What Happens When CGC Misgrades a book? 

Everyone has a bad day. Everyone who has ever gotten up, went to work, and put a full day in has dropped the ball. But what happens when a company that certifies the grade of potentially valuable comic book a grade that it doesn’t deserve. Case in point, this 9.2 CGC graded Marvel Premiere #15.

The book was submitted to CGC for Universal Grading. It came back much higher than the submitter originally expected/hoped for/thought was humanly possible. When the book came in, images were posted on CGC’s Facebook page and quickly taken down by the mods. From there a CGC rep made contact attempts to get the book back and chalked the grade up to, not a grader error, but a clerical error. The book was graded with the intention of selling it, a 9.2 sells for $600+ dollars where as a 6.0 sells for about $175-$200, so it is a big difference. Apparently, keeping the book violates CGC’s code of contact for people who submit books, and if the error book is kept, the original submitter will no longer be allowed to submit books to CGC. So there is a dilemma. CGC’s way of making the situation right is to have the book shipped back and they will reimburse for shipping, and are offering one free graded book in return.

The Iron Fist Grading Error book is now up for sale. There is no reference to the grade in the title of the listing and simply says the “Marvel premiere 15 The Infamous CGC Error Book” in the title. The body of the auction tells the sellers story.

No, the book is not mine. This is not a bash attempt at CGC, I own slabs from both CGC and CBCS.


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  1. Sold for almost one thousand dollars. Makes one ponder if CGC bought it back to destroy the evidence.

    • Anthony says:

      Could very well be.

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      • I had written the seller a query asking if he could put up a body click counter. Replied that once an auction begins one can not add that in. Said he wished he had. I wonder how many thousands viewed this egregious “clerical error” which got past how many levels of theoretical quality “control” – which begs the further query of how many hundreds – thousands? – at less obvious mis-gradings have gotten past such loose (lack of) control levels to mail it out?

        And to my Best Bud CGC “friends” it is obvious that “guaranty” is false advertising.

  2. Stu says:

    One huckster calling out another. Are you ever going to face the truth Bob?

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