Wednesday Open Forum



Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

The 133rd edition of the open forum!

As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?
What had disappeared off the shelves?
What was sitting on the shelves?
What back issue deals did you grab?


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139 Responses to Wednesday Open Forum

  1. zspencer says:

    Picked up a couple copies of the Comic Mint variant for Regression #1

  2. DrunkWooky says:

    Quick Flips of the Week:

    Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider #1 (Campbell Variant)….we’ll see. I’m wary of clones…

    X-Man Gold 2 (Granov variant)

    Personal collection pulls:
    The Flash #21- I Am Button Continues! Button me good, Williamson!

    Old Man Logan #22 (Regular, and Stevens cover)- I can’t wait for Old Man Logan vs Hulk vs Wendigo round 2: the time travel redux!

    Darth Maul #3 (Regular, and Molina cover)

    Thanos #6: Phoenix Force!
    X-Men Blue #2
    X-Men Gold #2: one week delay. We’re more messages sanitized out? Will we see any accidental pre-censorship copies? Who knows. We’ll see.

  3. Matt C says:

    Light week for me:

    Namwolf #1 cover A&B (thanks Terry/Anthony for this pick early)
    Suicide Squad #16 Bermejo cover
    Flash #21 lenticular
    Darth Maul #3 cover A
    Deadpool vs Punisher #1 Cover Signed By Fred Van Lente

  4. brian lake says:

    Back from C2E2 last week with a few key pickups –

    Extremity #2 C2E2 Variant – if you have not seen it check it out, Akira Homage, this is a great book
    Red Neck #1 C2E2 Variant, and got it signed by Donny Cates at the Dark Horse booth, no line and he hung out and talked for 10 minutes and passed me a Baby Teeth Ash Can
    American Gods 1 C2E2 Variant – print run of 500
    Guardians of the Galaxy 19 C2E2 Declan Shavely variant, seems to be a ghost
    J Scott Campbell booth had some of the Mexican Con Variants, picked up an Extraordinary Xmen 1 Magik variant and a Black Widow Avengers 12 Variant as well $20 each
    a slew of mint ASM McFarlane books 301-315 for $4 – half off, so $2 each all mint

    A few other random books from a half off sale as well

    I also got a few commissions as well, Alex Maleev, Jenny Frisson, and V Ken Marion (if you don’t know this guy check him out currently working on Green Lantern), and Ken Lashley – a great guy had a nice 15 minute chat at the Marvel booth as he did a Colossus sketch cover for me for free(I asked for his favorite X-Man which turns out is Colossus)

    Best pick up of the show the original cover to Carnage 14 from Matt Walsh, I won it at the charity art auction on Saturday night with a steal of a low bid

    Great show overall, can’t wait to go back next year, the 6 hour ride and multiway stay were certainly worth it

    • Richard Sean says:

      Nice pick up on that ash can of babyteeth

      • Anthony says:

        I have been messaging the publisher on it through Twitter but all they said was get it at your local comic shop.

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      • brian lake says:

        Yeah I mentioned I would like to get one, he said come by the AFTERSHOCK booth Sunday (at the time we were at the Darkhorse booth), I mentioned we couldn’t since we were going to be heading home, so he ran off for a few minutes and reappeared with one for me. Really nice guy.

      • Anthony says:

        Donny Cates is a really great guy.

    • Brennan says:

      Lol lashley is always good for a long chat. Last time I talked to him it was a 20 min talk about BBQ.
      He also did a doomsday profile for me on a blank doomed cover for free. I donated what I would have had to pay anyone else to his charity jar he had.

  5. Cody says:

    Had an interesting Saturday. Finally saw a Craigslist ad for comics in my hometown. I call the guy up and ask him what prices the books had on em and he says most are .40 cent books some .35 so I agree to go check em out. Most were 35-40 cents however about 80 were 10 cent covers none of the 10 cent books were super hero tho. Mostly western Tarzan and crime but a couple horror and space. The coolest book in my opinion is the vf copy of forever people 1 that came with them. Also had 6 uncanny xmen from 109-129.

  6. Richard Sean says:

    So I stopped by my LCS today to ask them about their variants on Redneck #1. I was hoping they’d price them like their other image one per store retailer variants at $20 a piece……but didn’t have my hopes too high, as they put up the regular issues of Redneck #1 up to $10 a piece the Thursday after it came out. One of the workers said they were still trying to figure out how much to price them at since they’re selling for a pretty penny on eBay already. I’m expecting them to give me a call back about the price but I doubt it’s gonna be anything low.

