April 2017 Lootcrate “Investigate” unboxing

Joe returns this month (we skipped last month) to help unbox the April 2017 Lootcrate “Investigate” Crate. Check out what is inside the box:

Pretty epic shirt this month. I do not normally keep them but am keeping this one.


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13 Responses to April 2017 Lootcrate “Investigate” unboxing

  1. Alana says:

    I have GOTG 2 spoilers!!! Including lots of new character cameos.

  2. Alana says:

    Make a spoiler post or I can add it to the end of my weekend specs

    • Anthony says:

      Thanks, was working on a post already when you sent it over. Mainframe was the only one I couldn’t nail down, there are three different ones.

  3. Cyber Golem says:

    Hey Anthony, I look forward to these Loot Crate openings. Joe makes me laugh. Keep up the hard work.

  4. Joe almost doesn’t need you anymore. He’s got this thing just about down. This was actually one of the better Loot Crate boxes from recently memory.

    • Anthony says:

      I let him take charge. He actually took last months without telling me. That’s why there is no video. I got the stranger things t-shirt this month and the Jessica Jones Q-Pop though.

  5. Richard Sean says:

    Did joe draw the storm trooper in the back? That thing is pretty cool.

    • Anthony says:

      Ha. Yes he did. I don’t know who stuck it to the wall but I refused to remove it in fear that it will take the paint off too.

      • Richard Sean Guevara says:

        Dang the longer it stays up the more likely the paint is gonna come off. Hey at least it’s a really good drawing and is cool.

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