Wednesday Winner: Redneck #1

This is like calling an election early.

It is nice to walk into your local comic shop on Wednesday and get your comics. It is even nicer when by the end of Wednesday, the books are selling for multiple times cover price. But it is a home run when the book sells out at on-line retail shops and is selling for multiple times cover price the night before the comic comes out. Redneck #1 is one of those books.

Redneck #1 has sales of $12.99 already on eBay. Midtown, TFAW, Mycomicshop, and pretty much every other shop I have checked is sold out already. I did find some online and ordered a couple extras.

The Ashcan edition is selling for $30-$40 steadily and seems sales have picked up today.

You can order theme here limit one per customer.


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  1. Richard Sean says:

    Wonder how high it’s gonna go. You’d figure people be more ready this time around after what happens with God Country #1

    • Anthony says:

      I swore that retailers were going to be ready. I was wrong on that. I guess they do not realize how much on the rise Cates is.

      • Richard Sean says:

        When God Country #1 came out. My LCS had a bunch of copies going into the weekend. I stupidly made the mistake of not picking them all up. Won’t make the same mistake this time.

      • Anthony says:

        i did not make that mistake. I made the mistake of selling too early. I did keep a bunch for the Donny Cates signing though.

  2. JayClue says:

    I had 2 ashcans and had sold them both for around $25 + shipping already. I had a few #1s preordered from my LCS. This is nuts!

  3. Vernon Wiggins says:

    Sucks for folks that want to go into the comic shop tomorrow and pick up a copy just for reading. Speculators that don’t have to work tomorrow will be grabbing them all.

    • Anthony says:

      Yeah. Speaking of which, I need to get there at opening. I did pre-order so I was prepared. But I would like to get a few extras.

      • Vernon Wiggins says:

        That’s cool. Good for them.

      • Vernon Wiggins says:

        I’ve actually purchased from forbidden planet before. I try to get everything from the lcs though. I have some of these pre-ordered so I’m not worried about it. Folks here will grab all the redneck books though cause it is such low hanging fruit. I found three copies of batgirl 1 new 52 today at hpb. That’s a lot of work though (digging) when you can just get to the comic shop before everyone else on a Wednesday. You know?

      • Vernon Wiggins says:

        By here I mean where I live.

      • Anthony says:

        I get you. i actually grabbed a bunch of Ultimate X variants this past week. paid $20 and made over $130 in a few hours. I love both, low hanging fruit and bin digging. I know I have some Batgirls down in my comic cave.

      • Cody says:

        Thanks for the link my wife and I each ordered “our” 1 copy. 🙂

      • Anthony says:

        nice. When I ordered them there was no limit. I was charged for the books so I hope they deliver them

      • Vernon Wiggins says:

        I like both too. And getting a couple extra issues Wednesday morning doesn’t bother. But that one guy that goes in there and grabs every single issues bothers the hell out of me. I guess that is all on the comic shop owner though, if they want to limit or not.

      • Anthony says:

        I don’t like or support shelf clearing. Buying out a back issue out of the back issue bin is something else entirely but yeah, I don’t like shelf clearers.

      • JayClue says:

        My LCS doesnt order much Image, Im hoping he ordered a few extra copies because I had pre ordered it. However, he was making fun of me when I asked for his ashcan. Hes a ‘card’ guy and doesnt understand comics. Anything that is not Marvel or DC superhero stuff just boggles his mind. I think he found the ‘Redneck’ title humorous.

  4. Dan Piercy says:

    Market has started to flood w/the ashcan I think the window on that book is closing as the undercutters have come in. I’m a little skeptical this book does as well as God Country. Guess we’ll see.

    • Anthony says:

      I originally said I thought it would be hot but not as hot as God Country. Last night the book was selling like crazy. Haven’t looked at what it is doing this morning. Still think there is money to be made but prices could easily settle down as quick as they shot up. Still, going to get copies on the market as quickly as I can.

  5. Zeus says:

    I asked to put the ashcan and some regular covers aside yesterday..hope i get them. They usually under order…

    God country was good to me, sold some multipes and holding on to the best ones of cover A and B

  6. Zeus says:

    I have one and an ashcan waiting for me hopefully..they usually under order

    I did well with god country. Went back that Thursday and found more A and B.
    Still keeping one of each (the best condition)the rest are gone

  7. Vann says:

    MCS has them listed again right now for cover….and you are not limited to 1 per customer. So if anyone is short…..better pick them up quick. Good luck—

  8. Vann says:

    Interestingly, they also have Failsafe #1 available right now for cover…..

  9. David Bitterbaum says:

    I like how you put, “Calling an election early,” considering how the most Presidential one turned out differently than most people predicted (regardless of your political affiliation you’ve got to admit it was surprising). I think a talent like Cates is thankfully a surer bet than what happened recently though.

  10. Pensacola Pop Comics says:

    I read it a few weeks ago – they had the first three issues available for retailers, which gives you some faith that it’s shipping on time – and it was so good I made sure to up my orders. Looks like there’s a one per cover B and C shipping next week

  11. schweizerdavid says:

    My lsc had a huge stack of this so I passed.