    Most shops around me seem to sell their variants for whatever the ratio is. 1:25 = $25 1:50 = $50 and so on. So with that all said, how many of you all get variants for cover or near it?

    Just wondering how the variant pricing goes elsewhere.

    • agentpoyo says:

      I have one shop that sells all at cover…. Now, they don’t get all variants and some will go I to long time subscriber pulls… So they’re not always available. But it is nice not paying a premium on the variants I am able to snag.

      • schweizerdavid says:

        My lcs tends to sell them for cover if you ask for them to be held in your box prior to release. Otherwise, they mark them up. I have my fingers crossed that there will be a Stokoe Venom 150 waiting for me that week.

    • If it’s a 1:25 or something those get marked up. They’re pretty good about keeping regular variants at cover though for at least a brief period. Although they have told me that after the first day they feel like they have the right to raise the price.

    • Dutch says:

      Once the LCSs start to use EBay more consistently on their new releases there will be another crash. The bubble is healthy now, but just like in the 90s once artificial price inflation gets out of control expect a downturn.

      Just a thought on the current state of the market

      • Anthony says:

        Comic shops need to separate themselves from secondary market resellers. They can take a portion of their books and sell them, that makes sense, but to charge secondary market prices for new releases will kill their business

      • Richard Guevara says:

        Seems like that what my LCS is getting into lately. They did so with X-Men Gold #1 a few weeks back, they started selling it for $10 a piece when ebay sells started. I went in yesterday and saw their prices for X-Men Gold #1 were $20 a piece.

        Last week on Wednesday I bought 3 Redneck #1s from them, did not want to buy the whole stack as I wanted to give others a chance at it as well. I ended up going back on Thursday, checked their stack of Redneck #1s and saw them already priced up to $10 a piece. They still have that stack of Redneck #1s sitting on their shelves today.

        Im kinda worrying that they’ll continue this trend, as they’ve priced up their Redneck #1 variants as well.

      • agentpoyo says:

        I’d stop shopping at my shop if they pulled that on their customers.

      • Brennan says:

        I think that if a shop wants to sell at secondary market prices, they should be selling on a secondary market.
        Have some on eBay at those prices, sure, but I’m your weekly regular dropping a lot of money week after week. Don’t gouge me.

    • A. King says:

      I sent my main Shop an email about one of those Redneck variants, so hopefully I have one in my pullbox.

    • J. Coleman says:

      My shop had the B&W and Gold embossed for $99 a piece. They still had Redneck on the shelves for cover price.

  7. 2ndfullcameoappearance says:

    I think it’s going to be all about the Namwolf tomorrow. And yes thanks for the early heads up. I preordered from midtown 2 of each cover a and b, so 4 books, shipped priority mail for $25, they had a discount going on at the time.
    If this book pops like I think it will, I’m going to be happy and wish I ordered more. We will see.

    • Onslaught28 says:

      Light week for me but I agree Namwolf has peaked my interest, looking forward to reading it.

  8. Alana says:

    Titans is coming be interesting to see if they leave out Kid Flash and Wonder Girl. If they use Kid flash will it be the current tv Kid Flash. Wrote up the Teen Titan books awhile back in what I thought would be a feature film Titans to replace a Cyborg standalone film, looks like it’s coming to tv minus the film actors instead.

  9. Alana says:

    Good news is I have 3 Doom Patrol #99 first Beast Boy. Geoff Johns hinted Beast boy

  10. Alana says:

    Had a big week going to omit a few of my pick ups as they will be in my write up this weekend.
    This weeks pick ups……

    Locke and Key #1

    Amazing Spider-Man #149 1st Spider clone found a vf+/nm $21

    GOTG #5 1st other Mainframe

    Wolverine #18 venomized

    Lady Mechanika #0 $10 + shipping

    Flashpoint #5

    Wonder Woman #151 1st Doctor Poison 2

    Hulk #93 1st named Korg

    Venom #38 1st mania

    West Coast Avengers #46

    Avengers #162 1st Jocasta

    And about ten other books to be named later.

    • OC_Guy says:

      If they are making a Teen Titans show New Teen Titans #23 will be one to look at…first Blackfire. Could see her being a main villain in the series… DC comics presents #26 will see a lot of interest as well…Still a little undervalued.

      • Alana says:

        #22 right not #23?

      • Alana says:

        Or tales of the new teen Titans #4 I see three different first appearances listed for her.

      • Jason Shaw says:

        Consider NTT #26, first appearance of Terra, as well. A very undervalued gem!

