CBCS offering “Raw Graded” books?

Is CBCS offering a new typs of grading? One where the book is not “stabbed” in a heavy protective “slab” and instead comes in a Mylar bag with board and grading label. 

A CBCS 9.6 graded copy of Walking Dead #27 hit the market. The first appearance of the Governor is a little different though. it is being called a “raw graded book”. The Raw Graded ComicEdit isn’t encapsulated though. Instead it appears to be in a heavy Mylar bag and board with stickers closing the flap. There is a small logo sticker on the front giving the grade. 

A press release hasn’t been sent out on the service so we are unsure at the time if this is legit or someone doing an interesting knock off. 

Will update as the story unfolds. 


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10 Responses to CBCS offering “Raw Graded” books?

  1. Georges Pearson says:


  2. agentpoyo says:

    I can see all the counterfeits now.. those stickers unless they fall apart (like the inspection and registration stickers in your car window) when pulling off don’t look too secure in preventing someone to swap out a book with relative ease.

    • agentpoyo says:

      Of course I’d have to see it in person as well. They claim tamper proof stickers but there are some clever people out there..

  3. A. King says:

    This is a pretty cool concept……if it is legit. I doubt CBCS would just start doing this without a press release. I’d be interested in this, and I’m sure it is probably a cheaper option. This is what I do with my PC books anyway, I read them and then seal away in mylar never to be opened again.

  4. azbarbarian says:

    Oh, My, Gosh. What are the label collectors gonna do now?

  5. Howie says:

    This sounds dumb. CBCS simply needs to focus on their turnarounds and stop with trying to reinvent the wheel.

  6. Simon Payne says:

    surelly once the book is shipped the grade is worthless? Anything could happen from there

  7. Jesus says:

    Isn’t the whole purpose of getting the books “slab” to protect it from aging and getting damaged? I’ll pass for now…..

  8. OCguy72 says:

    Can’t see this sticking around for long. I like CBCS quite a bit, but angentpoyo pointed it could be counterfeited at some point…. Also not much protection. One small drop or an angry mailman and that 9.6 is a 9.0 but the sticker won’t change, leaving plenty of room for people to get taken advantage of on the secondary market..

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