When will we see the First Full Appearance of Gwenom?

One thing is for sure Guardian of Nowhere #1 Gwenom Variant caused a stir. The appearance of Gwenom on the cover shot the book up. Fans have been waiting for her first full appearance. It is coming. But before she comes, there is something else to look for.

Another Gwenom if you will. Tfaw updated their Previews listings with the following image for Edge of Venomverse #2:

That’s right, before we get Gwenom, we get Gwenompool….

The solicitation is as follows:
The wall-breaking wunderkind we call Gwenpool gets ahold of the VENOM SYMBIOTE and turns into a sword-slinging, web-swinging master of disaster!
But it won’t all be fun and games when Gwenpool comes across something huge… something that will directly lead to the Venom event of 2017! Rated T+

Don’t forget, Issue #1 gives us X-23 mixed with Venom. This will hopefully drive up prices on All New Wolverine #18 Venomized. Also, might send the into Venom #6 Mattina Comicxposure Variant meteoric prices. By the way keep checking back we will be giving a set away.

So when will we see Gwenom proper? Word has it she will appear in Sider-Gwen #23


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  1. Donato Congialdi says:

    Hopefully soon for Gwenom..I’ve been holding on 5 copies of Guardians Of Knowhere (Gwenom) # 1 since I pre-ordered them last year…guess I can wait a little longer..lol

    • agentpoyo says:

      I think X-23 infected by the symbiote is a better spec, I’m hoping at least. Load up on All-New Wolverine #18 Venomized Mattina I say. I’m so tired of Gwenwhatever….. VENOMRINE is a much cooler concept I think.

  2. Donato Congialdi says:

    That is a killer cover also, who did cover art for this?

    • Comixbrainz Zzz says:

      The cover pictured is from Francesco Mattina.

      Mattina did a cover for Gwenpool #14, but it was a Ressurxion cover, not featuring Gwenpool. Edge of Venomverse #2 shows Gwenompool. Mattina has yet to do a cover featuring just Gwenpool.

      As for Gwenom, will #23 be a cameo like Wolverine in this issue?

      • Donato Congialdi says:

        Wouldn’t Gwenpool # 13 “Venomized” be the 1st appearance of Gwenompool ?? Just curious since no one has brought this up yet…

      • Anthony says:

        Yes it would. I forgot to mention it.

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  3. Antipumpndump says:

    There’s some serious pumping here. Those Comixposure comics are worthless and always will be.

    These Venomized characters are also cash grabs and part of a horrible trend. Marvel is bankrupt for original ideas; lets -pool everything, let’s Venomize everybody, let’s MJ everything.

    The original Venom variant covers are the only thing worth collecting. Anything else is noise and cash grabs.

    • Anthony says:

      Neither pumping nor dumping. In fact I am giving away the Comicxposure variant. I don’t own the books that are coming out in the future. Lol.

      However, I agree the original Venom variant is the best one to get and has been coming down in price.

    • JayClue says:

      If the character gains popularity, for whatever reason, and becomes part of the ‘real’ Marvel Universe, then these books are not worthless. I like how you point one possible scenario for the future, that one being that these characters are simple cash grabs by an uncreative company, and state this possible scenario as fact. I tend to agree with most of what you said, but it is simply your opinion. There are many different outcomes for these books and these Venomized characters, other than one you projected, in which these books hold value for an extended period of time. The market will determine this, not you, antidump. Having said that, I am not a fan of venomizing these characters. It is very unoriginal, but boy am I loading up on the ANW #18 Venomized and the Venom #6 Martina’s, and am very much looking forward to dumping them.

    • agentpoyo says:

      Here’s why I don’t have issues when it comes to reselling books…. If people are willing to pay a premium for a book, then by all means, sell’em if you got’em and don’t want’em.

      • Eugene S says:

        We’re getting to the tipping point where MOST/ALL buyers of these books are only looking to buy them so they can sell them at a profit later. Think back to the original Gwenom variant or to the Venom variants from several years ago (some of which now go for over $100). How many people originally “loaded up” on them to resell at massive profits? A much smaller number than everyone currently loading up on all these recent Venom covers, many of which have inflated prices right out the gate. I could be wrong, and I hope I’m wrong, but I feel like the market is reaching some kind of limit. The market isn’t infinite and when speculation surpasses genuine appreciation or understanding of the actual comics, we have a problem.

