Variant Envy: Marvel’s Mary Jane Variants

Marvel is launching a new series of variants for the coming months featuring Peter Parker’s main squeeze Mary Jane Watson. Some of them are really good and worth checking out. We have pulled from several different sources to get a better look at the line-up

Punisher 13 variant by Dave Williams (photo from

Iron Fist #4 Variant by Stephanie Hans (photo from

Unbelievable Gwen-pool #17 by David Nakayama (photo from

All New Wolverine #21 by David Lopez (Photo from

Spider-Gwen #21 by Kevin Wada (Photo from

The Mighty Captain Marvel #6 by Chris Samnee and Matt Wilson (Photo from

Champions #9 by Helen Chen (Photo from

Invincible Iron Man #8 by Marco Checchetto (Photo from

And for the coup de grace

Venom #151 by Francesco Mattina (Photo from


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26 Responses to Variant Envy: Marvel’s Mary Jane Variants

  1. prophet90 says:

    are these going to be ratio variants?

  2. Nicc T says:

    Yup. I’m ordering them all. That venom by Mattina is incredible. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Richard Sean says:

    Are these regular cover price variants?

    That venom one is a must have.

  4. A. King says:

    They all look pretty good for the most part, but my favorite 2 are the Venom and the Punisher. If they are cover price I will be getting a few of those Venom.

  5. Douglass Calmes says:

    where can i order the venom one?

  6. Negan says:

    Three of these covers have my attention. Mattina really knows how to Venomize his characters.

  7. Shines says:

    Venom & Punisher for sure. Gwenpool is nice too. Iron Fist cover….no. Just no.

    • Anthony says:

      I don’t like the freckles on the Iron Fist cover.

      • Shines says:

        I think the face on the IF one is terrible.

        Thing is, none of them actually LOOK like classic Mary Jane. The closest is the Samnee imho, & the hair’s colored wrong. If they recolored the hair on any of the otherrs, they could say it was any character. The Iron Man cover could easily be Pepper.
        If you ‘re going to do a theme, then you have to be closer to it then just drawing a redhead and saying it’s supposed to be MJ. When they did the Gwen Stacy run there was no doubt who it was.

      • Anthony says:

        The problem is, and I think, Gwen Stacy has more of a classic hair style. Put it on a pretty blonde and it’s Gwen Stacey. Mary Jane doesn’t really have a signature look since Todd McFarlane redesigned her. Now don’t get me wrong Todd’s redesign was great, but she doesn’t have a signature look like Gwen Stacy does. Just a thought.

      • Shines says:

        I dunno, Romita gave her the bangs and dimples look, I know that’s old school, but look how many of the Gwen covers used her classic hair & headband style? I’m not saying we should have a dozen “Tiger you hit the jackpot” covers, just a little closer to the source material would be nice, as far as I’m concerned.
        This site had a couple more, Dr. Strange & Avengers. See, Mike Allred gets it:

        But hey, buy what you like, right? I’m still in for Venom & Punisher & maybe a few others anyway. A pretty cover is a pretty cover.

      • Anthony says:

        I like Romita’s retro look for her.

    • Negan says:

      Exactly the three I was referring to.

  8. Jason Zimmerman says:

    Surprised no one has mentioned the Marco Checchetto yet. Isn’t he on a little bit of a hot streak right now? That one’s my top pick so far!

  9. JayClue says:

    I’m a life long MJ fan, but none of these really caught my eye…until that Mattina cover. Wow. That might be the best cover I’ve ever seen. The Checchetto looks nice too.

  10. Andrew Cantrell says:

    I like them all, especially the Punisher. The Mattina one was good until it gets to the head (seems like a lot of venomized variants make the mouth look like something out of Spawn instead of Venom; even McFarlane didn’t do this). As much as I love MJ, I’m getting tired of variants that don’t contribute anything to the story inside. Isn’t the purpose of a cover to provide some info about the story?

  11. Richard Sean says:

    Unknown comics has all the MJ variants up for sell already. The Venom one is $3 bucks as well. Looks like they got a bunch of others like Doctor Strange and so on.

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