What Happens When CGC Misgrades a book? 

Everyone has a bad day. Everyone who has ever gotten up, went to work, and put a full day in has dropped the ball. But what happens when a company that certifies the grade of potentially valuable comic book a grade that it doesn’t deserve. Case in point, this 9.2 CGC graded Marvel Premiere #15.

The book was submitted to CGC for Universal Grading. It came back much higher than the submitter originally expected/hoped for/thought was humanly possible. When the book came in, images were posted on CGC’s Facebook page and quickly taken down by the mods. From there a CGC rep made contact attempts to get the book back and chalked the grade up to, not a grader error, but a clerical error. The book was graded with the intention of selling it, a 9.2 sells for $600+ dollars where as a 6.0 sells for about $175-$200, so it is a big difference. Apparently, keeping the book violates CGC’s code of contact for people who submit books, and if the error book is kept, the original submitter will no longer be allowed to submit books to CGC. So there is a dilemma. CGC’s way of making the situation right is to have the book shipped back and they will reimburse for shipping, and are offering one free graded book in return.
The Iron Fist Grading Error book is now up for sale. There is no reference to the grade in the title of the listing and simply says the “Marvel premiere 15 The Infamous CGC Error Book” in the title. The body of the auction tells the sellers story.

No, the book is not mine. This is not a bash attempt at CGC, I own slabs from both CGC and CBCS.

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  1. From CGC’s Service Terms and Conditions (https://www.cgccomics.com/news/viewarticle.aspx?IDArticle=5493&):
    “7. Customer agrees to return to Company, at Company’s expense, any item bearing a clerical error for which Services have been provided by Company. Company will, at its expense, correct the clerical error and return the corrected item to Customer. Customer agrees to indemnify, defend and hold Company and its affiliates, and all of its and their respective employees, officers, directors and agents, harmless from and against all claims, liabilities, and expenses (including reasonable attorney’s fees) relating to or arising directly or indirectly from Customer’s failure to comply with this Section 7.”
    If I were negotiating this contract for a client, I would want to insert by whose discretion what the definition of a “clerical error” is. Ideally, i would want a definition of a clerical error in the terms. For a $400.00 loss in value? Nobody would pay my hourly rate to negotiate these terms, though. Also, for a $400.00 difference in value, CGC would be crazy to even accept opening up a negotiation of these terms. On the flip side, nobody would litigate against CGC to determine who gets to decide what a “Clerical error” is for a $400.00 value discrepancy. It would be a lost cause.
    This all begs the question of how large a submitter you would have to be in order to have economic leverage to make them change their boilerplate terms and conditions.
    Arguably, in order for CGC to maintain their integrity, no submitter should be large enough to argue out of this clause. Given the example above, being able to keep an obviously over-graded book does a disservice to CGC buyers and sellers as a class, as a whole. In order for my 9.2s to demand their premiums, this 9.2 needs to be fixed.
    So, this becomes a customer service and reputation issue. Are CGC entitled to revoke the submitter’s right to submit future books? Of course. If the submitter fails to return the book upon request, they are arguably in breach of the service contract. If in breach, CGC is under no obligation to provide the service contracted for.

    1. Forgot to finish my thought: SO it comes down to whether CGC values to a greater defree (1) this single customer’s business and the business of those who possibly disagree with their handling of this mistake; or (2) the integrity of their grades and reputation as qualified third party graders.

    2. If I was CGC.. here’s how I would handle the mistake.
      We apparently made a mistake and printed the wrong label with the wrong grade. We have already refunded you the total amount you paid for the grade. We have invalided the CGC # associated with this book. If you wish to have this book graded and slabbed with the appropriate grade, please use the prepaid label to send the book back to us and we’ll be happy to grade it accordingly. If you do not choose to send the book back, please do note that the comic will be removed from our CGC database making the CGC slab invalid. Thanks and we are truly sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused.
      CGC Rep
      (Agent Poyo prides himself on customer service.. it really does make your company stand out when you take care of the people who keep you in business).

      1. That’s a good point, Poyo (whether you knew you were making it or not). CGC can come out of this both satisfying their customers (and those observing this SNAFU) and protecting their grade integrity and reputation. They just need to play it right.
        Factoid: Did you know SNAFU is sarcastic military slang? It means “Situation Normal, All Fucked Up.”

        1. Yeah…. I worked for the DOD a few years backed based out of Ft. Hood and learned all kinds of acronym’s…. Since they use them for everything.
          A rare Poyo fact…. I was about a half mile away from the Ft. Hood shooting massacre. That was a horrible day. 🙁

    3. This is not a “Clerical error” – but a process failure.
      Clerical errors are administration, this clearly was missed through QA.
      CGC should incorporate corrective action at this point within the process.
      Someone had to create the label accurately. Clearly they didn’t.
      CGC says that after grading, it goes through a QA process. Clearly it was missed if the book had actually moved through this portion of the process.
      QA then moves it to Shipping – after verifying the label is accurate. Clearly the label was not checked before moving it on to the customer and still remained intact.
      Three separate areas within the CGC process that could have caught this error.
      It is not a “clerical error”….those words are only being used to soften the public opinion.

      1. I wouldn’t doubt that. I would also imagine CGC trying to buy it back, to get it off the streets.

  2. There is no way the seller could really sell that book as a 9.2. Even someone such as myself that doesn’t really get into grading can tell there is no way the book is anywhere close to a 9. So I don’t think there is really any other choice but to return the book and let it get graded properly. Trying to sell it at a 9.2 price would only result in a returned sale and possibly even bad feedback on the Bay.

    1. He is not trying to sell it as a 9.2. However, people are making offers on the book based on the fact that it is horribly over graded. And again, I only used 6.0 as a comparison since it is the lowest grade and copy on eBay. This book would probably grade much lower

      1. I’d agree with your term arguably. Given that this is a paid certification service by a third party, the current owner of the book bears little responsibility. The only reason this is up for discussion is the sheer magnitude of the “error”, not the error itself. We have all seen 9.8 slabs with spine cracks on the encased book….those books should really be 9.6 or perhaps even less. As such, given those “errors”, the current owners of similarly affected books would bear little to no responsibility for selling a graded 9.8 copy even though the book should have graded lower.

  3. Wow. Someone dropped the ball. I’ve had a book go from quality control back to grading before though I’m not sure why. I always assumed there was a booger in the slab.