      • OC_Guy says:

        Oh boy… This will be fun…CGC literally has Blackfire’s first appearance listed on slaps as being in BOTH New Teen Titans #23 & Tales of the New Teen Titans #4…. New Teen Titans #22 is a straight up cameo and we all know 99% of the time Cameos are not treated as “real” first appearances for some reason. Mycomicshop lists #22 as being a cameo, #23 as her first appearance and Tales 34 as her and Starfire’s origin. Looking at it, both New Teen titans #23 and Tales of the New Teen Titans #4 came out the same month (September) so that adds to the mix. From what I can gather most of what is in Tales of the teen titans #4 is Starfire telling back story (Origin). Not sure how much Blackfire is in it. I did order one just to find out. Teen Titans #23 has her throughout and she is also centered on the cover… A bondage cover as well. On Tales #4 she is mixed in with other background elements on the cover. Not sure why CGC is listing two issues as a fist appearance. IF it is literally a tie and they came out the same week, I would think Teen Titans #23 would win out. I would think it would win out regardless since it is a continuation of the story in which her cameo is shown a month earlier in the same title…unless tales has a similar tie in. Not sure yet. Ungraded they are All very cheap so I would pick up at least two of each just to be on the safe side…”IF” Backfire is announced to be on the show I do think #23 will be the biggest winner. Just an awesome cover! Need to read Tales #4 to see.
        Side note: CBCS has The New Teen Titans #23 has Blackfires first appearance and only lists Tales of the Teen titans #4 as Starfires origin.
        Another side note: New Teen titans #23 is also the first appearance of Adrian Chase.

      • OC_Guy says:

        in my last comment in one of the sentences I didn’t press the “#” button hard enough and it came out Tales 34 instead of Tales #4… Just wanted to clarify.

    • Alana says:

      Have to say that Spider-Man #149 came today and looks gorgeous vibrant color only thing wrong with it is 2 and a half small spine ticks very happy with it.

  11. Brian Springman says:

    New books I preordered/picking up tomorrow:

    Batgirl #10 cover A + B
    Flash #21 Lenticular + International
    Suicide Squad #16 Bermejo cover B
    Wonder Woman #21 Frison cover B

    Redneck #1 Gold Foil
    Redneck #1 b/w Silver Foil
    Savage Dragon #223 Jock April Fool’s

    Deadpool vs Punisher #2 Chaykin 1:25
    Elektra #3 Deodato 1:25
    Man-Thing #3 Kirk 1:25
    Mighty Thor #18 Stegman Resurrxion
    Old Man Logan #22 Stevens 1:25
    Thanos #6 Lupacchino Resurrxion
    Weapon X #2 Canete 1:25
    X-Men Gold #2 Granov 1:25

    Namwolf #1 cover A + Powell

    There’s Nothing There #1 cover A

    Britannia We Who Are About to Die #1 Johnson 1:50

  12. Brennan says:

    So the fanexpo prize pack arrived. Thought you all would like to see them. Nice looking books.

    This week I am grabbing:
    Action comics
    Batman/the shadow
    Detective comics
    Deadpool v punisher
    Doom patrol
    Hal Jordan
    Image +
    The flash – lenticular
    Mighty Thor

    I’d say more but I’m watching flash and the commercial is over. Gotta run!

  13. michael cox says:

    Glad to see Revival teaser trailer and movie announcement.Have all the issues plus early multiples.

  14. JayClue says:

    My LCS received a Kill The Minotaur Ashcan this week. Im not sure what this book is, but I thought I would share that.

  15. Zeus says:

    Managed to grab a royals 2 1:25 granov good price

    X men gold +

    Will check ut the shelves

    Happy hunting

  16. schweizerdavid says:

    Picking up:
    Alien Dead Orbit 1 (both covers, Stokoe & Darrow)
    Rick & Morty 25 (Tiny Rick! one shot issue)
    Avatar the Last Airbender Volume 15 (just like watching new TV episodes but in print)

    Namwolf 1 (it’s not Eric Powell)

  17. JCH says:

    Picked up:
    Old Man Logan #22 (Past Lives Variant Cover)
    Redneck #1 B&W Silver foil (cover price)
    Redneck #1 Gold foil (cover price)
    Flash #21 Lenticular
    Hulk #5 (really enjoying this storyline so far… surprised me)

    My LCS did not receive any copies of Namwolf … they were not even sure it got delivered yet, so I asked them to hold me a copy and will be checking back later… am hoping it just got missed through inventory… but was really excited to pick up the Redneck #1 variants for cover price!! I also bit the bullet and asked to have Babyteeth added to my subscription list … really becoming a Cates fan quickly … and not because his recent books are hot on the spec market … just really good reads!!