        I look at the multiple Facebook groups who are all sniping at their own members for “undercutting” each other on prices of custom store/group variants (some of which are Venom variants, and some of which are evidently so unimportant that they aren’t even listed on comicbookdb). In other words, certain mucky-mucks are literally trying to create an artificial market with a high buy-in price, but people who have bought in are beginning to figure out that the actual realistic demand simply isn’t there, and the comics sometimes go for far under cover price whenever they’re put to auction. The mucky-mucks care about the initial sale to the amateur speculators, but we’re starting to see the amateur speculators realize that they’ve been sold “rare variants” that really have far less appeal except to other speculators.

        Well, eventually you run out of new speculators who want to buy into the pyramid scheme, and eventually people realize that, for example, Venom’s popularity can’t support an infinite number of boutique variant covers. I say this as someone who HAS bought a small amount of these comics, and they’ve been working out less and less well in the resell and reresell market. The KRS Kirkham variants for Deadpool: Back in Black were some of the coolest covers I’d ever seen, and everyone I know in real life whose seen them also loved them. Aaaand, they’re still sitting at the same prices on eBay now as they were eight months ago. I’m only sitting on two of them. I know people who are sitting on fifty unsold copies. I know people who, sight on scene, are buying a hundred Venom variants, and I’m sure they’ll complain a few months ago when someone else who can’t sell theirs for less than $20 a pop breaks down, needs the money, and decides to try and sell some at $15, “ruining” a market that was never really there in the first place.

        Obviously what I’m saying here doesn’t apply to all the Venom variants, or all variants in general. And I don’t say it as a criticism of this website at all (I really like what’s written here!). But I think things are really extended and inflated in certain regards, especially when more and more custom store variants are coming out and when more and more characters are “Venomized”.

      • Anthony says:

        I pretty much agree with everything you said. Store/boutique variants are getting out of hand and will be the first bubble to burst. I am a move in and move out kind of guy. Don’t fall in love with the product. Just sell it. But what you like is always the rule. If you see an exclusive with a cover you like go for it. Don’t just buy because of perceived heat because many of the people who are causing the heat are buying too. Too many sellers and not enough secondary market buyers.

      • agentpoyo says:

        Just for the record, I’m not for creating an artificial market. I like books that heat up due to actual demand myself. That’s where I stand on the secondary market of selling.

        If you happen to have a book that heats up, dump it to willing buyers if you no longer want it. That’s what I’m advocating.

        But don’t get me wrong, those that try to artificially hype a book cause they loaded up on them so they can dump them.. yeah, that’s bad and bad for the secondary market sellers too.

  4. A. King says:

    I ordered a couple copies of Spider-Gwen tomorrow just in case.

  5. Antipumpanddump says:

    Thanks… we can agree to disagree, and I apologize if I was harsh.

    But Comixposure is not a seller anyone should be recommending, frankly. Numerous fans have had awful dealings with them; I can count myself among them. And that Mattina cover they had was ugly and overpriced to begin with.

    The only Venom variants anyone should chase are the original set from 2008. That’s the most expensive, but it’s stood the test of time. And they are the original “Venomized” characters so if anyone were to start looking for them, that’s where it begins, save X-23 and Hulk.

    There’s also a Venomized Wolverine from the 2003 Venom run too, and there was that New Avengers cover too. Just saying that the exorbitant prices for these current iterations are unwarranted.

    • Anthony says:

      Those are fair arguments. I don’t discount anything you have said. I have heard both sides of the fence, I wish the prices originally were lower. While the previous incarnations were covers, I think the Edge of Venomverse could have more of a lasting impact due to the fact these will be comic apppearances.

    • Anthony says:

      One more thing though, and this is to you and everyone else. I am talking comics. I am mentioning books and linking to examples. Very rarely will you see me say “buy this” in fact, in all of the post this comment is on I never once said buy it, or this is going to be on fire. I provided names of first appearances (minus the Gwenompool, which was also a cover). I link over to show people what I am talking about, if people choose to buy it or decide to buy it, that is of their own free will. But everyone should do their own due diligence when buying anything. Do your own research. See if you agree with mine, and it is fine if you don’t. That’s the cool thing, this info is all free and no one is under any obligation to purchase anything.