  4. I will say that if the seller did try to sell that as a 9.2 that would probably cause not only CGC but themselves a big issue (that back looks terrible and makes me wonder why it was even attempted to be graded). I agree mistakes happen but it doesn’t bode well when it does for a company like this when it does. The CGC process is supposed to be pretty meticulous, having several people’s input on the matter, and when it comes to any specialized service such as appraisal, grading, etc your stuff better be near the spot otherwise you or your client are going to loose money. So yeah it should make everyone question grades a little bit. I do like it when a company has a standard they want to protect and has such a clause but I also agree with Vernon that there should be some better compensation rather than getting another grading with shipping and handling (heck make it one free grading as a point of good customer service).

    1. My thoughts exactly. Why was this submitted in the first place? It’s terribly stained…sure it’s a key, but sadly a case of it is what it is. I’m sure we all own at least one key isssue that’s just a heartbreaker due to the condition we found it in. Should I submit my coverless ASM 129?
      Silk purses & sows ears and all that.

      1. Honestly, graded books sell for more than raw books. Not everyone can afford high grade keys, but low grade keys can be quite subjective. This is why it was sent in I think. The seller could clearly say it is graded as such and be no argument on the grade. Unless it comes back as a 9.2 that is.

      2. That book slabbed in that condition sells for much more than if it was raw. I would grade it.

      3. I can kind of see the argument of getting it slabbed but the value for graded vs ungraded comics doesn’t increase after an 8.0 (according to CPG). Of course this brings up the argument of what something is worth versus what someone is willing to pay. I’m sure someone will buy it, but really after the cost of getting it graded plus the cost of posting/selling fees, doesn’t seem like much sense. If I were to buy a badly damaged key issue I would at least want to read it.

      4. My entire business is based on selling ultra high grade modern slabbed books that no one would pay a dime for otherwise. What is a Silver Surfer #17 (1987) worth? Nothing. Not even $1. No one wants it. But…if I get it signed by Ron Lim, and it grades a 9.8…I can sell it for $50.
        It’s just a numbers game. The vast, vast majority of everything printed from 1975-on has absolutely no value….UNLESS it’s ultra high grade. That’s where I (and the slabbing companies) come in.
        No one will pay me $1 for that SS #17. Like ever. But….they WILL pay me $50 for that signed and slabbed 9.8. I paid roughly $30 for the slab, $6 for the costs to sell, and voila! I’ve just made about $14 for a book that no one would have paid me $1 for before.
        Not much for one book? Granted. But repeat that process a couple of hundred times…? And, of course, throw in some higher value books?
        Now we’re talking a viable business model.

    1. Yeah the cases have been fixed for awhile now. They went back to their “inner well” technique. The book is wrapped in Mylar inside the slab.

  5. Hey, mistakes happen, but is it just me or has CGC been making more mistakes than they should be lately? I like CGC, I think most people do, but when I do send in the occasional book for grading I have been using CBCS two of the past three times. Really liking that company so far.

  6. Ha! Anthony it right, it is for sale on Ebay! I just got mine back from CBCS…recieved a 7.5…Think that equates to a CGC “new grading standard” 9.9, right?…. I kid, but for those who take a look, what do you think the “actual” grade would be? The front cover has some obvious wear but actually presents fairly well, but that is a ton of water/moister damage and staining, especailly on the back cover. I would say a 2.5 (Good +) if the pages aren’t stuck together.

    1. Any time there’s water damage like that 2.5 seems right. Tho I’ve seen pgx slabs with water damage at 4.0. So who knows. Cgc usually grades higher than I do. So I use them frequently.

  7. CGC also attacks those who have had books like All Star Comics #8 (Big Buck Book) first Wonder Woman damaged in-house by (unknown) employee. ZERO compensation, instead they attack the customer.

  8. CGC is an arrogant pompous ponzi scheme fraud which attacks those who point out that firm does not “guarantee” a damn thing. CGC also attacks those who have had books like All Star Comics #8 (Big Buck Book) first Wonder Woman damaged in-house by (unknown) employee. ZERO compensation, instead they attack the customer. My brou-ha-ha with CGC began summer 2007 when (unknown) CGC employee damaged All Star #8 as well as getting packaging tape on the front cover of All Star #7. The owner of CGC has no ethics. Am glad CBCS came on the set. Attempted Destruction of one’s credibility on my person was intense 2007-2015 including what eBay calls “Intent to Disrupt” attacks – which continue sporadically to this day.

      1. It’s quite long. If that is OK a bit later will begin to post about it. My investigations have uncovered others who have had books damaged inside CGC World HQ in Florida with zero compensation. Others who have sent in valuable issues which got “lost” -and, again, zero compensation. The owner of CGC has taken in well over 100 million dollars since the CGC start-up. Past experience(s) have shown CGC flips on the unsuspecting customer to make them the bad guy.

        1. Always interested to hear stories on any company. Part of the dialogue on making a decision is hearing not only the good but the bad.

      2. Anthony,
        I too had a comic damaged while in CGC’s possession. My incident happened in 2008. For years, I had been consulted on helping graders determine correct print/state for more obscure comics as it is a specialty of mine, and I did this voluntarily and with no expectation I would be compensated. I had developed (what I thought anyway) a good rappoire with Mark Haspel prior to him becoming President of CGC. I had sent the book out to a third-party service who screened the book, and hand delivered the comic to CGC in Florida. The proprieter of that 3rd-party service was able to corroborate what I sent in was an undamaged comic. What was returned to me was a comic with a “ring” stain on the front cover, similar to what you would see if someone placed a wet bottom soda can on paper. In other words someone used my comic as a food tray. The book I had sent in was an easy candidate for a 9.4, and had a good shot at grading a 9.6. To give you some perspective on the value, I had been offered a 9.2 of the same book a year prior for USD $1200. When I received the book back with an 8.0 grade, I called in for the graders notes and I was told there was a “coaster ring” stain on the cover that significantly impacted the final grade. I explained I never sent a book in with any such defect – long and short of the response I got from Mark was no graders ever bring food in the grading room, they didn’t damage the book, I must not have noticed the stain was there. Sadly, I was treated like a complete stranger, nuissance complainer, liar, and my 30+ years of being in the hobby didn’t mean anything in the face of them needing to own up to them damaging my personal property. That was nearly 10 years ago, and I still haven’t found a replacement for the book they destroyed. The way they handled my specific situation was a slap in the face to the trust and loyalty I had shown towards the people working there and the company.
        I would never send in my comics to CGC.
        Joe Fiore
        Official Overstreet Price Guide Advisor

    1. Yeah, but it was more than just him who started the company…I think…Maybe the reason why he left?

    2. No, that is a false fabrication on your part. Steve Borock NEVER owned a bit of CGC, hence, was never an “owner” – being a “president” of some thing is NOT being the final caller of a corporation. Steve personally apologized to be re that All Star #8 saying, “Bob, I’m sorry this is happening. I do not own this company..” ergo not his choice when the book sustained in-house damage to it.
      Instead, the narcissistic owner of CGC and his fucked up ilk began orchestrating a cyber hid-squad which began attacking me and also others incessantly on a host of levels.
      Until CBCS (owned by Steve Borock and others) came along a couple years ago now this firm CGC waged a Wall St type monopoly “war” on those who did not bow down to his BS tactics.
      I welcome a scrutiny of a Superior Court Judge regarding many aspects of this passion play. I surely wonder ponder contemplate just how many “clerical errors” have transpired over the past 15 years. That is just one nano-example of scrutiny CGC deserves to have light shown on this unethical firm.