    • Anthony says:

      Baby Teeth not being from Image will cause the print run to be lower and I think more in demand.

      • JCH says:

        Totally agree, Anthony … especially when considering how hot his recent books are now even with the print runs seen for God Country 1 (which was relatively small compared to the Big two… 14K’ish?) and Redneck (not sure what the number is… will get a sense once Diamond releases April numbers, but am thinking more than God Country 1) … but again, I’m in for the read … just happens to be a nice bonus that the books are hot for speculation as well.

      • Anthony says:

        Yeah. God Country came in at 14000 and change look at Seven to Eternity which had a 4x print run number compared to God Country and is a $100 book.

      • agentpoyo says:

        But when you split up Seven to Eternity by it’s covers, it’s mostly Cover A that sells the best. But the other covers are still nice flips. I can’t wait for Seven to Eternity to get a media deal.. and or makes it to our screens.. talk about demand and value then?

      • JCH says:

        Yeah, the variant covers throw a bit of a mix into things for sure, but amazing to see books like Seven to Eternity, God Country and Redneck selling the way they are for a larger publisher nowadays… really liking that feel of comic collecting where the market is not flooded by huge “first” print runs (brings me back to the 80’s/early-90’s before the comic bubble burst… wow, dating myself … sounds like old “grumpy” guy …. shaking my hand and saying, “Back in my day…” … LOL). The market really needs to get back to smaller/more frequent “print runs” (like what Image and others are getting back to) to encourage more folks to collect… yes, I know … I say I’m more into collecting for the “read” (and I am), but a large driver to collecting is the excitement of seeing prices go up from a speculation perspective.

        … speaking of variants, Redneck #1 now has 4? Ashcan, C2E2, Silver foil and Gold foil? Interesting how they did this as well… staggered approach it seems … interesting indeed.

  18. I’ve been going broke with my local shop lately. Between comics and Magic I’m starting to see why I have no money.

    The only new book i’m getting this week is the Night Owl Society. I’m a sucker for crime books.

    Otherwise my normal pull stuff is:
    Flash #21 (only picking this up during the crossover)
    Kill or Be Killed #8
    Batman ’66 meets Wonder Woman ’77
    Loose Ends #4

    • Anthony says:

      Joe and I just started playing Magic together. It’s a break from Pokémon and Yugioh. I used to play in high school when Beta came out and got heavy into it in version 3 (3rd release whatever you want to call it) some of my old cards are worth a ton if I could just find them.

      Sent from my iPhone


      • I’ve become addicted to the game recently. My son is 7 and wanted to play Pokemon. So after some research I bought him some Magic cards instead because that seemed more interesting for me to play with him. I got addicted and it turned out the game was a little too hard for him. So I ended up buying some Pokemon cards to play with him after all. He keeps begging me to take him to the shop to play magic on a Friday night.

      • agentpoyo says:

        Pokemon the actual card game is actually kind of fun. I play against my kid from time to time. I never played Magic…. I’m too cool for that…. 😉

      • ha, I think my wife wishes I wouldn’t play Magic or indoctrinate my son. She definitely gets embarrassed when he starts talking about it in public. Pokemon is fine but it’s a little shallow for me. I play just to play with him but I’d be fine if I never played another game of Pokemon in my life.

      • Anthony says:

        If we don’t do it who will indoctrinate the next generation of the nerds. My oldest Joe is an amazing baseball player and very athletic but still makes time from nerdy stuff

        Sent from my iPhone


      • Nerds united right? My kid likes to think he’s an amazing baseball player…truthfully? He’s better suited for magic lol.

      • agentpoyo says:

        I like embarrassing my wife…. But talking about Pokemon doesn’t embarrass her unfortunately.

      • That just means you’re doing it wrong ;).

      • Anthony says:

        Joe is getting it but it is hard for him to read and understand a lot of the cards. So our games take a little time and patience.

      • My son gets it. He just doesn’t play very well. I think it’s all a little too much for him. He does a lot better than I thought he would though since this was probably the hardest game I have ever tried to learn. I figured in a few years he’ll be quite the good magic player though if he wants to be.

    • agentpoyo says:

      I’ve been cutting back myself but most of my books are being pre-ordered from Midtown to save money and also used from money I made by flipping books and selling other crap. I need to upgrade my Paypal to get a Paypal debit card so I can use that at the local shops too..

      • I like my LCS but I’ve been tempted on occasion to start buying online. I know I’m paying more by shopping at the local place but I like them so I justify it.

