New Image Series Retcon Announced, Like X-Files Written By David Lynch

Image Comics is pleased to announce that writer Matt Nixon (Wolverine) and Toby Cypress (RODD RACER, BLUE ESTATE) will team up for an all new time-hopping paranormal series—RETCON.

In RETCON, a group of paranormal adventurers faced with an impossible threat keep shutting down alternative timelines in order to prevent the ultimate destruction of the solar system. This is only to find themselves reinvented in a similar—albeit retconned situation—back in issue #1 on a parallel Earth, facing the same enemy.

“Artist Toby Cypress and I set out to make Retcon a ‘craft’ comic book,” said Nixon. “We took our time and made sure from layout to panel design to colors and letters—every piece fits, nothing was rushed. We made the best book that we could, and we believe it will find its audience.”

Cypress added, “Matt’s story is like David Lynch doing a few episodes of X-Files, it’s weird, over the top, and subtle all at once.”

RETCON #1 will hit stores this September 2017.


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7 Responses to New Image Series Retcon Announced, Like X-Files Written By David Lynch

  1. Mark L says:

    That headline fooled me. I totally thought David Lynch was writing a comic.

  2. Alana says:

    Locke and key just optioned, there’s two 1st print DF variants of #1 for cheap on Amazon for whoever reads this first.

  3. Nicc T says:

    Sounds like an adventurous and entertaining read. I’m in!

  4. James says:

    Anyone know if this is an on-going or a mini?

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