  9. Hi, I am the customer service manager at CGC and I reached out to this customer to fix the error. Our internal notes show this book to be a 2.0 but due a clerical error on our part the the book received an incorrect grade. We would happily reholder it with its proper label and grade at no cost to the customer and offer a free grading to the customer for the inconvenience of sending their book back in, but the customer would like to sell it as an error. We had to remove it from our system since the grade is not accurate and therefore selling it as is would be unethical.
    Anyone can feel free to reach out and contact me directly if they have additional questions about this book.
    Brittany McManus

    1. Hi Brittany. Thanks for reaching out. I did not have a contact at Cgc for comment. Thank you for coming over and commenting. It is a very interesting story over all.

    2. Can you tell us what a “clerical error” consists of, for example, did this book get another books grade and serial number, was it just a misprint etc. ? Thanks again for joining the chat.

  10. Clerical errors are basically any form of human error, or an input error. We have a whole system of check and balances in place guarantee our services, and we are constantly testing our system in an effort to constantly improve it. We are however human and things can be mis-typed or missed in Quality Control etc. When a clerical error is made, we act quickly to rectify the situation with the least amount of inconvenience to our customer. I hope this helps answer your questions.
    Please feel free to contact me directly if you have more questions: bmcmanus@cgccomics.com

    1. No, that is a false fabrication on your part. Steve Borock NEVER owned a bit of CGC, hence, was never an “owner” – being a “president” of some thing is NOT being the final caller of a corporation. Steve personally apologized to be re that All Star #8 saying, “Bob, I’m sorry this is happening. I do not own this company..” ergo not his choice when the book sustained in-house damage to it.
      Instead, the narcissistic owner of CGC and his fucked up ilk began orchestrating a cyber hid-squad which began attacking me and also others incessantly on a host of levels.
      Until CBCS (owned by Steve Borock and others) came along a couple years ago now this firm CGC waged a Wall St type monopoly “war” on those who did not bow down to his BS tactics.
      I welcome a scrutiny of a Superior Court Judge regarding many aspects of this passion play. I surely wonder ponder contemplate just how many “clerical errors” have transpired over the past 15 years. That is just one nano-example of scrutiny CGC deserves to have light shown on this unethical firm.

      1. I know. It seems that stories like this have blown up the value of the book. Haha, seems the guy might make some money after all.

  11. BlowingInTheWind is Bob Beerbohm, a bitter disgruntled old man who was banned from the CGC board for being a huge PITA. All this cranky codger does is bash CGC while pretending to be a historian. Ignore everything this alzhiemer disaster says, he’s full of it.

  12. This clearly isn’t a “clerical error”. A clerical error would be for example the wrong invoice printed out and mailed, or a bill that was marked up or down by mistake. There are supposed to be several graders assessing the book and clear consensus in the grader notes. It looks like GCG needs to hire at least 3 label / grader note readers that send the proper information down the line to the plastic capsule process.

    1. You know how this could be a clerical error? Two or more copies were graded at the same time, and the wrong label got attached to the book. I don’t know if this is the case, but come on. CGC didn’t grade THIS ACTUAL COPY a 9.2.
      Let’s not be tinfoil types, here.

      1. There is no doubt that the book wasn’t graded 9.2 nor was it a 9.2 book. The comparison of the grades was to show the difference in price. Here is the thing. At what point is the serial number attached to the book? At the time it comes in, when the label is generated? There is or has to be some kind of internal tracking mechanism in CGC. So if there were two books, what happened to the other book? Is CGC trying to get ahold of that owner who has a 9.2 copy graded as a 2.0? I don’t think it is a conspiracy as you alleged by using the tin foil hat comment (but I do love a good conspiracy) but the point of it is, you send something off to a third party grading company. You get it back and it has a way higher grade. You point it out to the company that it happens. They then say you are no longer allowed to use their services if you do not return the book. They black lost you for a mistake they made. Now, CGC reached out to the owner to get the book correctly stabbed, however it is the owners right to keep the book as it is. CGC has removed the serial number from their records so that the book. I longer exists. But it does. No conspiracy there.

      2. The serial number is created when the submitter fills out an invoice, All serial numbers are based on the invoice number, and the last three digits of the serial number are the line item on the invoice that the book occupies (that is, 001 to 025.)
        The serial number isn’t “released” to the public database until the slab has shipped.

        1. That’s why I am trying to figure out where the error occurred. The serial number should have stayed with it through grading, usually there is a final grading, on to slabbing where the serial number should have stayed with it, on to encapsulation, and finally quality control. So a lot of eyes and hands looked at it and didn’t notice.

      3. If there were two books…I don’t know, just suggesting a scenario…then yes, there could be a 9.2 copy sitting in a 3.0 slab.
        It’s certainly NOT a conspiracy. However, CGC’s terms say you need to allow them to fix errors, on their dime, if they make them. If you refuse to allow them to fix their errors, then yes, you won’t abide by their terms. You’re not blacklisted for them making a mistake. You’re blacklisted because you wouldn’t let them fix it. And you agree to those terms when you submit books for grading.
        It IS the owner’s right to keep the book as is. But it is also CGC’s right to invoke terms that submitters agree to when they submit their books. If submitters refuse, CGC has a right to refuse service to them in the future.
        But I hope they’re not stabbing ANY books, correctly or not. 😉

      4. Query becomes: How many “clerical” errors have there been inside CGC the past decade and a half? All the customer guys I have communicated with say they were made to feel it was their own fault. There are supposed to be three “senior” grader types carefully handling the “product” before that label is a-fixed.

  13. eBay in-house investigators told me when the first main attack in Aug 2012 of five (thru Apr-Aug 2015) of what eBay calls “Intent to Disrupt” attacks that a fellow named Steve Carey (Calif) was one of the main orchestrators. This first well documented by eBay attack froze my eBay store Aug 20 2012 thru Jan 20 2013 when said investigator removed all sorts of damage done along with eBay’s sincere apologies.
    The eBay investigator also was telling me a woman named Brittany (he could not ascertain a last name) was also highly involved as he was seeing a “Brittany” showing up inside eBay PMs from the perps inter-acting with each other coordinating their attacks. Back then most lost souls did not know and/or realize all eBay employees can look at all of the PM exchanges inside eBay. Seeing a name up above, I wonder (duh) if there is any correlation.
    Now that ethics-fueled CBCS is on the set, more and more souls having been contacting me of late with their own horror stories of CGC uncompensated damage and even loss of books inside CGC World HQ then unwarranted attacks when trying to speak up.