      • agentpoyo says:

        The shop I use to goto as my primary closed. He was the only one that gave discounts on pulls and subs. None of the other shops give discounts, that’s when I started doing most of my orders off Midtown.. 15% off but I’ve now been doing most of my orders as previews pre-orders, where you get 35% and sometimes 50% off. So even with shipping, I’ve been saving around $60-$100 a month compared to if I paid full cover price at the local shops.

      • My shop offering the 10% discount on pulls has got me to order a lot more than I used to. It’s amazing how much a small discount like that helps me and has helped me stay loyal to them. if they ever dropped the discount I would start looking elsewhere for a lot of my books.

      • Brennan says:

        I’d love to switch to online but being north of the border, whatever i save in discounts I lose in shipping.
        Plus I’d miss my shops Wednesday guy.

      • Anthony says:

        I do both online and local shops.

    • Richard Guevara says:

      Ah magic! I used to play in Jr. High and High School, have a few decks left. But I had to stop playing cuz I was just dumping wwwaayyy too much cash into it. I’ve been wanting to pick up again, but that’d mean less money for comics and thats a hard pass haha.

      • I’ve been dumping way too much money into it also. It’s really started to consume a lot of my time though. Looking up the new sets, figuring out how to put together better decks ect. I really love the strategy element. My one dislike is I think the game is needlessly expensive. A lot of people I have talked to have dropped standard because it costs so much to stay competitive in.

  19. Corey A. says:

    Slim pickings at my lcs…… they only got in 1 namwolf cover a and 1 zomben, so I grabbed them both

  20. schweizerdavid says:

    When I asked my lcs if I could see their Kill the Minotaur ashcan, I was told it was not for sale, but if I wanted, I could have their Redneck ashcan for free. My lcs only had about 4 copies of Namwolf.

  21. Eric R says:

    Big week in terms of pick ups. Stopped by a few of LCS in my area and got the following:
    Namwolf #1 (both covers)-only one store had any copies
    Namwolf #1 (C2E2 retailer sketch cover)-$15 for the PC
    Ms Marvel #17 Kubert variant for $6
    Suicide Squad #16 X 2 Bermejo variant
    Kill or Be Killed #8
    Hillbilly #6
    Spookhouse #3
    God Country #2 Cover A-cover price
    Scooby Doo Apocalypse #1 Jim Lee variant X 2 for $2 each

    Saw Redneck #1 Silver and Gold, but wanted $40-$60 each. I’ll just be happy with the ashcan that I have.

    Happy Wednesday!

  22. Corey A. says:

    Is it just me or is Namwolf an extremely low print run……

    • 2ndfullcameoappearance says:

      I would love to know the print run on this book, I’m sure it’s quite low.
      But it’s a hot book today no matter what due to demand.
      My LCS got like 10 copies, and they were all damaged (spine dents, I would say they’re still in VF condition).
      But even those disappeared in the 1st 10 mins.
      I think this book has legs.
      Oh and it’s pretty damned good!

      • Corey A. says:

        Ya my lcs only got 1 cover A in and owner said they didn’t order cover B at all because it was $2.00 more an issue

    • Anthony says:

      I am sure it will be below 15,000 copies (Hillbilly’s print run)

  23. Louie says:

    Action Comics
    Flash 21
    Suicide squad variant
    Wonder woman
    punisher v deadpool

    If you have had your eye on anything on ebay, they are having a flash sale until 6pm PT, $15 off 75, here is code: Code is PSHOPSAVE15 for $15 off $75+.

  24. tim says:

    Namwolf was sold out at my store! Actually watched it sell out at over a period of a half hour. Ordering online doesn’t work for me due to the currency exchange rate and shipping costs. Interesting to see though!

    Ben Reilly: The Scarlet Spider #1
    Britannia: We Who Are About To Die #1(David Mack cover)
    The Flash #21(international cover)
    Hook Jaw #5(Marc Laming cover)
    Old Man Logan #22(Greg Land cover)
    The Old Guard #3
    Suicide Squad #16(Lee Bermego cover)
    There’s Nothing There #1(cover B)
    X-Men Gold #2
    Zomben #1

  25. A. King says:

    Only went to one shop today.
    Action #977a and b
    TMNT Universe #9b and c
    Spawn #270a and b
    S.W. Force Awakens #6 Rey photo cover

  26. Richard Sean says:

    So my LCS found me a copy of solar flare which was pretty cool. They have both covers of Namwolf….one copy each but they have spine breaks and ticks ugh.

