Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 44

Greetings to my Comics Heating Up and Awesomesauce families. Thank you to
everyone for this last year, as it has been one of the best years of my life. Thank you Anthony for allowing me to play in your awesome and amazing sandbox. Thank you all for reading and listening to my podcast and finally, for the friendship, encouragement, advice,  and surport. I am very,very blessed to have you all in my life.

Now, before we make money on comics allow me to share a few thought random thoughts.

First off the Lego Batman is just #awesomesauce, from start to finish. It is fun as heck. It is the Adam West Batman of this generation. (But if your going to the movies and want to save a few bucks bring your own snacks and smuggle them in. I spent almost thirty dollars on soda and popcorn w.t.f. is this??) Still, worth ever penny but still expensive if your bring a couple of friends to the theater to watch movie .

Dan Slott just needs to leave Spider-man. I have no clue what the final
issue of Clone Conspiracy #5 even means.

Finally, Bells Palsy sucks . I am getting over a case of it and I can’t move the right side of my face. I am on prednisone and eating like a pregnant lady. Lets
hope I get better soon. Now, lets make money with some comics cause you can’t teach that.

1. Batman Rebirth #1 Lego Batman Mexican Walmart Excuslive – found this on ebay while looking for the Lego Batman movie giveaway comic. Only for sale in Mexico, not sure what the print run is but this needs to be in every batman collection $15-25

2. Batman Rebirth #1 Walmart White Logo Variant – just when I thought I was done with Walmart DC three packs they bring me right back in. My favorite is the Wonder Woman #1, but Batman makes money. This one could have legs. there is also a Black Logo Variant of this as well $10-15

3. Gotham Girls #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 – this series is one big gem. If you can watch the Gotham Girls shorts on Youtube, they are #awesomesauce. This series is
so underrated and undervalued. The #3 with a Harley Quinn cover is a
monster at $50-150, however the others which have great Gotham City
Sirens ties. The Catwoman for Gotham Girls #1 is sweet $20 and up

4. Wonder Woman #96 (Volume 2) – anything Wonder Woman is heating up. Can not wait for the movie. This has a sweet joker cover and will not break the bank at $5-10

5. Archie Comics #531 – as you all know, I am loving Riverdale on the CW. Valerie is a big deal there, well her kid brother Trent makes his first appearance in this book and he is on Riverdale as well $5

6. Chew #1 Larry’s Comics Variant – Larry of Larry’s Comics can sure put a cool variant from time to time. One day Chew will get its other media rightly due to it and then this variant will be the one to snag. It is limited to around 1,000 copies or so $60 and up

7. Marvel Milestone Iron Fist #14 – Sabretooth is a villian for an entire generation. Wolverine vs Sabertooth fights on the classic x-men animated series were the bomb. As a kid I collected every appearance and action figure of Sabretooth and wanted to mention this cheaper way to obtain his first appearance $1-10

8. Harley Quinn Power Girl #1 – while reading last weeks Harley Quinn I remembered how whacked this mini series was. It is cheap, like five bucks
and under cheap, and it is a fun read with two female powerhouses from DC

9. Hellblazer #27 (Volume 1) – this is written by Neal Gaiman and is tough to find. Hellblazer gains new fans every day and with a CW Seed
animated series in the works plus JLA Dark I wanted to spotlight this classic one issue by the master. Also if you can download or stream it
the Simpsons had a great Neal Gaiman episode which is hella funny happy hunting

10. Wolverine #37 (Volume 2) first Albert. If only Logan used the name Albert for the… Well, I ain’t spoiling it, but maybe a version of Albert made an appearance in this movie. Friends of mine that work at the club saw it and spoiled me but Albert was made by Donald Pierce so it would make sense $5-10

11. Uncanny X-Men #133 (Volume 1) – first solo Wolverine story. Leads into the creation of the Reavers and was the first Uncanny X-Men comic
I ever bought I love that cover just good wicked times $20 and up

12. Uncanny X-Men #303 (Volume 1) – Death of Magik by the Legacy Virus. All New Mutants movie magic will steal the show. $1-5 on this classic issue

13. New Mutants #73 (Volume 1) – Magik becomes a kid again or a young teenager. Dear parents, why do you send your mutant children to Professor X in the first place? Do research man, those schools get blown up a lot those explosions make the news right?!?! People send their kids there WTF? Magik is hot and needs more cosplay love and so does this $1-5 issue