    1. Bob…seriously, man, it’s one thing to make legitimate complaints…and you certainly have them…but it’s another to make unsubstantiated claims like this, relying on innuendo and implication.
      I’m with you about Steve Carey (sacentaur). The man is dishonest as the day is long, and worse, libelous and defamatory, and deserves to be shamed for his atrocious behavior, but do you have any proof that he did what you said he did?
      Your implications are irresponsible. You ought to cut it out.

      1. Timber72, (who ever you are),
        Just getting back to the sub-chats in this growing thread.
        Yes, I have proof. eBay proof. All in good time.
        Been dotting the “eyes” and crossing the “Tees” re Steve Carey and the attacks.
        And the eBay investigator mentioned clearly a “Brittany” directly involved in the “intent to disrupt” attacks in his replies to me. Fact.

      2. Bob…there is no such thing as an “Intent to Disrupt” except on eBay. eBay is its own website. If someone was fooling around with your store, that may have been an intent to disrupt YOUR STORE, but it’s not a legal term, nor even an official internet term, like a “Denial of Service” attack.
        It’s just an internal eBay protocol. And eBay is as corrupt and incompetent as the day is long.
        As far as “clearly” mentioning a “Brittany”…and? Do you have any idea how many “Brittanys” there are in the world? Tens, if not hundreds, of thousands. So Brittany McManus comes and posts here, and you say “A HA! The same first name! That must be the SAME PERSON!!!”
        You resort to grandstanding and hyperbole to assign blame inappropriately. Fact.

      1. Karma. Ask Beerbong about the pulps he reneged on and the reason he holds a grudge against SECentaur.

  14. I wonder if they have boxes of pre printed grades all over the place for key issues ready to go and one of the higher grades got mixed in with the box of lower grade labels! Kinda like when you go to the store and really want a bag of taco flavored Doritos and you grab a bag only to find out at home the bag you grabbed is cool ranch flavor and someone accidentally put it in the taco flavored section! It’s like, dagnabit, I really wanted taco flavor! 😉 Again, I kid..This whole situation seems a bit silly.

  15. Everyone knows eBay can read your emails there, you are the last to know Beerbong. Why would Brittany and SECentaur email each other on eBay when they can PM each other safely on the CGC board?

    1. Have you ever commented before? If not all new commenters go to moderation as a spam filter. I am trying to get the comments on and approved as quickly as possible. I don’t like censorship but not everyone needs to see “knock off Oakley” comments or “cheap viagra” comments. Not that that is what you are doing but my spam filter pulls new comments for moderation. You should be good shortly.

      1. Thanks Anthony…Regardless if some accusation on the board are with or without grounds, CGC has gotten a little bit on the sloppy side the past year with that poorly tested encapsulation and now a grading mistake/error that will be around to haunt them for a while… If anything maybe this will tighten things up on their end. Just my opinion.

      2. All I will ever type here are facts. Defining “besmirch” i will leave to you, Anthony. I think this “Stelbert Stylton” works cyber attack for CGC. One of the Co-Mods named Jesse O, a fair fellow I hasten to add, over in CBCS chat room which i see also is in WordPress informed me recently that this fellow is an obnoxious Troll whom CBCS has banned from all his various IPS addresses. He appeared to have been attacking most any and all posters inside CBCS chat rooms.
        Interesting to see him spring up here out of the thin ether air like on informed cue.

      3. You may be typing SOME facts, Bob, but you’re also typing innuendo and implication. Brittany McManus didn’t even start working with CGC until 2014 or so.
        You’re being irresponsible. You have legitimate complaints, but you can’t mix them with hyperbole and innuendo, or people will write you off as a kook.
        Stelbert is Stu, and he certainly doesn’t work for CGC. You can’t make things up, when not two sentences before, you said “all you type are facts.”
        Come on, Bob.

      4. Wow, Beerbong is off his rocker. Signing up a second ID is cyber terrorism? Holy crap, all you type are lies.

  16. . eBay investigators told me these two and others not yet named here were openly discussing inside eBay PMs making cyber hit attack talk. The evidence is in their files. I talk with eBay business pod folks semi-constantly improving their comics experience for others.
    Being disabled following dual hip joint replacement surgeries done the same day as a result of having been a passenger in a vehicle accident I had to finally give up the shows with April 2012 Wondercon First LA at Disneyland being my last ever set up at show,
    I was forced to center simply inside cyber space which every one knew as I canceled out of all shows. Some I had been going setting up at since my first one ever June 1967 age 15.
    The cyber attacks previously referred to began August 2012 very shortly after the San Diego Comicon that summer I had flown out to getting around on crutches and wheel chair at times. Steve Carey aka SACentaur is a pompous arrogant liar, just for the record. He also left a doo-doo trail of his own making.

  17. What Jesse O over in CBCS wrote me,
    Stelbert has been banned. He did sneak in for a while under the name “Swampy”. That name got banned yesterday, He has tried to join under different names since then and we are watching. He will probably slip through eventually, then stay cool for a few days or a week and then go ballistic and we will ban again.
    8 months ago

    1. So, you wrote this:
      “Jesse O…informed me recently that this fellow is an obnoxious Troll”
      But what Jesse_O actually wrote is this:
      “Stelbert has been banned. He did sneak in for a while under the name “Swampy”. That name got banned yesterday, He has tried to join under different names since then and we are watching. He will probably slip through eventually, then stay cool for a few days or a week and then go ballistic and we will ban again.’
      Where did Jesse_O refer to Stu as an “obnoxious Troll”…?
      Facts matter, Bob.

