Revival Proof of Concept Trailer

This has been floating around for several days now, and has been mentioned before in the comments, but still thought it was worth bringing up.

Bleeding Cool had the exclusive on the story that at C2E2 a proof of concept trailer was shown in a panel and that Shatterglass Films would be producing a movie based on the Tim Seeley comic book.

The “first appearance” of Revival was in the Image Comics FCBD 2012 Teaser.
Copies of Revival #1  have sold for $15-$25. The The Sketch Variant has been in more of a demand selling for over $100 and CGC 9.8 selling for several hundred. The Phantom Variant has several sales over $25 as well. There is also a color variant and a second print to look out for. These could turn into good flips since the series has not been moving much on the secondary market until the news came out.

The trailer looks pretty good:



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11 Responses to Revival Proof of Concept Trailer

  1. Stefan Blomberg says:

    Wow, awesome news, felt little sad when the book ended! Think I have all of them (little unsure about the sketch variant, must check😃)

    • agentpoyo says:

      Revival ended? I stopped reading a while back but actually bought up until issue 42 or 43 I think….

      • Anthony says:

        I read up until the point they went to New York City and the Chew Crossover

      • agentpoyo says:

        I can’t even recall where I left off… I just know I kept buying some for like 4-5 issues and then never read them…. I know it was after New York though….

  2. BED says:

    “Proof of concept trailer”… WTF is that? Ah, who cares if it lets me unload some Revival issues I loaded up on.

    • Anthony says:

      Proof of concept is something kind of low budget that they put together to show how something looks or how it can be done. But yes sell some revivals!

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  3. OC_Guy says:

    Bleeding Cool, huh? Not a fan of them. At least you gave credit where credit is due… I know that is something Bleedingcool has had trouble with in the past.

  4. I remember when Hack/Slash was in development hell for Years, and I was dying to see that get made… but with all of it’s struggles, as soon as I saw them putting the “Soon to be a Major Motion Picture From Rogue Pictures” banner across the top of every single issue, I was saying “How much do you want to bet ten years from now the movie still hasn’t been made, yet all of these back-issues are tagged with this headline plastered on the covers…” I’d still like to see a Hack/Slash movie, and really wish they would commit to more mini-series. I felt that the series worked best as sporadic mini-series & one-shots. The ongoing series started to drag and felt like some level of urgency was missing half the time.

    Revival was a great read, though it had it’s slow points. When they announced the Final Issue about a year in advance, that set the stage for them to pull out all the stops and start driving toward their planned conclusion. Revival as a film would probably focus primarily on solving Em’s murder and the details behind Revival Day, while leaving out a bunch of the subplots and supporting characters. That extra material would work for a serialized TV show, but be too distracting to cram into a movie. That’s kind of how I felt with Y: The Last Man, too. When they proposed that as a film trilogy. Even with three movies to work with, they would still need to trim out tons of characters and subplots to make that work. Y: The Last Man is still one of my all-time favorite series’.

  5. michael cox says:

    Ended on issue #47

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