New Comic Spec Review Video for 2/22/17

Each week, Terry Hoknes, from, and I do a video discussing the weeks new releases and what we think the spec winners will be. Here is this weeks for delivery 2/22/17:

I would like to give a shout out to Johns Hopkins University Hospital. Not only did they take good care of my mom during her heart attack (she was actually at the hospital visiting someone else when it happened), and during the surgery that followed. They were also gracious enough to let me sneak out and film this video in one of their staff lounges.


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11 Responses to New Comic Spec Review Video for 2/22/17

  1. JCH says:

    I took a a 25 year hiatus from comic collecting and am just getting back into it… more as a reader and not as a speculator. These videos and thoughts on what is “hot and what is not” from a spec perspective are great. Good format and really helps someone like me (who is feeling like a collecting rookie again) get a sense of how the comic world has changed. Between this and I can gauge whether my preferred reads could potentially turn into a treasure further down the road (e.g., God Country 1 which you folks said would be hot last month is an awesome read and hits the mark in the sense of a low print run for a comic now in high demand … not quite 14.5K copies ordered through Diamond for issue #1 first print). Again, not looking to make money off of it, but a fun feeling knowing it has the potential to become quite a little treasure down the road if the series gets a good long-standing backing from fans… well, it is a bit of a treasure now it seems!! Keep up the great work and thanks for helping me ease back into this realm of adventure!!

  2. agentpoyo says:

    I like the new format where you all doing your own picks and not so much the same books.

  3. Vann says:

    Really appreciate the time and effort it takes to make these videos—getting all of your research done well before the “bell” on Wednesday and making videos about it isn’t easy—thanks from everyone guys!

  4. Andrew Cantrell says:

    Best wishes for your Mom! Hope all goes well.

  5. Brian Springman says:

    I’m surprised neither of you like Old Guard #1 from Rucka.

    • Anthony says:

      Wait for the picks of the week. But other than that Rucka has put politics in front of comics and the treatment of Frank Cho was unfair. Still bitter about that.

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