      1. timber72, I have more than one e-comments from Jesse O just for starters. You come off as an apologist for a 4 AM Trump Twitter rant. But that be the intent, eh? regarding “Stu” Stelbert Stylist…. I like the alzheimer part he just wrote.
        I must be imagining being in the credits and acknowledgements of over 200 books on comics & related stuff spanning back decades and/or fronting the “Origins of the American Comic Book” for 20 straight years invited year after year inside Steve Geppi’s Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide. I must simply imagine I was the very first person in the USA back in 1974 ever declared “Expert of the Court” in comics by a Superior Court Judge.
        Bring It On, I say. At least my posts will not be deleted by (unknown) CGC people like in that cesspool CGC calls their “boards” – there were (are still) a LOT of others similarly attacked in those CGC “boards” which sought for a while there to be self centered enough to think they had become the center of the(ir own) comics universe

      2. Bob. When you resort to petty insults, whatever points you may have had are lost.
        You may not believe it, because nearly all people look at criticism as an “attack”, but I’m trying to help you. I don’t speak for Stu, and your “Trump” comments are inappropriate.
        The fact of the matter is, you’re making innuendo that is inappropriate and unprofessional.
        Let me say this one more time: you HAVE legitimate complaints. But when you combine those with unsubstantiated innuendo, and outright false claims, you severely dilute the validity of your complaints, and make people think you’re a kook.
        Listing your “credits”, as impressive as they are, doesn’t alter that fact.
        And “Expert of the Court” at the age of 22 only means that that Superior Court Judge was easily swayed.

      3. Timber, where did the CGC boards move to? I know they moved it but I am not sure where they moved it to. Haven’t put a lot of effort into finding them but I do like to read them when I have free time

  18. I’m in a good mood today so I am going to suggest that everyone grab a Coke, dress as hippies from the 70’s, get in a circle. hold hands and start singing songs together…I’ll start with “I Like Big Butts” (Baby Got Back) by the great Sir Mix-A-Lot! Everyone else can join in on the second verse.

  19. RMA – Is there any comic book related website you post to that you’re not an arrogant pillow biter?

  20. OC-Guy. would love to, but am in middle of USPS orders with packaging then a run before it closes. Stu Stylist and falling-over timbers who claim “…trying to help…” I find boring in their lame attempts to steer meaningful conversations down in to their self-conceived dead ends. I have a LOT of folks who have contacted me this past year or two informing me of their encounters with CGC-Aliens who transmigorphed their comics with never compensated damage much less the fellow I know who send in a Giant-Size X-Men #1 which got “lost” – and was also never compensated.
    I take my Expert of the Court status bestowed to me by a Superior Court judge very seriously. I have never lost a comics case – ever. ANd now, Mister WImber Wolf 72 you just sideways called Steve Geppi stupid for having me in his OPG the past 20 years in a row. Oh,also, Chris Ware, Art Spiegelman, Bill Blackbeard, and a lot of other serious comics scholars.

    1. Bob….if you’re going to insult people who are treating you with respect, how credibly should you be taken? Are you so proud that any criticism at all is so offensive to you, you need to mock people?
      I called Steve Geppi, Chris Ware, Art Spiegelman, Bill Blackbeard stupid, because I disagree with you here…? Come on, Bob.
      You take your Expert of the Court status seriously…far too seriously. I’ve never lost a comics case, either – ever.
      Does that prove what you’re saying here? Does that validate your innuendo?
      No, Bob, it is irresponsible. You should know much better than this.

      1. timder72 wrote a bit earlier, “…And “Expert of the Court” at the age of 22 only means that that Superior Court Judge was easily swayed….” makes you sound like Trump braying about them thar Federal Judges recently in the noise which passes for “news”
        Seven hours (9 AM thru 5 PM with time off for every one to have lunch) I spent on a witness stand with the defense attorney for the perp asking me comics questions, the D.A. then asking me questions, then the Judge, then most all of the 9 panel jury.
        THEN, as we got to 5 PM, the Superior Court Judge next door had gotten done with his cases, had evidently heard about this comic book thing going on, had come in sitting in the audience section, and he also asked me some comics queries.
        Just after 5 PM having been there since 9 AM at initial invite of the District Attorney, the Judge in this case said, “I hereby declare you an Expert of the Court.”
        This case was about Gary Arlington’s complete EC collection had been stolen. The defense shyster was trying a defense that that set was only worth a dime each – cover price – $29.70 total.
        This was the first known court case in the country about comic books being worth more than cover price. And many of the hours on that stand were about WHY some were worth more than others.
        Having been the guy who sold the first comic book in the world to sell for more than $2000 with accompanying AP/UPI news wire stories appearing in hundreds of newspapers nationwide – even as far away as Germany – that is why I was asked by the Alameda County D.A. – This was Class A felony worth thousands of dollars.
        Oh, the first comic book to sell for more than two grand? Twas the Detective Comics #27 Tom Reilly copy sold to Burrell Rowe then of Houston Texas who later opened a place he called Camelot in partnership with Russ Cochran and the late Bruce Hamilton.
        CGC stupidly calls the Tom Reilly collection “San Francisco” copies.
        That fabled “pedigree” of some 4000 then NM/M white paper comics I personally bought and sold some 7/9s of. That collection was never in San Francisco. But I digress…..

      2. You are a very angry man, Bob. You are angry about Trump (which has nothing to do with this discussion, and KILLS your business), and you are angry that anyone would dare challenge you, an “Expert of the Court.”
        Do you know how many expert witnesses show up in court every day…?
        That’s why we call them “expert witnesses.”
        If you want people to take you seriously, you have to stop being so angry at people who are not your enemy, and you need to stop bragging about your accomplishments. Let them speak for themselves.

  21. But RMA is a comics historian, he’s said so. Hundreds…no thousands of “published” posts prove this.

      1. RMA – Is there any comic book related website you post to that you’re not an arrogant pillow biter?

  22. ” I have a LOT of folks who have contacted me this past year or two informing me of their encounters with CGC-Aliens who transmigorphed their comics with never compensated damage much less the fellow I know who send in a Giant-Size X-Men #1 which got “lost” – and was also never compensated.”
    Let’s hear some!

    1. I wasn’t Nor was I “banned for life” – or ever banned a day or even an hour – or even one minute – from San Diego Comicon as Faux Noise Machine from the Flintstones Boarding school in Houston thinks he be big time funny book dealer guy was psycho-yapping away in those CGC “boards” on that note. Just ask Fae Desmond who kinda runs aspects of SDCC if you have ever been there before. Need their phone number?
      Be that as it may, CGC has indeed attacked those who do not bow down before their one true comics ghod.

      1. No one knows wtf you are talking about.
        You are banned from the.CGC for the same reason I was, bad behavior and bashing CGC. Prove me wrong by going over there and signing in with that ID. Post something somewhere, then link it here, and I will see d you $100. Prove me wrong and you get $100.
        You can’t. You are banned for life.

