Seven to Eternity #5 to have Silver Foil Variant. 

With the popularity of Seven to Eternity, this one might be a good one to grab.

Image Comics is pleased to announce a special, limited variant cover for SEVEN TO ETERNITY #5 by Rick Remender (DEADLY CLASS, TOKYO GHOST, BLACK SCIENCE) and artist Jerome Opeña that will kick off the second story arc of the bestselling series. This cover will feature a flashy silver foil treatment of the SEVEN TO ETERNITY title logo.  

SEVEN TO ETERNITY #5 returns to the adventure with Adam Osidis and the Mosak’s arrival at the crossroads. The choices they make here will echo throughout the lands of Zhal for all eternity. This first issue in the new story arc will also feature variant covers by Phil Noto and Rafael Albuquerque.
The God of Whispers has spread an omnipresent paranoia to every corner of the kingdom of Zhal; his spies hide in every hall spreading mistrust and fear. SEVEN TO ETERNITY follows Adam Osidis—a dying knight from a disgraced house—who must choose between joining a hopeless band of magic users in their desperate bid to free their world of the evil God, or accepting his promise to give Adam everything his heart desires.

SEVEN TO ETERNITY #5 Cover A by Opeña and Hollingsworth (Diamond Code FEB170623), Cover B by Noto (Diamond Code FEB170624), Cover C by Albuquerque (Diamond Code FEB170625), and Cover D Silver Foil (Diamond Code JAN178439) hit stores on Wednesday, April 12th.

The variant will be a 1:25 variant. 


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14 Responses to Seven to Eternity #5 to have Silver Foil Variant. 

  1. Joe Fote says:

    Sold out at TFAW.

  2. agentpoyo says:

    Is it 1995 again?

    • Dan Piercy says:

      Yah, I think it is like an inside joke or something. Like it amuses Image to put out these nostalgic, stupid variants that resemble the 90s garbage.

  3. BED says:

    Grabbed one a few hours ago. So much for Image not doing ratio variants anymore. Seems low risk though with the heat on this series

  4. A. King says:

    Guess I’ll have to hunt this down on release day.

  5. blind adamthe comicpimp says:

    wow . are there any other 1990s gimmicks left to bring back ?? we have variant covers polybaged editions gold foil siover foils we had the 420 scratch and sniff Harley Quinn annual so I guess scatcha nd sniff is out zenascope has the nude and cos play the only cos paly variants worth buying so I ask are there any gimmicks from the 1990s left to bring back for 2017?? oh and I am going to make a fun calls for this one is it is going to be a hot book blind adam out

  6. NotJon says:

    This is one I honestly don’t even balk at a 50 dollar price point on. The series just can’t be stopped in terms of value or quality. It’s so good, I won’t even be mad if I get Fear Agents (my term for whenever I hold a book too long because I love ALL my copies for more than they’re commanding, and miss out entirely) Granted, if stories by certain sites hadn’t already started up about how insanely cool this variant would be *cough cough*, I miggghhhtttt have been able to afford more than just the PC copy. I don’t know who you think you are. Posting speculative tips on your blog. About speculation. Jeez.

  7. JayClue says:

    I talked to my LCS and their Diamond page said they were allowed to order 1 copy then 1 additional copy for every 25 ordered of cover A or B. So, if the store orders 2 copies of #5 they can get 1 copy of the silver foil. If they order 25 copies of #5, they can get 2 copies of the silver foil…they also said that the price in their diamond page was normal cover price. They said I could have a copy if they receive one. The manager may mark it up on me, as he typically, reasonably does.

    • Magneto says:

      Hmmmm regular cover price …..i hate these types of dilemmas . i see them on ebay going for 45 bucks and im trying not to grab one and then on the other hand if it take off im a be mad cause they a be higher but if it does nothing and i paid 45 and price drop to 15 ima still be mad. Decisions decisions decisions. What you think

      • Saw those on eBay as well. Problem is that it’s just a foil gimmick of the regular cover. If it was some badass new artwork I might consider it for that price. It’s not, so I’m content looking for it on the Wednesday it comes out.

      • agentpoyo says:

        I’m gonna wait myself, grab one at half the price or less a few weeks later or months when no one cares about it anymore. Ignore the hype on release day, seek it out later I say.

        It’s like the one per store variants, buy on release day and spend $50 or $100 (Extremity one per store gold foil lettering cover comes to mind).. now you can find these for $10 – $20.

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