Drunk Wooky’s Star Wars Update for 4/5/17

Hey, CHU, it’s DrunkWooky back with more Bantha Poodoo to report than you can shake a womp rat at! Trust me, you are going to want to see this one.

If you are collecting the Star Wars Action figure variants, I bet you do not have this one that just hit today

You may have gotten the Jyn Erso action figure variant but did you get the Star Wars Rogue One #1 JTC Orson Krennic Action Figure Variant?

Tate’s Comics in Florida has a special Star Wars Rogue One #1 JTC Orson Krennic Action Figure Variant for sale. They are $10 each and pretty cool.


Thanks to Sean H. for the heads up.


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24 Responses to Drunk Wooky’s Star Wars Update for 4/5/17

  1. comicevents says:

    Thanks for the heads up. Just ordered one for the collection.

  2. Negan says:

    Awesome!! I live 10 minutes away from Tate’s, I’ll be going there today to grab one.

    • Anthony says:

      Hmmm if they have them cheaper in store get them and do a group buy for us. Lol.

      • I second that emotion. Please report back Negan.

      • Anthony says:

        I think they are $10 in store too. But still a variant from a store not priced at $20 plus shipping I am all over.

      • Negan says:

        Sorry I didn’t see this until after I went to Tate’s. There were 3-5 copies in store bagged and borded about an hour and a half ago. I went there to only check it out and not buy any additional only because I secured a copy that will be signed by JTC and CGC’d and asked for a 9.8 if my CGC guy gets any. I’m friends with my CGC guy so he generally watches out for me and I generally just have to ask him if I can pick one off from him and he bills me later. As far as Tate’s goes, he may have had more in the back but I didn’t ask and I didn’t see him because they are prepping for a major event that they do twice a year. The sale includes 50% all back issues and the store isn’t small plus they have a tent sale going on outside at the same time so you can only imagine how busy he is right now. i didn’t think it’d be difficult to get this book online since Tate’s did a Batman/TMNT 1 by Eastman a bit ago and that moved out slowly if I remember correctly. This will pain me to say but they may have been cover price plus bag and board but don’t quote me. As I’m writing this I’ve decided to go back to check and only grab copies in what I believe as stellar shape. Will get back to you

  3. Ken M. says:

    Was there just 300 of this cover, or is that what was available via eBay? Looks like it sold out at eBay (I picked up a couple).

  4. blind adamthe comicpimp says:

    going to call the store now and see what is up will report back blind adam out

  5. Negan says:

    Okay,so I went back and they are $10 in store bag and board. I talked to one of the employees and he said they are taking a few to Celebrations with them and having JTC sign them and will be selling them at the show. He also said whatever doesn’t sell will be brought back here to the store to sell. Being that the books will be signed and sold there I just don’t see them grading them as well (maybe a handful IF they do). I also found out through my CGC bud that these are an exclusive for Star Wars Celebrations which is why the shop is taking them to Celebrations. My bud has a presale on this book CGC SS by JTC up and will give me the link soon,but I won’t post the link unless I am given permission to.

  6. Negan says:

    BTW, I was told only 4 boxes worth as he was able to handpick 20 copies. I have no idea how many comics fits into 1 diamond distribution box.

  7. comicevents says:

    They have sold out on eBay. or at least sold the 300 they had posted.

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  9. Jason O says:

    I wish they provided a little more information on either their site or the eBay listing. Without knowing the actual print run I’m a bit worried about them selling out and missing the chance to acquire any copies.

    I’m frustrated because I had some in my cart on eBay and was waiting to hear back from them on a question about shipping. Unfortunately, by the time they responded and I went to finish the purchase all of their copies listed had sold out. Ugh.

    I figured they would have listed another batch and I inquired twice but I’ve yet to hear back from them again. Hopefully they’ll make some available but if not any help would be greatly appreciated if any of you guys can score some.

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