Image Comics 25th Anniversary Blind Box Tops Diamond Comics Advance Reorder List

I see big allocations coming up for this one. For the week of 2/28/17-3/5/17, stores were ordering heavy on the $125 Image Comics 25th Anniversary Blind Box. However, there will be a couple of small problems.

First up, the box is limited to 1,992 boxes. If stores are ordering heavy enough for it to top the list, say over a new X-Men title, you can only imagine they will not be getting them all in (let alone any possibly). 

Next, the $125 price tag that has been floated around (coming from Image’s own press release) IS the price of the box. However, it is also the price that retailers will be charged as there are no discounts from Diamond. So if you get one, you can be sure there will be an upcharge on them and you will not be paying the $125. 

And lastly, it is my understanding that there is no order limit on the box , so even though they are limited to 1,992 boxes, a store can order 2,000 boxes through the Diamond system (unless Image has changed the “print run” on the boxes due to demand) so retailers might have ordered a few early on, but once allocations hit, they probably will not get all the ones they ordered. 


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42 Responses to Image Comics 25th Anniversary Blind Box Tops Diamond Comics Advance Reorder List

  1. agentpoyo says:

    I’m not even gonna bother trying..

    • Anthony says:

      But I want one. Especially if that dreamy Greg Rucka has books in there

      • agentpoyo says:

        Ewwww… I want the Negan book but I’ll wait when the hype wears off and you can find it at a more reasonable price.

    • This is exactly how I feel. Plus I want one at $125, but not whatever the shops end up selling them for, which I’m sure will be a lot higher. Realistically each shop will only get one box each (unless Image prints more). So your odds of getting one are extremely low. In addition, I read a press release and it sounds like the shops will be allowed to open these and Sell the issues individually if they choose. I’m sure several shops go this route making getting the entire box unopened even harder.

      • agentpoyo says:

        Of course. If I was a shop, I’d open mine too in hopes of getting a sketch to sale at some obscene price…

        If 1992 is the exact number they’re making and with allocation occurring, yeah, I see most shops getting 1 or 2 at most.

        I’ll wait a few months, let the hype die down.. buy the issues I like best at a fraction of the cost more than likely.

      • There’s approximately 2000 comic shops in the US isn’t there? I think I remember reading that number somewhere. But yeah, I agree. You’re probably better off waiting at this point.

      • agentpoyo says:

        I thought there was around 3,000 shops or at least 3,000 that get orders from Diamond.. maybe not all brick and mortar stores. Someone correct me if I’m wrong. 3,000 seems high for brick stores but 3k or more seems plausible for retailers with just online presence, etc.

      • 3,000…that might have been accurate. If it is 3K, than there will be a whole lot of stores missing out on this.

  2. Lonzilla says:

    I just want the Negan issue and would rather buy it by itself on ebay than risk a repeat of my Black Friday 2014 crap boxes

    • agentpoyo says:

      Yup.. same here. I don’t need to spend $200+ on a box wear 17 of the issues are ones I likely already have..

    • Anthony says:

      I did well with the Black Friday box.

      • Tweed says:

        I’ve done extremely well in Black Friday box, and Megabox too! I will most likely invest…Image Comics all day!

      • Anthony says:

        I did well with the Mega box partially because I got a damaged comic. Sean from Skybound took care of me and got me a replacement. I put up the damaged copy at auction for 99 cent start. Sold it for almost as much as the box cost me. I also had a damaged 10th Anniversary Skybound walking dead #1. Sean helped me out then too never sold that one though. Moral of the story seems to be I am a bad customer.

  3. Bill says:

    My small LCS ordered only two, both for me, hoping when allocations hit he will get one.

    • Are they the kind of store who will go ahead and sell it to you after they see the hype? Or will they probably hold it back for themselves after they realize what the box is potentially worth?

  4. Philippe Brault says:

    I’m going to the LCS in an hour and still havent made up my mind on this one. It’ll be a last second decision when handing in my preview list. This is the type of thing where you’ll either be super happy or really PO’d when you receive it.

  5. comicevents says:

    Is there a hint as to what is inside?

  6. Richard Sean says:

    To the ones who were able to preorder it last time a article went up, are your orders still good or have they been cancelled?

    • Anthony says:

      That’s a great question Richard. I am going to imagine that since they will be allocated and they are not being offered at a discount, that anyone who presold them for $125 will loose money.

  7. I pre-ordered mine the morning after it was released, paid in full and have not received any cancelation notice yet….

    • J.Dan Patane says:

      Same here.
      Keeping my fingers crossed but will not be surprised when I get that email.

    • Anthony says:

      I am hearing word that the suggested retail price is now $250. Seems very different from what Image originally put out.

      • David Billadeau says:

        DCBS has it on preorder for $200 right now.

      • Anthony says:

        Yeah. The original press release fromImage I ran had the price set at $125. That’s kind of BS right there.

      • It sounds like these are almost a gift for comic shops. Like image was trying to do some kind of reward for them. So $125 cost to the shop and they can easily double their money by selling the one box they get.

  8. A. King says:

    I really want one, but I’ll pass.

  9. Ric Lancaster says:

    Ah this stinks, some of us love our comics but love paying our mortgage more !

  10. Louie says:

    Good info! Still want one but this does give me pause

  11. emiobeg says:

    If you have a good relationship with your LCS you most likely will get a good deal. I’m only getting charged $5 more from it’s regular price to cover shipping cost. Just debating wether to open it and see what’s in it or sell it as it is. Any suggestions?

    • Mark L says:

      I’d say hold to see how things shake out. At $130, you’re pretty much at cost. I can see this being heavily allocated with a lot of unfulfilled orders and unopened ones should fetch a nice premium.

  12. D. Bulai says:

    Ordered mine from ComicXposure the evening when it was released at cost, no cancellation email…yet, but I won’t hold my breath.

  13. Dan Piercy says:

    I think these will be a big deal.

  14. Steven Garza says:

    Same here. Ordered mine from ComicXposure and have not received a cancel order yet. I hope they dont wait til the last minute to cancel it. I really hope they dont cancel at all but I just cant imagine they will get enough to fill all the orders they probably took.

  15. JT says:

    From what I gather, there will be 17 unique #1issue variants exclusive to the box (Curse Words, God Country, etc.) all numbered of 1,992. Plus you’ve a chance of the 8 other issues in your box to get rarer b+w, blank covers, virgin, etc. Variants of the 17 issues, plus a chance for a one of 500 Negan book, original sketch covers ( roughly 1in 4 boxes). Just a set of the 17 issues to Me would be worth the money let alone the other 8 variants. I ordered 8 from 5 different places in hopes to get one or 2. I’ll bet if you pull that Negan book, by itself it’ll go for $200 or more. These will be HUGE.

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