  27. J. Coleman says:


    There’s Nothing There 1 cvr B
    Flash 21 3d cvr
    Hillbilly 6
    Action Comics 976 cvr B
    Hookjaw 5 cvr A
    Suicide Squad 16 cvr B
    Image + 13


    Adam Wreck #1 NEXT WEEK
    Alters #5
    Amazing Age #1 NEXT WEEK
    Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows Vol 2 #5 Cover A Regular Ryan Stegman Cover
    Anno Dracula #1 Cover D Variant Jeff Zornow Cover
    Beauty #13 Cover B Laura Tolton
    Birthright #23
    Black Hammer #7 Cover A Regular Dean Ormston Cover
    Black Panther Vol 6 #12 Cover B Variant Paolo Rivera Connecting Cover
    Black Road #8
    Bloodshot Reborn #0 Cover B Variant Kano Cover
    Captain America Steve Rogers #14
    Circle (Danger Zone) #4 Cover A Regular Alyzia Zherno Cover
    Comic Shop News #1559
    Croak #1 NEXT WEEK
    Curse Words #3 Cover B Paolo Rivera
    Dept H #12
    Descender #20
    Dollface #3 Cover A Regular Dan Mendoza Cover
    Doom Patrol Vol 6 #5 Cover B Variant Farel Dalrymple Cover
    Flash Vol 5 #19 Cover A Regular Carmine Di Giandomenico Cover
    Great Divide #6 Cover B Variatn Adam Markiewicz Homage Cover
    Hulk Vol 4 #4 Cover B Variant Ema Lupacchino Venomized Cover
    Invincible Iron Man Vol 3 #5 Cover B Variant Rick Leonardi Venomized Cover
    Iron Fist Vol 5 #1 Cover D Variant Kaare Andrews Marvel Hip-Hop Cover
    Letter 44 #31
    Life Death And Sorcery #4
    Lilith Dark #1 NEXT WEEK
    Loose Ends Vol 2 #3 Cover A Regular Chris Brunner & Rico Renzi Cover
    Mother Panic #5 Cover B Variant Michael Cho Cover
    New Titans #99 1st Arsenal
    No Mercy #14
    Rebels These Free And Independent States #1
    Reborn #5 Cover A Regular Greg Capullo Cover
    Rocket Raccoon Vol 3 #4
    Slasher #1 NEXT WEEK
    Spider-Gwen Vol 2 #18 Cover B Variant Sophie Campbell Venomized Cover (Sitting In A Tree Part 6)
    Star Wars Darth Maul #2 Cover B Variant Paul Renaud Star Wars 40th Anniversary Cover
    Stray Bullets Sunshine And Roses #22
    Suicide Squad Vol 4 #14 Cover B Variant Whilce Portacio Cover
    Underwinter #1 Cover A Ray Fawkes
    Unworthy Thor #5 Cover A Regular Olivier Coipel Cover
    Violent Love #5 Cover B Variant Victor Santos Cover
    Wonder Woman Vol 5 #19 Cover B Variant Jenny Frison Cover
    World War X #4 Cover B Variant Nick Percival Cover
    X-O Manowar Vol 4 #1 Cover A 1st Ptg Regular Lewis Larosa Cover

  28. OC_Guy says:

    Todays pickups are:
    Flash #21
    Suicide Squad #16 Bermejo Variant
    Thor #18 Cable variant
    Nam Wolf #1 cover A (that’s all they got in) Only one of the three stores I went to ordered this book
    Deadpool Punisher #2

    Old Man Logan #22 Hulk variant.

    I did break down and buy a Doom Patrol #99…. Been on my radar for about two years but other keys always jumped ahead. If they are going to finally bring the Teen Titans to the big or small screen it is one I wanted to get before anymore spikes in price…. Outside of the show “Teen Titans Go” is hugely popular with young kids (and adults) with Beast Boy gaining more popularity because of that show… As time goes on and those kids grow to adult collectors I can see them eyeing this book as well as DC comics presents #26 and Teen Titans # 44 (first Nightwing). All those are getting pricey, especially DP #99 but looking like good short and long term investments. Just my 12 cents.

  29. J.Marti says:

    Is Namwolf a limited series or an ongoing? Werewolf books are hard to move so I might follow this is it’s a 4 or 6 issue series but I already have stacks of werewolf books I can’t even trade.

