Winner! Amazing Spiderman #25 ComicXposure Set

Here we go, drawing the winner of the Amazing Spiderman #25 Comicxposure variant set. This week the drawing was done a little differently so check it out below. 

It irked me a little when someone made the comment that only insiders win. As you know, or maybe you don’t, but the main writers on the site are me, Poyo, Mel, Drunk Wooky, Blind Adam throws up posts, and then we have some guys who send tips all the time (greatly appreciated but too many to list for now) and have guys like Louie M. who do con coverage. Shawn just joined the group with the Department of Accountability posts. But there are no insiders…. No secret club. Everyone is in the “inner circle.” So as a result, last night (and this would have gone up last night if I hadn’t fallen asleep so early) I recorded a quick video of the process of drawing the winner. Check it out below to see who won.

So anyway, congrats to the winner, you have 48 hours to contact me at Winners in the US get free shipping and foreign winners agree to chip in.




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  1. Fredy Gallegos says:

    Congrats to the winner. It’s the shame that it comes down to that especially with everything you guys provide us with. Thanks and keep it up guys.

    • Richard Sean says:

      Seriously, I don’t get how someone can call others out on something they really have no clue about. Sorry about the person who made the “insider comment”, sometimes people share the first same name. I mean that should be obvious. If someone is new anywhere, you’d think they wouldn’t be known only by their first name.

      Anyhow congrats to the winner and always thanks for all the free info you share. That in itself makes everyone here a winner, or well I should say most….cuz you know insiders. LOL

      • Anthony says:

        It’s funny. There are two types of people who comment on the site. People who come on frequently and engage in conversation, and people who only comment on the drawings. Either way, everyone is welcome. I am happy to have people lurk and never comment, I am happy to have people comment only on contests, and I am happy to have people regularly contribute via comments. It’s all good all are welcome. All are insiders. It’s not a private club.

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    • Anthony says:

      Thanks Freddy. It’s all good. The comment doesn’t bother me. I am good with accountability and showing the process. It happens either way. All I had to do was record the process as I was doing it. All that you guys missed out on was me cutting and pasting the names which takes about 10 minutes.

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  2. OC_Guy says:

    I’ve been reading this site since I think the second month. I have never met anyone on here in person but have been lucky enough to win twice. So, unless insider means total stranger, I have to disagree with the assumption that only those who are close to Tony wins….Now, Tony, what’s the going bribe to win a third time??? You like cats? I got a bunch of those!

  3. J.Dan Patane says:

    As always, thx for these amazing opportunities, Anthony!

  4. Andrew Cantrell says:

    Yeah its pretty crappy if someone complained about this. Nonetheless I did like the video, kind of made it more game show style.

    • Anthony says:

      There is another randomized site that has a big wheel. However it limits the amount of names you can put in to 100. So I can’t use it for these drawings.

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      • agentpoyo says:

        Only other way is to print all the names, cut out names, throw in hat and make Joe pull the winner. You have all kinds of free time to cut out 100+ names right? Every week? Not like you have a life or anything…. 😉

        But that would be a fun video to have Joe pick a winner from a hat….

  5. DrunkWooky says:

    As an “insider” (if that means regular contributor), I’d like to mention that I often don’t enter contests to avoid the appearance of impropriety. So, often I’m not even in the drawing. I enter about 1:5 for those prizes I truly want.

    • Brennan says:

      I used to enter every single one now I only enter if I actually want the book(s) being given away.
      I’ve been entering for about three years now? I’ve won twice. I’m pretty sure that Tony has said that the amount of duplicate winners is low. Like count on one hand low.
      After I win I usually avoid the giveaway and or a while to be fair to others (even though you can’t get more fair than random).
      In that same time I have been recognized as a regular commentor (I really have nothing to offer article wise, though I often wish I did), which was a huge surprise and I am so grateful for the books I received.
      I’ve also sponsored a giveaway as my way of giving back.
      I know that I’ve seen way more names winning that I don’t recognize than ones I do. It’s around a 100 to 1 ratio of strangers winning to ‘insiders’.
      Every week I am enraged at the people entering the giveaway but not participating in the Wednesday open forum. I’ve tried to convince Tony to change the entries to meaningful comments but he’s way kinder than I am!
      Long story short, if you think that the giveaways are rigged for ‘insiders’, come around more often, participate and become an ‘insider’. I promise you you won’t win any more than you already do.

  6. Onslaught28 says:

    I have won multiple times and I’m no insider, keep up the good work guys love what you do!

  7. patrickcoyne says:

    AHHH! I was #2 on the list! So close!!!! Ah well, there’s always next time. Congrats to the winner!

    • Anthony says:

      There is and in fact we are running another one right now. We do one per week (most of the time) and sometimes more than one.

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      • patrickcoyne says:

        Yeah, I saw that. I’m one of those lurkers who reads a lot of the posts but I generally only comments on contests. But I tend to only comment on contests with prizes that I’m really, really interested in. I figured let someone else who wants the prize more win it.

  8. Cyber Golem says:

    Thanks Anthony, Congrats to the winner.

  9. Stefan Blomberg says:

    Haha, I am defintly one of the lurkers (almost) only comments on the contests. But I have came in and read every day for years and totally trust the contents (even if I still wait for my first win). 😄

  10. J. Coleman says:

    Ha Ha! That video was fun!

  11. Z. Spencer says:

    Congrats to the winner!

