Walking Dead #167 Spoilers

This is the brutal one you have been waiting for. Walking Dead #167 finishes the Andrea and is what can be seen as a mid-point in the struggle with the Saviors. Remember the images are spoiler protected but the comments are not. 

TFAW sold out of Walking Dead #167 already which is a good sign, these kind of death issues are usually ok.

So when we last left off Andrea was back and Sherry was dead. Andrea knows her goose is cooked.

And the end is coming soon

Nothing that the doctors can do.

Dwight finds Sherry

And doesn’t but the explanation

At all… Is a drift coming?

Rick spends some alone time with Andrea, she tells him to man up.

Visiting time with Carl, losing his second mom must be tough.

Eugene feels at fault.

Rick has self doubt, why couldn’t Andrea be like this on the show?

Rick has no words…

Except these.

And now knows what he has to do.

But gives up….

And then changes his mind….

He drops the gun but in the end…..

And the community rallies…



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16 Responses to Walking Dead #167 Spoilers

  1. Brennan says:

    ****spoiler for the spoiler*****

    Couldn’t help but notice that there’s some buttcrack is the second picture.

  2. A. King says:

    Looks like a brutal issue. Has anyone seen the cover for the next issue….looks like trouble.

    • Anthony says:

      http://shrsl.com/?hr11 This one. It has Negan in control again. I love it.

    • JayClue says:

      I am going to miss Andrea as a character in that series. The thing that really got under my skin was Kirkmans self congratulations he gave himself at the end of the book in that stupid open letter. Kirkmans head is soooo big. The guy needs to realize that yes, his story idea may of saved Image. But he more or less got lucky, imo. Right place, right time. He needs to stop patting himself on the back for writing this comic. He talks about how he had so much time to change the story, but he was strong and stuck to his convictions and idea, then did something nobody wanted to see, including himself. A self congratulating letter to himself. What a self absorbed tool. He needs to lose the ego, quick time.

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