      • Vann says:

        These are all very good points and while reading the various responses, I am very pleased to see people respect one another’s views—a rarity on the internet.

        Yup, the “Caveat Emptor” rule certainly applies to anyone buying comics….and these “store variants” are no exception. The thing that bothers me the most….or should I say, the main reason I don’t even buy these kinds of variants anymore is the sellers behind them.

        It’s unbelievable that sellers can actually sell these books with the phrase, “New, never read”—really? Is that some sort of new grading system? The one I’ve seen lately is, “comics will be be in NM- or better condition”. That is completely laughable. For a new book and an expensive store variant to be in NM- condition……while others are paying the same price for perhaps NM or NM+ strains the seller’s credibility at best.

        I personally think it’s a complete farce. Good luck selling those in the aftermarket….and even for collectors (most of whom share that OCD quality to a varying degree), they want the best grade they can get. From my view and experience, this is still so poorly executed that it’s not even worth doing further research on.

      • agentpoyo says:

        Wait.. A comic book site that talks about comic books? NO WAY! That’d be like MTV actually playing music videos… 🙂

    • agentpoyo says:

      I don’t do ComicXposure either.. heck, I don’t even want to win their comics. If Anthony sent me their variants I’d probably use them to wipe my butt with.. 🙂

  6. Uncle Willie says:

    Although I have never posted, I read the site regularly .. I’ve owned my shop for 40 years .. things these days smell a lot like the mid-1990’s, sadly .. the joy of collecting / reading has, once again, been supplanted by the Quest for a Buck ..

    • Anthony says:

      It’s tough because I do enjoy reading but also hunt down books to sell that other people want so I can pay for more comics for me. Selling comics pay for comics to buy more comics.

      • Uncle Willie says:

        Yes, I understand that and I have customers that do exactly the same thing .. the problem is, the books become commodities // I call it the “Comic Stock Market” .. there is nothing inherently wrong with that, after all, I sell them to make a living .. it’s when speculation really begins to run rampant that, at some point, a crash occurs .. for 40 years, I have stressed to my customers, some of which have been with me for 40 years, that collecting is a fun hobby // beats hanging out at the Local Pub // and collect what you like and enjoy .. if the book goes up in price, that’s just a bonus ..

        That’s how I have survived the times when the Business took a nosedive .. and, the mid 1990’s and after for some years, it was a Wasteland ..

        These days, even when there is just a whiff of “Movie // TV Deal” etc, a book shoots up .. speculators take advantage of the “flip” potential .. neophytes that otherwise would not consider comics decide to jump in .. eventually, the bubble bursts, and it usually bursts hard and fast .. and that hurts the Industry more than anything ..

        I see it daily .. people that never stepped inside a shop, read online about the new “MegaToe” comic (insert your own fictional book name) .. whatever, and they come in and meekly ask about it, hoping I won’t spot the fact that they are looking for a quick buck ..

  7. Uncle Willie says:

    I will add :: The Publishers themselves are to be held to blame as much as the Consumers .. re-boots // multi Variants // etc, all play into the end buyer Greed Factor ..

    • Anthony says:

      Absolutely. And don’t forget it’s the publishers who are pushing me the variant covers as well as the exclusive store covers. They are out there trying to get people to buy into them. I don’t blame the stores for doing them because just like any business they’re trying to make money and this is good advertising however,The publishers are pushing these covers in a lot of cases

    • Jesus says:

      Uncle Willie I agree with everything you have said. But now a days, the old traditional comic shops are hard to find. In the couple of years that I have collected and flipped books, I have noticed that the comic shops are also in the speculating game. I used to do business a lot with a comic shop when I got back into collecting and was getting all of my books and variants at a nice price. When they started to hire new younger people, the books slowly started to go up in prices. Couldn’t get my variants at a good price for my PC and if I wanted one. I had to pay ebay prices. One of the reasons why I stopped collecting variants. At that comic shop, I would always hear the employees talk about Bleeding Cool ( back then I didn’t know who or what that was lol). To tell you that they gave me a price on a book at $15 early in the morning so I told them I would pick it up once I got off work, then an 1hr later they call me back to tell me it’s a $75 book. Big BS. So you see its just not the people that are in the speculating game but some comic shops as well.