    I don’t interact with my fellow users as much as I would like to and I’m certainly guilty of lurking more than posting, but rest assured that I’m always reading, always visiting, and always clicking. I love this site and I respect the hard work from all of the contributors that makes CHU what it is.

    It was neat to get a glimpse behind the scenes and see how the winners are chosen for the random drawings, but the catalyst for that peek behind the curtain was unfortunate.

    Keep up the great work, guys!

  12. NotJon says:


  13. Brennan says:

    I saw my name!!

  14. Cody says:

    I saw my name too!!

  15. JayClue says:

    So let me get this straight. This is a free website, that gives away free comics via name drawing. If Tony wanted to give his comics to insiders, why would he bother with setting up a page for a contest in order to achieve that? Would it not be simpler to just give the books to the insiders instead of creating an elaborate scam contest? The whole accusation of insider contests is laughable. Sounds like someone is paranoid. And to the person who pointed the finger, don’t worry, just because the whole world is out to get you, that doesn’t mean CHU is too.

  16. Vann says:

    Well, for some folks, unless there’s something to bitch about, attack or malign, they just don’t feel right… somehow their day is ruined. Puzzling, but so is a lot of human behavior—-I’m sure being a Social Worker has already subjected you to wide margins of such aberrant behavior. Oh well, just know that 99.9% of us “outsiders” are really quite content with how the whole site is run.

    Congrats to the lucky winner and of course to the generous sponsor!

  17. Ric Lancaster says:

    There’s always a dopey dick or two that have to make mean comments, luckily the rest of us are just damned gorgeous !

  18. Louie says:

    yeah what in the world would be the incentive to rig these?!?! the real gold on the site is the advice, and it’s given away free!!

  19. NotJon says:

    As someone that struggles with controlling his need to gamble, I’m personally really glad we DON’T see how close we do or don’t come to winning. It was fun seeing behind the curtain, but I felt the need to stop at a casino on my way home from work just watching those names randomly populate!

    • Anthony says:

      You don’t always need to see how the sausage is made.

      • NotJon says:

        Especially not sausage that makes you want to play slots!

      • Anthony says:

        Lol. I am lucky I have both alcoholism and gambling addiction in my family. I rarely drink and am too cheap to gamble, so the bug skipped me. However I have seen the ravages of both and understand that they are both equally damaging. Now, I do have my own vices. Addiction is very serious and hard to deal with. I applaud your strength man.

  20. A. King says:

    Only insider’s win? What a joke. I comment alot, and I have never won. I don’t enter that many contests. I did see my name, I didn’t mean to enter, I just made a comment about how many comments there were and I guess that entered me. Anyway congrats to the winner.

    • Anthony says:

      Lol. Yeah. I pulled all comments since anyone who commented I assumed wanted to enter. There were more entries than normal, which is good for the site, but makes winning even harder.

  21. Philippe Brault says:

    I saw my name in the list!! It’s the small things that make it all worthwhile :p

    Congrats to the winner!

  22. I’m glad you posted the way you do it because I’ve always been curious how you manage something like that. My running theory was you close your eyes, scroll up and down a few times with your mouse wheel, then randomly stick out your finger and point at a name. Turns out it was much more scientific lol.

  23. I’ve been visiting this site for at least 3 years, and have won twice, and I’m not an insider, and I’ve never felt like there was any rigging of these drawings to manipulate a person to be the winner. I also love both of my prizes, and hope to win again someday. 🙂 If someone out there has won 10 times in the past 3 years, I’d chalk it up to luck. If you understand the logic of possibility vs. probability, it is actually possible for the same person to win every single contest CHU posts…

  24. Adam said a regular won I don’t blame them for thinking that an insider won

  25. People just do not trust one another nowadays plus Adam made the comment about a regular winning so I don’t really blame them for thinking it.

  26. Impossible to see on my phone

  27. arrowguy says:

    I love this CHU website. I don’t comment on here a lot, but the truth is … this is actually the ONLY website anywhere that I EVER comment on because it’s such a great community. I did win a contest here once, which was awesome. I’ve never won a contest anywhere else but on here, so that was fun haha! But really I just wanted to thank Tony and everyone on this site for making it my absolute favorite (and mandatory) weekly go-to site! Much appreciated!

    • Anthony says:

      Thanks brother. We have done free Comic Wednesday’s pretty much every week for the past three years. I am not always the quickest at mailing out the prizes (life gets in the way a lot) but I love giving out free variants. The comic news and spec is fun to do. I haven’t paid out of pocket for a comic in years and as a result of my sales it is a business that pays for itself. I just want to share the love of comics, flipping, and the business to as many people as possible even though it causes a lot of competition for sales for my own books. But it is fun, more fun than my day job, and the community has grown to be a great group of people. Many people email me outside of the site, a few have my phone number and text or call me. It’s cool.

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      • Arrowguy says:

        Mostly because of this awesome website … over the past couple of years I’ve been very successful in speculating and flipping — which also funds my love of comics (among other things). So I’m more than grateful! And, as you said, it’s more fun than the day job! I love all the perspectives on this website, too. It’s a great community — so, as always, thanks again for all you do here!

      • Anthony says:

        Thanks brother. By the way, and I hope no one is reading this. I try to slip in some comic stuff during my day job.

      • Arrowguy says:

        Haha — me too! 🙂

  28. Jesus says:

    Who ever thought that only insiders win is dumb. I’ve been here since day one back when Anthony wasn’t putting his name out to the world. And I have only won once. So yeah this is a NOT an inside job. Way to shut the person who posted the comment up. Keep them freebies coming cuz I wanna win again lol…

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