Greg Rucka’s Old Guard Picked Up For Movie Deal

Greg Rucka’s new series ‘Old Guard’ has been optioned by Skydance for a film deal.

The Hollywood Reporter had the exclusive that Image Comic’s Old Guard by Greg Rucka has been optioned for a movie.

There were several versions of issue #1 including the regular cover, the one per store variant, the Emerald City Comic Con, and the second printing. The gold embossed one per store and the ECCC Variant are the highest priced versions.

Cover price copies can still be found at Amazon, eBay and  Mycomicshop

From Hollywood Reporter:

Skydance has picked up the movie rights to Old Guard, a new comic from author Greg Rucka and artist Leandro Fernandez.

Rucka is attached to pen the script to his own adaptation.

The comic, whose issue two just his shelves this week, tells of a small group of soldiers, led by a woman named Andy, who are inexplicably immortal and have been working as mercenaries through the ages. The novelty of not dying long gone, the group gets a jolt in their bones when they discover the existence of a new immortal, a black woman serving in the Marines, at the same time as a nefarious organization captures their undying actions on camera.


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17 Responses to Greg Rucka’s Old Guard Picked Up For Movie Deal

  1. Richard Sean says:

    My LCS has a bunch of these still. Should I look to pick them up? I feel like for prices to go up we’d need to wait for a trailer/the movie to do well since it’s such a new comic.

    • Anthony says:

      It depends. If the cheap copies sell out online and prices start to rise, then by all means pick some up and flip. For stuff like this it isn’t always a buy and hold thing, some times it is all about selling.

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  2. Admiral Snackbar says:

    i generally don’t go too crazy buying up #1’s when they get optioned because it seems like a new book gets optioned every week and then we never hear about it again.

    if you buy ten #1’s of every comic that gets optioned and one in ten of the books is actually made into a popular movie you’d need to sell each #1 of the made book for $30-$40 just to break even.

    but when you can still get them at cover price it’s pretty low-risk to pick up a few if it’s a book that seems particularly promising. and this one looks like a decent bet to me.

    • Matt C says:

      Yeah, I have a few copies of it stored away. Thinks there’s value in 2nd print, like is the print run low enough to make it something valuable? seems Image is sending a lot of their titles back to print that are still readily available for sale at Midtown, etc

      • agentpoyo says:

        Yeah, I noticed as well. Remember though, sold out a Diamond usually calls for a new printing. While some area’s are still trying to unload their copies from their shelves. But ever since Image claimed they were going to increase their print runs to avoid 2nd and 3rd prints, it seems most if not all their books are now going to 2nd prints or beyond. Now I must admit some books have been great reads and I can see the demand, it just seems like some books that don’t seem to be so hot are easily getting 2nd prints..

    • agentpoyo says:

      Yeah, the problem with a story or book getting “optioned” is just that, they hold the rights to create a movie or show based off it, most of the time it never develops from that point on.

      After something gets optioned, then they need to get someone to write a script, if the script is good or it passes that step, finding a director and producers is next… then casting and so on.. so many steps for a show to get produced. This is why 90% of the crap they make ends up sitting on a shelf in a store room that we never see. My wife works on TV shows and a few movies.. I hear about all the crap they go through just to produce a pilot, it’s crazy.

      Although we’re hoping The Son coming up on AMC is good.. so it comes back for another season for her to work on. I think she just likes looking at Pierce Brosnan, he’s apparently “aging very nicely”. He’s her eye candy.. can’t blame her though, the man is a beautiful man. 🙂

      • OC_Guy says:

        yeah, I did my time in Hollywood years back and that pretty much nails it… Most of what gets optioned never sees the light of day.

    • This is how I feel about it. So much optioning, so little actually movies being made.

  3. agentpoyo says:

    I wouldn’t go out and go crazy on these. My local shops have piles of these so while demand may go up, remember, this is a Rucka book as well. Lazarus got optioned and you can still find those for cover price or less.

  4. A. King says:

    Some of these titles get optioned way too soon. Even if something gets made it sometimes still doesn’t do much for the comic like Outcast. What do you guys think would have happened to TWD if the tv show started around the time issue #7 or #8 came out?

    • agentpoyo says:

      Well, TWD is wildly popular show so if the show still had the success if optioned sooner… I think we’d still see #1 around the 3k range it’s at now.

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