Poyo’s Picks for May 3rd, 2017

May the 4th is upon us. FCBD 2017 is upon us, but Wednesday, the best day each week comes to us before both of these other nerd days of importance. What’s going to heat up this week? We can only guess. Anthony and Terry pointed out some great books and possible spec’s in their Spec Video this week, check it out if you haven’t already. So with that in mind, let’s get on with what Poyo thinks you should be picking up to read or maybe, just maybe a spec hit that heats up. But there’s a fat chance for that, I’m wrong more than right and the right’s are just pure luck.

DC/Vertigo Pick

Batman #22 (DC) – Any of the covers. I’m picking this one for the story. It’s getting rave reviews. Pick these up for the Button story line alone.

Marvel Pick

Secret Empire #1 (Marvel) – I know, so easy to pick. But these types of big event stories make it into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Usually these stories impact Marvel Universe, someone usually dies or revives. There’s a distaste from a lot for Marvel but these should not be overlooked. One nice thing is, I enjoy Nick Spencer writing and McNiven artwork so you still have that to look forward to.

Small Publisher Pick

Walking Dead #167 (Image) – Is this the end for Andrea? The description seems to clue in on a possibility of avoiding the inevitable in this Walking Dead world.. nevertheless, it’s a Walking Dead book. As long as the show is hot and these story lines make it into the show, they have a chance to heat up.

Indie Pick

Pestilence is a great pick, both picked by Anthony and Terry. It should not go unnoticed but my pick will likely be harder to find, probably under ordered and overlooked by most shops. My indie pick goes to Ab Irato #1 (Lion Forge). I love good future dystopian type stories. Ab Irato is about rising sea levels and the rich have come up with a vaccine that keeps them younger and living longer lives, hundreds of years longer. Sign me up, it’s got my attention already by it’s description:

“In a dystopian future of rising sea levels, the rich have access to a rejuvenating vaccine that can allow lifespans of hundreds of years. A young man named Riel arrives in the urban metropolis of Montreal and meets a young woman, Neve, who is allied with rebel insurgents (the ‘Bastards of God’) fighting the corporate powers that control the city and the vaccine.”

I also like to throw out that American Mythology is bringing back Shoeshine, most know him by his alter ego.. Underdog #1. The regular cover is a homage to Action Comics. If you’re like me, I loved Underdog as a kid so I’m picking this one up and any of the awesome variants I can find, which I really like the Patrick Owsley Retro Animation Cover as well.


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10 Responses to Poyo’s Picks for May 3rd, 2017

  1. Brennan says:

    I’m bummed I didn’t get my pestilence order in on time. 😦
    The good news is I’ve set it up for issue number two.

  2. agentpoyo says:

    I only pre-ordered the regular cover. Kind of wishing I ordered the variant as well, as I’m doubting my local shop gets any.

  3. Chris Meade says:

    I’m looking forward to reading Ab Erato #1. I noticed no one is talking about it, so not sure if it’ll heat up, but the story sounds great.

    • agentpoyo says:

      Yeah, it’ll be in the shadows of Pestilence for sure.. which is likely already the Wednesday winner. But Ab Irato still has that chance of heating up over time if it’s good, overlooked and under ordered.

      • John Oppliger says:

        Ab Irato is an English language translation of a previously published French comic series, and translations practically never accrue value in the American comic market.

      • agentpoyo says:

        Way to kill my hopes man…. Where’s my Xanax…. I’m all depressed now with zero hope over my pick. 😉

  4. schweizerdavid says:

    I love me some Underdog. Grounded my kid in classic animation, but never picked up Underdog. The original illustrator just recently passed away.

    • agentpoyo says:

      Yeah…. And yes, Underdog is awesome. Not a spec worthy pick but definitely a pick up for some good bathroom reading for sure.

    • I didn’t order Underdog but now I’m really regretting my decision. I used to love it as a kid.

  5. IndyKMB says:

    Underdog is my absolute all-time favorite of the 60s/70s cartoons. Loved the shorts (esp Tenessee Tuxedo) almost as much as the main episodes! Am really looking forward to picking these up … thx for showing Shoeshine Boy some love!

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