  23. Why did SECentaur have to fight you tooth and nail to complete that pulp sale after a year Beerbong?

      1. Stop lying, you can’t possible forget that epic thread where you ripped off that guy for a lot of pulps.

  24. Storyless Stilts-on-Fire,
    you got all yer “facts’ you are attempting to disgorge centered inside that proper military term: FUBAR which is your own personal cosmic inanities. You might try to “auto-correct” your thoughts. Beware you do not blow your fuses in such a process.
    Facts remain, when the proper time comes, and tis coming down soon inside MSM, there are quite a few others who have had similar experiences.
    This disabled senior citizen has been doing his homework researching
    I was not “banned” from CGC “boards” – one could not pay me to go inside there full as it is of carnival huckster barker carpetbaggers and too many unsuspecting rubes wandering in to said carnival believing the hype.
    Oh, yeah, it was not CBCS Mod Jesse O who called you “Obnoxious Troll” – that was Steve Borock who described you that way. Gee, I might even agree with him on that note. Troll On, McDuff.
    Now, WHY were you banned from CBCS?

    1. Bob, you were, in fact, banned from the CGC boards. Not that that’s all that difficult to do, but it would be a mischaracterization to claim you left of your own accord.

      1. Nope, I was “blocked” for “two weeks” when I called Richard Evans of Bedrock Comics “Fred Flintstone” when that liar was running around CGC “boards” typing away I was “banned for life” from San Diego Comicon. The lame excuse was I hurt Poor Richard’s feelings. Me, I look back and feel bad I insulted a cartoon TV icon with such a comparison.
        With that lame “two week block” I simply started a Facebook group called CGC Is A Ponzi Scheme Fraud” which all of a sudden a day later clicked a Hall of Shame BS thing. Mark Zaid contacted me in private informing me he was trying real hard to not have that CGC owner dude sue me. My reply to Mark was to tell his “client”, Bring It On.”
        And I never went back to CGC “boards”
        – let us get our factoid ducks all in proper order in a row.
        Instead, Intent to Disrupt attacks began on my eBay store. And kept up 2011 thru summer 2015 until finally Steve Geppi called the owner of CGC to tell him to knock it off. And for the most part, they stopped.
        Thru all of that nonsense I was focused on my oldest daughter having five skull opening brain moving surgeries. And moving a full warehouse Nov 2012 thru Jan 2013.
        I have Truth on my side.
        Truth wills out in the end.
        Tis the “cover-up” brings down the big goliath in the end.
        Mayhaps my middle name be David.

      2. Bob, you’re just playing games. You were banned from the CGC boards, whether or not you never went back, because you have a habit…demonstrated here…of being unjustifiably hostile and aggressive.
        If your claim against CGC was as solid as you claim, why didn’t you take them to court? You said yourself…you’ve never lost a claim. So, did you not want to ruin your record by fighting a claim you knew you couldn’t win?
        CGC makes mistakes. CGC has made bad decisions. But there is a difference between holding the company accountable, and going on a crusade.

      3. David isn’t your middle name, Bob. You aren’t the victim you want everyone to think you are. Do you acknowledge that, at least to yourself? Do you think these things happen in a vacuum?

      4. Never had the big buck dollars to file a claim inside Florida courts back then. Big difference from how you choose to paint your picture. And I was not “banned” on CGC. The reason stipulated was calling Richard Evans as Fred Flintstone I previously wrote. And I never went back just like I stipulated else where here.
        I then began to see CGC in its true lights.
        If typing Truth is “aggressive” then so be it.
        Until CBCS came along, Absolute Power inside this aspect of the comics world was corrupting to those welding same. With CBCS bringing much needed ethics back in on the set, the playing field is more level now for those all caught up in the plastic coffin slab trip.

    2. You are banned from the.CGC for the same reason I was, bad behavior and bashing CGC. Prove me wrong by going over there and signing in with that ID. Post something somewhere, then link it here, and I will see d you $100. Prove me wrong and you get $100.
      You can’t. You are banned for life

  25. Joe Fiore, Official Overstreet Price Guide Advisor sez “…I would never send in my comics to CGC….” and I have other similar horror stories accumulated these past few years. Along with the damage to the aforementioned All Star #8, some dim light bulb at CGC managed to get two inch wide packaging tape on the front cover of the All Star #7 in the same batch.
    And, again, when this all began initially under discussion at SAn Diego Comicon when the run was presented to me, and I said CGC should buy these books full retail via their insurance company, Steve looked me right in the eyes and apologized it was not his company. He was not the owner on any level. I could see he wanted to do the right fair thing.
    Now that CBCS is taking off, there are a lot of souls who are not scared any more coming forth.

    1. Bob…for your stories to be credible, you need to be sober, professional, and demonstrative. Making up “cute names” for people doesn’t help in that regard.
      If you expect people to take you seriously, you need to take people seriously yourself.

      1. This is just typing on the net re word useage. People can make up their own minds. If you make stabs at defending Troll Sylvester What’s-His-Name, one gets a mirror put up which is how I “see” who until you disengage from him. I take all of this very seriously.
        That said, I have spent a bit of time back up in this thread trying to answer directly some of your earlier query stuff. Just for the factual record.

  26. Just gotta say wow to all the comments. That escalated VERY quickly.
    I’m gonna just go back to laughing at the comic being in a 9.2 slab lol.

    1. Can you believe that book is now going for $199!!! There is still six days let! that’s the price of a graded 6.5! At this point I would rather have the higher grade instead of the “novelty.” So, now the guess is how much will this be in six days? Stay at $200? Move closer to $300, $400…More?!?!?

      1. I bid at $28 when it was at $26 just to follow this “auction” and follow the nuances a bit deeper. Me, I ponder just how many other “clerical errors” CGC had made on books over the years – both spotted and others still “floating” out there sort of unknown.
        Again, I stipulate to any one who cares, I am overjoyed CBCS entered this sub-area of investing collecting bringing much needed ethics back in to “certification” as CGC had gotten way too arrogant thinking it the Be-All, End-All of the comics world.
        They say Power Corrupts, Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.

      2. The fellow who owns it is probably having a pretty good time.
        Im with you I get the novelty aspect, but at the end of the day smart money would on getting an actually higher graded comic for your moneys worth.
        But then again, who am I to tell others how to spend their hard earned cash. I’ve spent who knows how much on comics I have not even opened up or looked at myself lol

        1. Holy cow. Yes he is. I spoke to him earlier today, and to speak frankly which I hardly ever do on here, he didn’t expect the shit storm to blow up the way it did.

      1. At least it made for a lively discussion/had a reading entertainment factor going on there for a bit.

      2. This is one of those epic stories that you tell your friends, that’s just so crazy and outrageous it’s true.

        1. Yeah. The book is up over $300. The seller of that book better send me a cupcake or something for talking about the book as it has gotten a lot of attention on social media and message boards now. Chocolate cupcake.

      3. Hey free cupcakes can’t pass that up lolol. Speaking of free it’s free ben n jerrys scoop day everyone. Anyhow, back to reading all these comments. Feel like I’m watching a soap opera unfolding in real time.

