Mel’s Variant Picks of the Week for 3/29/17

What Up CHU? Mel V. here with this week’s Variant picks. Like much of March, kinda slim this week, so no need to cause riots at your local LCS (I’m talking to you Knowledgeable Danny, you know what I mean). However, that does not mean there are not some good looking ones out there. So lets get into it!

Dark Knight III The Master Race #8 Cover G Incentive Bill Sienkiewicz Variant Cover – Bill is at it again with good looking covers. We just saw Batman on a horse in the Justice League trailer and now on this cover. So this is the 1st app of Bat Horse (Just kidding, please dont spec on that I am just kidding)

Man-Thing Vol 5 #2 Cover B Incentive Mike Deodato Jr Variant Cover – Man Thing is pretty cool, once again this is one of those covers for some reason that might have some legs to it

Suicide Squad Banana Splits Special #1 Cover B Variant Ben Caldwell Cover – COOL AS HECK …Banana Splits and SS crossover with a cool 70’s type action cover. Yep, I like this

X-Men Prime #1 Cover D Incentive Whilce Portacio Classic Variant Cover (Resurrxion Tie-In) – I still love how Portacio brings back that 90’s feel to his cover art


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8 Responses to Mel’s Variant Picks of the Week for 3/29/17

  1. Todd says:

    Surprised there’s no mention of the Sabrina One Shot variant Adam Hughes cover.

  2. Todd says:

    Must be a delay because my release date at midtown keeps changing. I think It initially had 3/21 now it’s at 4/5

  3. Stanley says:

    Sabrina Hughes variant is a good pick. However release date is uncertain. According to Diamond Preview, May 2017?

    • Anthony says:

      Which Sabrina book are you referring to?

      • Todd says:

        It’s a Sabrina the teenage witch one shot with a Adam Hughes Variant. I preorder through Midtown and apparently when a book is delayed they change the release date to the next week til it comes out. Adam has another variant with the same publisher which should also be coming out soon. The Sabrina is a beautiful cover.

      • Anthony says:

        Ok. I remember. The one with her flying on the room stick. It was announced forever ago.

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