  8. comicbookhustlin says:

    Everybodys reaching for the same dollar, store owners are the biggest speculaters of all they are just not very good at it!!

    • Anthony says:

      That is 100% fact. I couldn’t agree more. Store owners order what they think they can sell for a profit. And often they pump up mediocre crossover events and other box people don’t care about. Now don’t get me wrong, I fully love and support local comic shops. However, it is still a business about selling books

      • Vann says:

        Very true….and regardless of all the shortcomings that each of us has experienced in this crazy hobby, we’re still here, buying and selling and loving it…..

        Bizarre hobby….just truly bizarre!

  9. Uncle Willie says:

    Although I don’t disagree with the LCS comments on speculation, here’s an Owners take who’s been at it for 40 years ..

    My customer base consists of around 200 subscribers, which I have nurtured and grown since the get go .. these are hard core fans, that stick with it no matter what a book may or may not be worth, they are mainly in it for the love of the genre .. and, for the most part, could care less about flipping or speculation .. that’s how you build a Business in this Industry that will last thru the thick and the thin .. and, believe me, it gets pretty thin at times ..

    A good shop is expected to stock on the racks, a solid selection of books on a weekly basis .. these books are most always bought on faith that customers will give them a try, they are not guaranteed sales to a Subscriber .. now, back when a comic cost .75 cents, shipping was much less than it is now in order to get the books, and you had at least 2 distributors in competition with each other, it was much easier to buy stock ..

    Now, with the average price of a book running $2.99 – 3.99 and up, shipping costs substantially higher, etc, etc, it’s much more difficult to stock a good selection on a weekly basis and maintain a profit .. I’m lucky, I paid my Building off 15 years ago, I have no rent or payment to deal with .. others that have not been around as long, don’t necessarily have that savings ..

    So, I can’t blame the Owners / Operators for marking up a book based on demand .. Why .. ?? Because it helps defray the cost of all the other dreck that gets ordered and then ends up in a Clearance Bin at less than cost because no one wanted it .. and thus, helps keep the Shop open .. while I have never gouged anyone over a new book, I know full well some shops really don’t have any choice ..

    Now, you also have mail order / on line pre-order capability at a discount, which adds to the pressure an actual B&M faces .. then, add Digital Versions to the mix for those that don’t care if they have a hard copy or not ..

    Owning and running a Real Comic shop is a tough business these days, I would not recommend it to anyone .. yet, I would not change a thing in my case .. as Marvel would say “Support Your Local Comic Shop” .. because, if you want them to continue to exist at all in the future, that’s what it takes ..

    On a side note, most shops are happy to work with you on price .. just bring some real cash money when you want to bargain ..

    • Anthony says:

      Thanks for the shop perspective. I know the comic business is a difficult one. My “honey hole” has about 100,000 back issues, no lie, and stuff just sits there at times. I am happy to go buy from him as he doesn’t jack up the prices, he is happy because he is moving stock and making room for other stuff in his bins. One of the things people always say to him, and it burns him up, is why don’t you just mark it all to 25 cents or 50 cents. His answer is because they cost him way more than that.

      • Uncle Willie says:

        I have two storage units with about 200,000 unsold books .. besides what I keep in the bins at the shop .. once a month, I have my own “Free Comic Book Day” .. for every book you buy at full price, you get a free book of your choice out of the Blowout Bins .. and, when books really get stale, I bag 5 up in a paper grab bag and blow them out at $1.50 for 5 books .. if the Cash Don’t Flow, the Bills Don’t Go ..

    • JayClue says:

      Interesting read, Willie. The bottom line is that the faithful readers, young and old, are a community. We are all trying to survive in these tough economic times. I can’t blame anyone for the business practices that they employ. From stores that mark up, to speculators to store variants et al. It is a free market and everyone is able to buy and sell at whatever prices they see fit, and more power to the ones that can earn money from it, as long as you’re honest while doing it.

      • Uncle Willie says:

        I agree wholeheartedly .. I hope it is most everyone’s goal to keep the Industry alive .. the Printed Word in all forms ..

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