Wednesday Winner: Heathen #1

It is nice to walk into the shop on Wednesday and pick up your new comics. It is even nice when you are able to sell some of those books for multiple times cover price that same day. Heathen #1 is one of those books.

Heathen #1 has listings for up to $19.99 currently on eBay. Recently completed sales have been a little all over the place as some copies were listed for below cover price (what? Huh?) and others selling for as high as $19.99. The average price looks to be between $12-14 at the moment. There is only one copy of the 1:5 Variant up for sale, it is signed and listed at $100. The only other copy listed sold for $40. The Comic Mint Variant is selling nicely between $49-54. So kudos to those who jumped on it after I posted the story on it last night.

Sorry for the lateness of getting this on.


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21 Responses to Wednesday Winner: Heathen #1

  1. Richard Sean says:

    I really wish I jumped on the comic mint variant last night. I went to bed and totally forgot about it until halfway through the day, by then it was too late.

  2. Cyber Golem says:

    Thanks Anthony!! I had to look for this book (Reg cover) out of State as every online store was dried out. This book seems to be very under ordered.

    • agentpoyo says:

      I think for the most part all Vault comics are under ordered currently. My primary shop who usually is very good about ordering indie books has gotten none…

  3. Howie says:

    I can’t wait for mine to arrive. Haven’t received anything about when it will ship yet. Then again, this may be one that it wouldn’t hurt to hold on to. I may have erred in ordering other books with it that may not be shipping yet. I’m just a sucker for Francavilla variants and they had an Animosity The Rise #1. Fingers crossed on the Iron Fist variant too.

  4. Vann says:

    Has anyone read Heathen yet?

  5. R says:

    picked up a few from the LCS, they usually order ALL & any indie book. I’m usually the only one who buys them. They had about 10 copies of Heathen but customers are only allowed to buy 2 copies of any book per transaction. ….OH! and if your looking for the 1st Appearance, She’s in Fissure #1…

    • Vann says:

      Good tip—thank you. I still haven’t heard if anyone has even read Fissure #1 yet.

      • R says:

        you’re welcome. I started reading it but lost interest mid way and gave up. So i started skimming through the book and saw the Heathen preview story.

      • Anthony says:

        I am so far behind on my reading. I do have fissure and Heathen but have not read anything from the past two weeks.

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      • Chris bennett says:

        Fissure was a good read as was Heathen. I liked Heathen a little more, big fan of that art style

      • Anthony says:

        I really liked Heathen. Also just sold three copies while I was reading it. Win win.

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  6. Aaron Horwitz says:

    Fissure’s not bad, but it is a little convoluted.

  7. Howie says:

    While on the topic of reading, I finally opened God Country #2 last night. Last page is epic. Also, does anyone know absolutely anything on the when or if regarding a next War Mother book?

  8. Patrick says:

    I’m not a fan of the art.
    And midtown cancelled my preview order of this one, so it looks like I’m going to pass on it.

  9. blind adam the comicpimp says:

    i will have to do a subway store to store hunt for this. might be to late dam health issues . we should also keep our radar ont eh kick starter editions of this series aswell. blind adam out

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