  27. I had a buddy submit an image expo grizzly shark #1 at eccc last year. It in turn was lost at cgc. Cgc promptly bought him a new one off eBay as well as give him 3 free submissions. I do understand that grizzly shark is quite a bit cheaper than gsxm1 or all star 8. I don’t really know how I’d react if I lost something irreplaceable. Might be a good idea to document conditions of books before submitting from now on.

      1. In retro hindsight a most positive tactic to have for “insurance” – and Mr Timber72, if, as you have stipulated elsewhere, you truly do care, as your first posting in here seemed to be defending Stelbert Styling Troll, and, if you are not, then I am adult enough to simply apologize.
        My comics business history research dating back in to the 1840s onwards is all about seeking out “facts” which have been published all over the place. This is a hobby which got way out of hand a very long time ago.

      2. I don’t speak for Stu, Bob, but I have no problem defending the principles he does.
        I am well aware of your work as a comics historian…in fact, I just red one of them in the 1999 OPG excerpt on both the Platinum and Golden ages today…and I think you’ve done a lot of important work.
        I also think, however, that your reputation is greatly diminished by your temper, and your quick willingness to go after any and everyone who you believe has wronged you…not that there’s anything wrong that that, per se…but the bombastic and intemperate manner in which you go about it, relying on innuendo, implication, and “not-quite” truths, does great damage to your credibility.
        Starting a Facebook group calling CGC a “Ponzi Scheme Fraud” is an example of that.
        Unfortunately, these kind of histrionics and emotional responses are typical in comics, rather than rare, and you are certainly not alone in that respect.

      3. Mister Timber72 (who ever you are), saying you do not “speak” for Stu (who ever the fuck that cyber brave road warrior is – and frankly, do not care), you showed up defending him – and that is ok. more power to whom ever.
        I never was one way or the other on the slab crowd until sooo many people were telling me to get a run of All Star Comics “certified” by CGC which I had no problem with Steve Borock, Mark H, West Spephens certifying them to sell easier & higher prices back when the funny book was reeling from all the “work” being done on books.
        Then Steve B got to tell me at SDCC when he delivered the run to my booth that some (unknown) employee “accidently” popped a staple off All Star #8 and further, some other (unknown) employee got 2 inch wide packaging tape across the front cover and was trying (in vain) to pull off said tape.
        Steve told me he ran over there screaming at the fellow “STOP!!!”
        That said, in good faith then and there at that SDCC I said to Steve B these books were damaged by CGC employees and he acknowledged same. I further said to him CGC as a major corporation taking in millions upon millions of slab bucks should pay the owner direct full retail value on product his employees damaged inside their HQ in Flordia.
        After a bit of “negotiating” post SDCC that year which went no where I then contacted the owner and informed her of what happened and suggested to her she call the owner of CGC direct.
        She called me back in and in her words said, “Bob, he basicly told me to go fuck myself.”
        That did not sit very well so after another phone call on my part to CGC, I took this tale on to the CGC “boards” directly.
        That went on for a while as a small clique began to simply attack all my comics postings which did indeed culminate spring of 2014 with Richard Evans – Liar – began to spread vicious rumor i was “banned for life” from SDCC.
        In the middle of.Katy’s skull opening brain moving surgeries to seal a hole in her skull where the ear attaches I called Fae Desmond at SDCC asking her, “Have I been banned from SDCC and don’t know it?” to which she replied, no, such rumor not coming out of SDCC.
        She then made me a guest of the show.
        Then I talked with my friend Steve Geppi who popped me a plane ticket off his frequent flyer miles of Diamond on Wednesday flying in on Thursday.
        Long time friend Mitch Mehdy put me up, the guy who paid $1801.26 for Action Comics #1 back in May 1973 from Theo Holstein who got it from Bruce Hamilton.
        Three weeks later I broke that world’s record which saw Mitch on late night TV talk shows with first the Tom Reilly NM/M Whiz Comics 2 (#1) for $2000.
        then two weeks later selling the Reilly Detective Comics #27 for $2200.
        Hundreds of newspaper articles on all of this exploded. Mitch, Bruce, Theo were being offered Action Ones. I was being offered Tec 27s of which we bought 3 of them along with hundreds of collections being offered up that summer
        BACK TO SDCC: I walked around saying “Hi” to friends for a couple days. Getting my pic taken with long time friends like Neal Adams, Kevin Eastman, others. A few of the CGC-centric “Gold” Pavilion idjits were going, “Bob, what are you doing here?” because they believed the liars over in those CGC “boards” as I merely smiled. Point. Counter-Point.
        My CGC cyber “block” of two weeks was predicated on my having called Richard Evans with the apt moniker “Fred Flintstone” – and i have that CGC Mod email stating that
        After having seen all my comics credibility being abused in many vicious liar ways on those “boards” I never went back there. Why? Deal with a real life CGC owner cyber hit squad?
        And started, yup, Facebook group CGC Is A Ponzi Scheme Fraud writing what a bit about had been happening, sent it to 200 comics dealer “players”, left it up 36 hours, got a LOT of response, then took it down. Manipulated Commodity always finds Newtonian Gravity. History stipulates thusly. What goes up will – not if – come dwown.
        Who ever this lame “Stu” is being Sylvester Stilbert or what ever other flavor of the month he chooses to be cyber brave behind, he began passing his liar BS here utilizing childish high school moniker BS I taint never heard before in my life. Right?
        Seems he be twisting up multiple layers of scenarios to the point of inanity in lame attempts of baiting. More power to him, or any one else. Bring It On.
        I have no idea where you, Mister Timber72, step in to this scenario. As in when, who, where, why you deem to take it upon yourself to presume you know the entire scenario.
        Or make presumptions. Then again, to some Perception is Reality.
        Along the path eventually Truth Wills Out.
        Following the motorcycle accident death of Rick Griffin which took a lot out of me I chose for the fun of it to research back thru the mists of then unrecorded (for the most part) comic strip (magazine) books earliest origins in America back to 1842. Yellow Kid is not a “first” of pretty much anything it turns out.
        In that process I engaged the attention of 45 or so world class comics scholar historians which I named a few who were very active on a PlatinumAgeComics group over inside YahooGroups oh beginning back in early 1999. They are named in the “credits” at the beginning of both Victorian and Platinum price index sections in each OPG since I first created both sections. I shared this collective research in to OPG simply to demonstrate it exists.
        CGC-centrics only reaction was “How do you market this stuff?” as if its simply existing was not enough. If I am boring any one, simply stop reading my musings on comics. If I am wrong, simply point out where.
        The long term historian in me established over four decades of hard sleuthing simply wishes to make the proper space time continuum line. To that end am soon starting up a YouTube channel which will eventually contain several thousand clips on innumerable subjects on all levels of the comics world going way back to its origins as technology developed over time.
        Having set world’s records, etc etc, been there, done that. Wisdom gleaned from a life time looking at fads in popular culture world wide, history simply stipulates artificially manipulated commodity will find gravity. N
        Now we seem to be having a ga-zillion 9.8 grades being artificially manufactured. With 9.0 9.2 9.4 9.6 9.8 9.9 10.0 “we” have six flavors of NM to M, seven if one counts 9.0,
        Spine rolls are now very rare. The carny game continues. Searching for new rubes some might speculate a bit to say Bigger Fool Theory. Perception is Reality.
        I made a conscious choice many moons ago now to sell to collectors who read their stuff. I figure when that aspect of the market goes away by attrition for many factors involved, then it would be time to stop. I figure there is an other good 20 years before all this goes mostly the way of Dime Novel fandom, then Pulp fandom.
        Comics in the main from the 20th century will seem quaint to the next generations like people my age view comic books from before World War Two. Quaint.
        I never was a crazed “collector” of the pre Famous Funnies news stand stuff. Researching and indexing putting a million piece jigsaw puzzle together ran the wagon for a lot of us sifting thru the artifacts.
        Am stepping back in to lime light this year after a long hiatus of medical stuff. Steve Geppi then Russ Cochran hosting a benefit auction with a lot of pro friends saved us because of these CGC-centric “Intent to Disrupt” attacks freezing my little eBay store.
        CGC as a firm this past decade deserves to be in its own Hall of Shame.
        Power Corrupts, Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely. Truth will shine its light.
        I do not wish to slab comics, most collectors left also do not. 90% of us read this stuff. Me, I call it “market research” these days of daze. After having sold over a thousand AmSpi #1 in my day, over 500 AF #15, setting world’s records, speculating on 10,000 pre-ordered issues of Byrne X-Men a month thru #143, having had 7/9s of the Tom Reilly 4000 comics strong most all in white paper NM/M which I was blessed to have near instant “expert” status studying all this stuff all at the same time, there is no “grail” quest. Simply filling in the final puzzle pieces.
        I am fascinated reading Anthony’s site here for the first time this past day or so as I am flummoxed by the “new” comics market speculation markets which I have little desire to get in to. Younger stuff for younger souls dealt by younger guys.
        I’m already covering the 1840s thru the 1980s. I figure the first years out of the 170+ year comics legacy in this country is enough to maintain semi-almost memorized.
        Now, back to posting some more scanned and graded comic books in to my eBay store. Still have 45,000 comics unscanned in the warehouse space moved in to Nov 2012-Jan 2013.
        I can walk again without crutches or dual canes.Katy appears not to be dying and is working hard at healing. And she – we – got there with a little help from a lot of friends for which I am forever thankful. Thank you especially, Steve. I won’t let you down.

