Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 45

Greetings to my Comics Heating Up and Awesomesauce families. Thank you all for reading this each and every week. Thank you for all the friendship, encouragement, advice, and support. Thank you for being the greatest family a guy can ask for. Before we get to the comic books, allow me to give a few thoughts and opinions. First off, never go shopping at a supermarket the day before a snowstorm. I went to my local store for Red Bull and some other things  and it was like the Walking Dead. Thank god it is only a snowstorm and not a zombie apocalypse or something serious. The Flash #18 and Titans #8 were my reads of the week. The Flash and Titans are some of the best comics around.  Now lets make some money with some comics because you can’t teach that.

1. L.A. Comics #1 – if you know me then you know I love Mickey Mouse. Mickey is my boy. I also love adult style parodies of Mickey Mouse. Yes, Air Pirate Funnies is the king, but Mickey Rat is a close second. Mickey the Rat looks like a certain mouse that owns Marvel and Star Wars. Unlike the mouse though, Mickey the Rat is chasing girls, getting high, and having fun. This is a low printed underground comic so happy hunting

2. Mickey the Rat #1-4 – Mr Armstrong’s Mickey the Rat got his own series published by Kitchen Sink and Last Gasp publishing this is #awesomesauce and worth a read

3. The Flash #53 (Volume 2) this is a dollar box find. You have the Flash teaming up with Superman, a super villain powered by meth, and The Pied Piper reveals that he is gay. This is the first DC villan to come out of the closet. So if Pied Piper did it before that Canadian from Alpha Flight, Northstar, why is alpha flight #106 worth $5-20 and even has a second print and this goes for $1-5 tops w.t.f.? Show the pied piper some love

4. Flash #128 (Volume 1) – first appearance of Abra Kadabra. Abra is coming to the CW show. I love this show and the show does increase the price of first apperances of the villains. Look at Flash #108 (Volume 2).  I say if you have a Flash first Appearance you like just snag it. This show is great, best on TV,  and I would watch a show with just the rouges as the Flash Rouges are the best in comics and could take the Gotham baddies in a fight. Just buy the grade you can afford

5. Spidey Super Stories #51 – the Batman Adventures of its day. Tough in high grade. Spidey Super Stories is a fun comic to read and pass down to the kids $5 and up

6. Teen Titans Go #55 – speaking of a beloved kids series, it doesn’t get any bigger then the Teen Titans. I love the theme song and the shorts are funny. I didn’t realize the series lasted this long, These are tough in high grade and this has a low print $10 and up

7. Paying for It– this is an original graphic novel published by Drawn and Quarterly.  It is written by Chester Brown and is a graphic novel on the “world’s oldest profession.” It is awesomesauce. no real spec value but a good read on an interesting subject

8. Green Arrow #24 (New 52 Series)- for all the David Ramsey and John Diggle fans . I am sure that Diggle first appered in an issue of the Arrow comic book series that was based on the show ,but this is his first DCU proper appearance and it is a nice small dollar dollar
book $5-15

9. Batman Son of the Demon second print – Damian Wayne is hot, (wait that didn’t sound right, I mean the character and not the underaged boy). Batman #655 gets all the love. This original graphic novel is underrated and undervalued. In 2006, this hard cover second print was published and is like its first print, so underrated and undervalued $5-10

10. Superman  #423 and Action Comics #583 – if you read Action Comics #975, and if you haven’t I am not spoiling it, but it is awesome. This villain is among my favorite super villains, however, the best use of this 5th Dimension pain-in-the-butt was in the classic “Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow” story by Alan Moore and Curt Swan. This is when Alan Moore was Alan Moore and not some cartoon mockery of himself. $10-20

11. Return of the Jedi Glasses from Burger King – yeah, yeah,  not a comic book but back in the day before we had one million moms (f- them) and before we had the Mary Sue (f- them too) trying to tell me what to eat, telling me how to feed my kids, seriously they just need to shut up. Just be a family friendly but when fast food restruants were allowed to do cool promotions, we got four Return of the Jedi glasses. I am surprised how cheap this set is $20-25 for a set of all four #awesomesauce

12. DC Comics Taco Bell Ashcans – if you value your stomach don’t go to Taco Bell. Anthony put me on to this set of four ashcan comics from a few years back. When googling it I only found three Wonder Woman, Batman, and Green Lantern. Just go to eBay and snag a set. Fun set for the PC and stay away from Taco Bell $5-10 There is also a series of Marvel comics from Taco Bell, one featuring the Ed McGuiness Captain America #25 cover.

13. The Jetsons #1 (Archie comics) –  later this year, the creative team of Harley Quinn Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti  are putting out a new Jetsons comic for DC. I didn’t realize that Archie put out an eight issue series of the liars from the future. Where is my damn flying car and robot maid? $5

14. Superman #205 Mike Turner variant (1986 series) – The Jim Lee / Brian Azzarello Superman story was over hyped and over printed, However, it did have a few gems in it this Mike Turner variant for starters. It is a tough find but so well done $5

15. Superman #204 RRP variant – we all know that Batman #608 RRP makes the money right. Well Jim Lee did one of the most overprinted superman issues since #75. there was a retailer summit variant that was released in Great Britain and is a tough find in the wild. But compared to Batman #608, this is so much cheaper and easier to obtain $125-$250

16. Film Threat #7 – Ren and Stimpy are a voice of a generation. The original Ren and Stimpy show was a work of art, that was until Spike TV got ahold of it. Early pre-comic series cover appearances are just awesome. PC pick up as this has a neat Ren and Stimpy cover $15

17. Archie’s TV Laugh Out #47 – Riverdale is the bomb. The actress that plays Ronnie is a blast in a glass, testify! If your a happy days fan and an Archie fan then you need this issue as it has a Happy Days cover $10 and up

18. Playboy Magazine February 2008 – Wonder Woman is a hot commodity right now.
The trailer was great. Well, in 2008, Playboy had Wonder Woman on the cover. eBay prices are all over the map and this cover is hot. I will be nice and not say anything to current Wonder Woman writer Greg Rucka as he is upsetting me something awfull $20

19. Wonder Woman #8 (Rebirth) – I am very happy the Cheetah is going to be a big deal again. Loved her in Challenge of the Superfriends and she is the best villain for Wonder Woman. The Cheetah rebirth origin is in this issue and it is still cheap. Go for the B cover as it is a nice looking one

20. The Hulk Magazine #24 – I loved the Ramping Hulk magazine as a kid. My uncle gave me a box of these when I was young. This is a classic cover and it features Lou Ferrigno on it. This is the best Hulk comic or  magazine period. Get this ss’ed if you see Lou at a convention, Lou is a nice guy. $10 and up.

Well, thank you guys for everything. I love you guys and I am so blessed to have you all in my life. Now I am off to drink Red Bull out of a fancy glass and watch more 21 Jump Street.

Now that I fade away I find myself obsolete
blind adam, out


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  1. yazmondo says:

    If your a ren and stimpy fan also check cartoon lampoons present red and stumpy #1 $5-10

  2. blind adamthe comicpimp says:

    wow that’s awesome. will go dig for it . thank you thank you guys for everything blind adam out

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