  30. JayClue says:

    I had a good day today. Visited a few shops. I missed a $15 Redneck Gold foil by 1 customer today. The guy in front of me bought it, I did get the SS #16 and few other Xmen Ratio variants for $6 at that shop, so all was not lost. I ran into a few other shops with the Redneck Foils, but they were too steep for me. One shop asked $100 for the set, and another wanted $100 for the Gold foil alone! I maybe should have grabbed the set for $100 CDN, but i didnt. I did buy 1 gold foil for $45 CDN, and flipped it for $85 already. Oh well. Next. My pick ups this week were:

    Redneck #1 Gold Foil $45 CDN, 1 more copy of the regular cover from last week
    Hook Jaw #5
    Action Comics #976A, x3
    X-Men Blue #2 1:25, $6 CDN
    Kill The Minotaur Ashcan x2, 1 free, 1 for $5 CDN
    Ultimate X #1 Villians Variant x2, 2nd Print Variant & 3rd Print Variant, $6 US each
    Zomben #1, piqued my interest in the shop for some reason, gonna check it out
    Ben Reilly The Scarlet Spider #1 1:20, $6 CDN
    Old Man Logan #22 1:10 Land Variant x2, $6 each (these so look like a connecting variant to OML #21 1:10 Land Variant, but they dont match up, but look like they should, Im confused, lol)
    ‘Namwolf #1 x2
    Suicide Squad #16B x6

    Hillbilly #5
    The Incredible Hulk #330 Newstand Edition NM- (1st Mcfarlane work on Hulk) $20 CDN
    The Incredible Hulk #331 NM $10 CDN
    The Incredible Hulk #332 NM $10
    The Incredible Hulk #333 NM $10 CDN
    The Incredible Hulk #337 NM $10 CDN
    The Incredible Hulk #340 NM (9.4-9.6 maybe, really clean, vibrant book) $60 US
    The Incredible Hulk #343 NM- $8 CDN
    ASM #2 vol.2 Variant NM $8 CDN, 1st Shadroc
    ASM #13 vol.2 NM $10 CDN
    ASM #700 2nd Print Variant NM $10 CDN
    ASM #685 NM
    ASM #403 NM
    ASM #265 NM- $35 CDN, 1st Silver Sable
    Flash #21 Lenticular x1 and International variant x2
    Detective #955A
    Hulk #5
    JLA #5B (LOBO!)
    OML #22
    Weapon X #2
    Thanos #6
    X-Men Gold #2
    The Rift #4 (Im waiting on a reorder of issue #2 so I can read this mini)
    Image+ #13
    Godshaper #1 Aja Variant, cover
    Rocket Raccoon #5, I like the cover
    Splitting Image, for sh!ts and giggles

    • Anthony says:

      Nice. Big week!

      • JayClue says:

        Another spec site had an article last week pumping the Incredible Hulk #340 book, I try not to drink that kool aid, but the McFarlane cover was just to much to resist. After I read the article, I immediately went to the ‘bay and started looking for a decent copy as none of the shops in my area have this book. I found one that was listed as a NM gem, and it was pretty local. I bought it on Friday, it showed up at my door on Monday, as advertised. This then prompted me to go complete McFarlanes run on the title. I absolutely love McFarlanes artwork, I have since I was a kid, and have a ‘McFarlane Art’ section in my PC.

  31. Birdman says:

    Got some good comics yesterday…visited 3 shops…the Bermejo Suicide Squads were disappearing fast…nobody had cover B on Namwolf…The Redneck silver foil was going for $30 at my alternate shop…and the gold foil was priced at $35…but I got them for $7.50 each at my reg. shop…very happy about that…snagged some Marvel variants too at cover prices.

    Here’s what I picked up…
    Action (cover B)
    Batgirl (cover B)
    Detective (cover B)
    Flash (Lenticular and International covers)
    JLA (cover A)
    Scooby Team-Up
    Suicide Squad (Bermejo cover x 5)
    Teen Titans (both covers)
    WW (cover B)
    Ben Reilly The Scarlet Spider (Land variant x 2 and Lyle variant)
    Mighty Thor (Resurrxion cover)
    Old Man Logan (Past Lives and Stevens variant)
    Weapon X (Canete variant)
    X-Men Gold (Granov variant)
    Savage Dragon (Jock cover – got really lucky on this one!…bought the only copy I could find).
    Redneck (silver and gold foil retailer variants)
    Redneck (ashcan)
    Black Eyed Kids
    Namwolf (cover A)
    Zomben (again, bought the only copy I could find)
    Britannia We Who Are About To Die (Gorham variant)

    • JayClue says:

      I visited 8 shops yesterday and didn’t 1 copy of Savage Dragon Jock cover. That book was a ghost in my area. I really wanted one for my Jock collection.