14. Uncensored Mouse #1 and #2 – I love Micky Mouse I can do the voice. Soon I will have a real Disney cast member Micky Mouse costume (so if you need a Micky Mouse at a kids party I am your man, oh boy!) Eterteny Comics published Mickey Mouse stories that had swearing, sexual references, smoking, and all that jazz in them. Disney has great lawyers as even though the comics in question were in public domain, Disney still sued. Wow, because Mickey Mouse has law degrees. These books are on my want list paying $10

15. Powergirl #4 1:10 Guillem March variant – Powergirl needs more cosplay love (if you are cos playing do it right include the boob window, lol.) Powergirl needs a new series and her new 52 BS needs to be forgotten. This book (and Powergirl) has the looks and there was one copy one eBay going for $30. Might make my bid if there is time left

16. Marvel Team Up #117 – Great Spiderman and Wolverine cover. First Spiderman and Wolverine team up. It is movie season now and Logan hit a home run. Will Spiderman be fun? cheap fun issue $5-15

17. WWF No Holds Barred Movie Magazine – for wrestling fans old enough to
remember Hulk Hogans earily acting days. Rocky 3 was his best movie. No Holds Bard was where he fought Zeus. This was a fun late eighties ride. While looking for an old WWF magazine with the Ultimate Warrior on the cover I found this and it brought me back and goes for decent coin $25-50

18. Spider-Man Storm and Power Man battle Smokescreen – Why do I always get the weird comics when I buy a collection. It had some cool things like the Teen Titans anti-drug comic, X-Men Heroes for Hope (love that Wolverine cover on it), The Aim Toothpaste Spider-man specials. My favorite, though of the promotional comics, when I was a kid was this Spider-man/Powerman Anti-Smoking comic. It is just weird not to mention. Why don’t they do PSA comics anymore? Did PSA’s go out in the eighties?? $5

19. Mighty Avengers #3 Eminem  – Iron Man hangs out on the Eight Mile?? Eminem is a fanboy and the Eminem vs the Punisher magazine does well. This was a retailer variant and it has a low print run and is #awesomesauce $50

20. Archie meets the Ramones #1 2nd print – Terry Hoknes had this on the Weekly Spec Review video some months back. Like how many people does Archie get to meet? He met Kiss, the cast of Glee, the Punisher, Predator, Sara Palin, Obama, freaking Sharknado, and now the Ramones. Can Archie just stop meeting people? (Or go meet Ginger Lynn and Kay Parker cos-playing as Betty and Veronica, google it but NSFW ((Not Safe for Work or Not Safe For Wife)) This is a fun ride all kidding aside $5 and up

I just want to mention a couple of bonus non-comic book collectibles as I
thought they were #awesomesauce

Playboy January 1995 – I am seeking copies of this classic cover of the Jan. 1995 Playboy. It has Drew Barrymore in the magazine as well as on the cover. She was nineteen and one day I will share with the group my Drew Barrymore story as it is the things legends are made out of $10 and up

General Mills vinyl figure set 1974 – It is #awesomesauce. Back in 1975 when Frankenberry, Booberry, and Count Chocula, and Fruit Brute were on the store shelves all year instead of this once a year BS we deal with now, they did really cool giveaway. Mail-in promtions such as this set of three action figures were the coolest. Frankenberry is the toughest to find while the count is the easiest to find. Sets go for $75.

Green Jelly Carnage Rules cd or record – Green Jelly (or Green Jello as they were known before the law suit) was a great, fun,  hard rock band. They did the music for the Maximum Carnage game and did an entire cd around the song Carnage Rules. Not sure if
the cd booklet featured a mini comic or not but just a cool song to rock out to.


Well, now I need to go take more meds, eat some ziti, and go to sleep. I hope to see you all an upcoming convention. I was at the Big Apple Con and I was walking around as booths were sold out. But the show was still great. Email if you want to hang out at an upcoming show.
Now that I fade away I find myself obsolete
blind adam out.


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  1. comicevents says:

    Hope you are better soon. Great list this week. Lego Batman was a scream. The kids and I both loved it. What does giveaway comic look like and go for? I’m not sure there are any on the bay right now.

  2. xman_2 says:

    “Powergirl needs more cosplay love (if you are cos playing do it right include the boob window, lol.)”

    Why would you care about the boob window? I thought you were blind. ha ha

  3. OCguy72 says:

    thanks for your list! As always a very fun read and I do manage to increase my collection because of it!!!

  4. Matt Riley says:

    3 things Adam:

    Great list, as always!

    Hope you get well soon.

    And you know you can’t hold out on the Drew Barrymore story!

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