      4. I can’t respond to the rest of what you wrote, Bob, but I’ll just say this: when people pay thousands, or tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of dollars for a comic book, it is not unreasonable to want to make sure that what they’re paying for is what they’re getting.
        There is no choice to be made between “reading” and “slabbing.” They aren’t diametrically opposed. Why not? Because slabs can be opened. I’ve cracked dozens, if not hundreds, of slabs myself.
        The point of slabbing isn’t to make sure no one can read them. The point of slabbing is so that unscrupulous…or ignorant…sellers don’t sell someone a pile of poop for a lot of money.
        So the argument that “I sell to collectors who want to read, and so I don’t sell slabs!” is an erroneous one, among others you make.

  28. Some peoples screen names are very appropriate. I like CGC. I might like CBCS too, but I have not used them.

  29. Hey Cathell – What does the ND think of your shilling and harassment of others? Think she’d like to know about it?

    1. My wife? Of course she knows all about it and she loves it. She knows i only go after assholes that deserve to be put in their place. You say harassing, I say slinging the truth.

      1. Do you proudly show the Bread Winner what you accomplished during the day as a keyboard warrior? Who between you decides which assholes need going after and being put in their place? Who’s version of the truth, yours?
        Have you ever been in therapy?

      2. Oh, and the word you’re looking for, troll, is “whose.” “Who’s” is a contraction of “who is”, while “whose” is a different word altogether. But, you know…”Suart”….so, the bar’s already low.

      1. Who’re you “RMA”?
        Are you always frustrated? It seems like everywhere I see you post you’re upset about something. It must be a terrible way to go through life, have you ever had an ulcer from the stress?

  30. So, “RMA”, I’m told by people who know that you’ve gained about 30 lbs and have a full scruffy beard. Must be a hit with the ladies eh?

    1. Wow….Resorting to ad hominem attacks now…. Let’s point out everything thats irrelevant to the discussion….. I’ll go get more popcorn.

      1. Whoever it is, clearly didn’t pass the 3rd grade. Yikes! “Your’re”? It’s like they couldn’t decide between “your” and “you’re”, and just used both to cover all possibilities! 😀

  31. The book is up to $277 now!!! That is closing in on a sold VF price! That’s nuts! Admittedly, I do wish I had money to throw around for a novelty like that! Only a bit Jelly!

      1. Wow! CGC better not make this mistake again otherwise they will have to offer 20+ free submissions…This auction will set a standard on mistaken/error grades! I wonder if this situation crossed their mind. Talk about a PR mess.

  32. Hey Cathell, do you and RMA need a room to sort all of this out? And by all of this I mean the obvious “tention” between you too.
    Bunch of hypocrytes.

  33. Man, this cheesy showdown is junk. Either enter the courtroom, a back alley or even center ice to solve things or just fuck off. Seriously, why can’t you choose a venue and get it done? Chicken?Why you clowns feel the need to hijack a site to air out your own shit is beyond me. These childish back and forths provide zero facts, mean nothing and no one cares….move the fuck on.

  34. Well, I didn’t want to have to do it. I wanted to keep the free exchange of ideas and dialogue going, however, and as I said before, if people cannot play nice then I would lock this comment section down. With that being said, thanks to some recently deleted comments, I am pulling the plug on the comment section for this post as it quickly degenerated and then went even worse. Thank you all for checking out the post however.

        1. Overly foul language and calling regular readers foul names. I had to shut it down for a while to let things cool off. The book is up over $500 now though

      1. I had written the seller a query asking if he could put up a body click counter. Replied that once an auction begins one can not add that in. Said he wished he had. I wonder how many thousands viewed this egregious “clerical error” which got past how many levels of theoretical quality “control” – which begs the further query of how many hundreds – thousands? – at less obvious mis-gradings have gotten past such loose (lack of) control levels to mail it out?
        And to my Best Bud CGC “friends” it is obvious that “guaranty” is false advertising.

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