    • JayClue says:

      I visited 6 shops today. 2 didn’t order it. 2 were sold out (1 of these had quite a few copies but got cleared in 15 minutes). 1 shop had 2 copies left and were limiting to 1 per customer. The last shop ordered heavy and had a lot of copies left.

  12. I have two LCS in my city. One got shorted most of their copies, the other received all they ordered. Smells like allocation to me.

  13. OC_Guy says:

    Had to go into Los Angeles today (for work related fun stuff) and was able to hit a couple shops there and one along the way…was able to pick up 4 in total… One shop had about 12 left by the time I got there because they limit books one per customer, which is cool. The first shop I went to I got there right when it opened and they only had two out on the floor….Seems some knew it would be a good book and others missed the boat… Hearing it is very good on here and at some of the shops, SO I hope this sees a bunch of heat or I will be very super fake angry! 😉

  14. A. King says:

    I pre-ordered one and grabbed one today. I called my main Shop so they could put one in my pullbox but they were all sold out. What is that Midtown has listed for next week ? Is it a one per store ?

  15. Richard Sean says:

    My LCS still has like a good stack of them left. I only picked up 3. If prices continue to go up maybe I’ll go back and pick a few more up.

  16. agentpoyo says:

    You know what makes this Wednesday Winner even better? Having the writer sign them. 🙂

    • Richard Sean says:

      Nice! How many were you able to get signed?

      • agentpoyo says:

        That’s classified information sir.. 🙂

        Actually, one is gonna be given away off CHU, so stay tuned.. Austin Books limited to 1 per customer. Dragons Lair had no limit. I got a total of 8 though, 5 (1 for the giveaway and 1 for my own PC) are accounted for though.

        I also grabbed some God Country #1 4th prints as well.. one is gonna be another giveaway here. 🙂

        Now see what you’ve done.. I’m spilling all the secrets..

        I did also grab some #2 and #3 3rd and 2nd prints to get signed.. along with a cover set of #4 signed.. those are all for me. 🙂

      • Richard Sean says:

        Must be nice to live in the same area as the writer. I think I would’ve bought a billion of them and had them all signed lol. Okay maybe not a billion but you get the point. Loving Hod Country and now Redneck.

        I know it’s a bit of a ways out, but I’m looking forward to Babyteeth as well.

      • agentpoyo says:

        Yeah, he was signing when God Country came out…. So I’m sure I’ll see him when Baby Teeth comes out…. As I was leaving, he was all… “I’ll likely be seeing you again…”

        Yeah, he’s on fire right now as a writer. He mentioned almost every publisher turned down God Country…. Before Image picked it up. Sadly the 4th print will be the last print on #1… So no 5th printing….

      • Anthony says:

        This is the best cover yet on it. Love the black and white.

      • agentpoyo says:

        Yeah…. I like the white as well….

    • Anthony says:

      What is even better than having the writer sign them? Not having to stand in line to get them signed when you have a half man half chicken that can do it for you. Winning

      • agentpoyo says:

        Oh for sure. Both shops…. Walked right up, started talking and getting books signed.

  17. Birdman says:

    I was able to score 4 copies yesterday…3 from my regular LCS and 1 from my alternate LCS. Looking forward to reading it. There might have been 10 copies total at my reg. shop and 3 at my alternate when I got there shortly after opening…I thought they had ordered light on this one…was a bit surprised at that.

  18. Aaron Horwitz says:

    Still about 30 copies on the shelf at my LCS.

  19. Richard Sean says:

    Went back to my LCS to pick more redneck copies. They upped their prices to 10 bucks a comic. Forget that. Glad I was able to nab up 4 before they did that.

    • agentpoyo says:

      That was fast…. Shops should at least wait a bit longer to bump prices, not everyone can make it on release day…

      • Richard Sean says:

        That’s what I was thinking as well. I grabbed a few copies yesterday, but I didn’t wanna clean them out for that exact reason. But looks like they didn’t care.

        Next time around I think I may just up and grab everything.

      • agentpoyo says:

        I would… And if they say something, tell them straight up…. I’m buying before you all jack the prices up tomorrow…. 🙂

    • Onslaught28 says:

      Yeah that’s B.S if you ask me I think shops should keep them cover price at least through the weekend.

      • Anthony says:

        Or set aside some copies as cover. Limit purchases and such but don’t jack up prices.

      • Richard Sean says:

        I agree. They could have done both. Limit one per customer or set some aside like you said.

        They’re a bigger store. So they can afford to have it sit on their walls for a longer period of time. They know they’ll sell eventually even at $10 bucks a piece.

    • Richard Sean says:

      Lol I may have to do that 😂

      Just crazy they put it up to 10 within 24 hours. Feel bad for everyone who just wants one and wasn’t able to make it out yesterday.

  20. A. King says:

    Was able to get one more copy today.

  21. David Rosado says:

    I pre-ordered a copy online already but stopped by my LCS. They only received two copies. I grabbed one and left the other for someone else to enjoy. 2 copies is enough…one to read and one to put away.

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