Lady Mechanika Getting a TV Deal? 

Joe Benitez took to Facebook on Wednesday and mentioned his Aspen Comics and now self-published comic book Lady Mechanika is being looked at by a cable channel for a tv show.

Beneitez doesn’t go into details about which network or potentially how far in the process it is but from his own reportthe book is being eyed for a cable show.

The main character and series first appears in Lady Mechanika #0 – The Demon of Satan’s Alley. Lady Mechanika has been a relatively hard to find series as the Issue 1 shot up in value a few years back. The small print run and fan base led to the books disappearing quickly and going back for reprints, which were also difficult to find. The book itself, was born out of Joe Beneitez’s convention experiences and admiration for steampunk cosplayers. Long time colorist for Michael Turner, Peter Steigerwald is credited as co-creator of the series.


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8 Responses to Lady Mechanika Getting a TV Deal? 

  1. Louie says:

    Good to hear, I have a ton of LM variants. Love the covers!

  2. Alana says:

    A vendor on Amazon has 10 copies for 9.99 each for whoever reads this first.

    • Alana says: Lady Mechanika 0 on Amazon for under $10

    • Mike says:

      I ordered 1 of these when you posted it. The guy had it marked as shipped within 30 minutes. Get the email today from Amazon about how it is out of stock and they have refunded me. Looks like someone noiticed the heat and wanted to make more money. Real sh%#$ way to do business. The absolute last time I use Amazon.

  3. Howie says:

    The wife and I are both fans of the concept and the art, but I have to be honest these are not the best written books and it didn’t get any better after Benitez took full control. You have to be careful with mostly 1 and 0 because there were reprints that muddy things up and there’s not a lot of resources out there to distinguish them all.

    A lot of beautiful covers though and are what led me to thoroughly respect Peter Steigerwald. I’m a outright fan now and his work is stunning. I love his team ups with Michael Turner.

    She is not easy to collect as there was a span in the last year or two where there were just a ton of variants and they never sell for cover, most will be $20-30. There are a few that I just have not bothered with but I do have a majority of the Lady M story and variants. But you could easily drop a couple hundred trying to obtain every cover of just one book.

  4. A. King says:

    I have a few of these, the reprints I think.

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