      • Birdman says:

        Wow…8 shops in one day…you must have either have a lot of comic stores in your area or love to travel…I was totally surprised to find this…I did not have high expectations…there doesn’t appear to be a large reader base for Savage Dragon in my area…I gave up on it years ago…just picked this issue up for the cover (after learning about it here – thanks for the heads up CHU!…love this website)…I found it at my alternate shop (didn’t even see any reg. SD covers)…my regular shop told me they only order enough for subscribers…no extras for the shelf…if I hadn’t got to the shop when it opened, I likely would have lost out…good luck in your search…don’t give up!

      • Anthony says:

        Well shoot. I knew I forgot to get something. Forgot to pick up Savage Dragon April Fools cover. Normally if I put it on the picks of the week I put my money where my mouth is and buy it. Totally forgot that one.

        Sent from my iPhone


      • JayClue says:

        Yesterday was a busy day. There are 3-4 shops that I usually hit up every Wednesday. My main LCS is right at the bottom of the highway, it opens at 10 and I’m usually there close to that time. I then jump on the highway for 5 minutes and get off where there are 2 more shops close to each other, back on the highway for 5 minutes then I get off and there is a shop there I visit. There is another shop across the street from there, but I hate the owner there so he only gets visited when I’m looking for something that I can make money from. That’s my typical Wednesday. I’m lucky that I’m able to manipulate my real work schedule so that I have Wednesdays off, I am a true Wednesday warrior. lol. Yesterday I did travel to a shop that’s about an hour away from me, as I had him holding some books for me that I had seen on eBay, so I hit a few other shops in my travels looking for a deal on those Redneck foils, and picking up Namwolf and SS #16B where ever I could. Not much luck on anything other than the SS16B, though. I did find some Incredible Hulk McFarlanes and some All New Wolverine Bengal variants I had been looking for, I spent a lot, but it feels sooo good. (Coughaddictcough)

      • Anthony says:

        Sounds like a pretty good day

        Sent from my iPhone


  32. schweizerdavid says:

    There was a shout out to my lcs in the “Testimonial” page at the end of this week’s Rick and Morty.

  33. A. King says:

    I found another copy of Namwolf today.

  34. JayClue says:

    So, I’ve been back into collecting for about two and half years. Since then I’ve been struggling to find s nice clean bag board combo to store my collection in. Ive tried all sorts of different sizes and companies. I bought these resealable current bags and bought some store branded boards from the LCS in my area that had the thickest gauge boards. I also bought some Gerber half backs and my-lites 2 to store some of my older more expensive books. Wow. I’ve finally found my combo! I’m very excited. I’m quite anal about how my collection looks and feels when I store them. Now I have to go back and rebag and reboard my entire PC collection. About 6-7 short boxes. I won’t have to do all, maybe about half need to be done. Just the ones that are in older bags. My recent stuff matches up close enough that I won’t be bothered to redo them. Happy dance.

    • Anthony says:

      I use 2 mil and boards. 2 mils look great.

      Sent from my iPhone


      • JayClue says:

        For my cheaper issues I am using a current (6′ 7/8”) resealable 2 mil bag and I buy oversized boards (7′ 1/4” +), then trim the boards down with my paper cutter, so they fit snug in the bag. If the comic is an annual or double sized, I can cut the board a bit smaller to allow more wiggle room in the bag. This is how Ive always done it, thats why I wont have to rebag my whole collection. The bags I was using before now, I dont like, they feel flimsy although they are 2 mils too. But I have found a nice resealable 2 mil bag and nice strong 24 pt boards that I will be using from here on out. For $15ish-$50ish books, I am going to use My-lite plus and half backs, and for books that are worth $50+, I am going to use my-lite 2s and Full backs.

      • Anthony says:

        I think 2 mil bags look crisp and clean. The regular bags are hazy looking a lot of times. Dulls the look of the covers.

    • neiljfreeze says:

      I feel spoiled now that I took the plunge on mylites. How does the 2 mill thick BCW bags compare?

      • Anthony says:

        I like the 2 mil. They are clear. Very clear. They look great in a box. Not puffy at all like the 4 mil. I haven’t messed with mylites enough to compare them though.

    • A. King says:

      I have been doing the same thing for the past few months, I use the My-lites 2 and use either the half or full-backs. Since it’s for the PC, I can put two books in one bag they actually fit good.

  35. Alana says:

    I bag and board everything Silver Age BCW resealable bags and boards. Majority of my collection is Silver-Bronze. I’ve destroyed the condition of a few books trying to shove books in current bags. Anything over $100 in value gets bagged boarded and put in a top loader back to back with another comic. Love top loaders I use two books per loader because to me one book in a loader feels to loose with two in it both books are flat with no wiggle.

  36. neiljfreeze says:

    suicide squad #16 cover b is starting moving pretty well on the bay.

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