Rick Remender Deadly Class Signed books

Hey guys, wanted to give out a heads up on a signing op tomorrow. I will be going to see Rick Remender and having him sign nine copies of Deadly Class #1 Third Eye Variants. 

Space is very limited for these books. I picked up a batch of them recently because I knew Remender was coming to town. They cost me a bit to get. 

I have them taped off and ready to go. There are two copies of Deadly Class #1 Third Eye Variant up on eBay, one for $49 and one for $150. Last sold was in the $38 range just to give you an example. 

The store he is signing at is also limiting the number of items that you can take through the line to 3. I have been guaranteed that these books will be signed by Remender, however. I am a CBCS certified Signature Witness and will be witnessing the signing of these plus some Seven To Eternity #1A (which will be shipped off to CBCS for yellow label slabbing.) 

Any interest?  (I am just taking a feeler to gauge interest and commenting below does not guarantee a slot on these books.) 


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21 Responses to Rick Remender Deadly Class Signed books

  1. Roreaga says:


  2. Jeff Walker says:

    I am interested if any books are unspoken for.

  3. Joe Fote says:

    Anthony, I am interested in a CBCS Seven to Eternity copy.

  4. knross says:

    I’m interested

  5. Luq says:

    I’m interested.

  6. JayClue says:

    I would be interested in a S2E 1A.

  7. Johnnymu says:

    Interested in seven to eternity 1A

  8. koopavelli says:

    How much were you looking to get for a S2E CBCS?

    • Anthony says:

      They are not for sale yet. There are no copies up on eBay signed by Remender, but 9.8 Opena copies are selling for $300. I am not sure what grade they will come back yet, I am hoping 9.8 as they are both clean and unread, but going to wait and sell them when they come back

  9. Clark says:

    very interested

  10. pedro1997 says:

    Eery Interested as well

  11. NotJon says:

    That sounds awesome, but Remember is one of those authors that I always convince myself that I’ll sell only to find myself hoarding everything . I’ve tried to restrict myself to a reader copy and a PC copy to avoid anymore hoarding. That guy puts out a book and it turns me into comic book Sméagol. Every time.

  12. Richard Williams says:

    Definitely. I was going to send off some deadly class #1’s and Seven to eternity #1’s to get signed at Chicago Expo but he canceled.

  13. Zeus says:

    If possible i will be interested also, thanks

  14. Kevin Trent says:

    Hi, I’m interested in both please

  15. johnmc963 says:

    interested in Deadly Class 1 3rd eye . please let me know when available.

  16. Stefan Blomberg says:

    Very, very interested of the Deadly Class!

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