J Scott Campbell Amazing Spider-Man #25 Exclusives On Sale at 12 PM Eastern Today

Fans  of J. Scott Campbell art and variants will want to be ready at noon today to jump on these Amazing Spiderman #25 covers.


The cover features Mary Jane in Spider-Man costume, Spider-Gwen, and Black Cat, while the B cover has a costume swap into more casual clothes, and a virgin C cover. They are available at J Scott Campbell’s webstore today starting at 12 PM Eastern (9 AM West Coast).

Using the code SPIDEY3 will save 15% off.

asm-25-a asm-25-b_1024x1024 asm-25-c_1024x1024


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12 Responses to J Scott Campbell Amazing Spider-Man #25 Exclusives On Sale at 12 PM Eastern Today

  1. jholyk says:

    They look like triplets with different colored hair. It would be nice if facial features were different.

  2. Scott B. says:

    A bit pricey for the 3-comic set ($92.00). Think I’ll pass on this set!

    • Scott B. says:

      Forgot about the 15% discount code. A little more reasonable with that!

      • agentpoyo says:

        $72 after discount… meh, I’ll pass, I’d pass at half that price as well. That’s still too much money. Wait long enough and you’ll find these for half that price more than likely. Moderns starting at such a high premium never hold such value, unless there’s a first appearance or death, etc.

      • agentpoyo says:

        Ughh.. $78 after discount, not $72.. sorry, a little under the weather. I got someone’s germs on my plane flight back from Canada.. I hate airplane germs.

      • JayClue says:

        honestly, I’m not sure how Campbell fans stay on board. Every single cover he does seems like the same girl in line 3-4 different poses. over and over again. If you have one, you have them all. You just squint when you look at it.

      • Anthony says:

        Need to do a gif of every cover and see how well they align. That would be fun.

  3. Elvi says:

    I liked these enough to pick up a set for the PC. I’m not concerned about whether they appreciate in value or not. I have all their true first appearances for that. I just like the covers and this week is looking to be a light week at the ‘ol LCS.

  4. Donato Congialdi says:

    Passing on these but grabbed the Elektra 1 signed set last week… Those are nice…

  5. blind adam the comicpimp says:

    did mr cambell phone this in or what?? did he even try ?? he has done better covers for amazing in the past. and for that price no thanks maybe if I had a better discount and a better profit margian . and mr cambell sir if you need a hot girl dressed a costume to watcha nd draw your next store variant look meup I am blind adam the comicpimp at your service blind adam out

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