More Information on the Baby Teeth #1 Variant

I ran a post the other night on the Babyteeth #1 variants from Frankie’s Comics/Sad Lemon Comics. I just got more information on them. Not only will there be two covers, the good, and the evil, but there will be a very special third cover.

There will be a Lenticular cover, like the ones on Batman and The Flash.

While they are not up for pre-order yet, they will be available at Frankie’s Comics and Sad Lemon Comics this Friday.

Here are the print runs for the covers:
BABYTEETH #1 Mike Rooth Lenticular variant (Limited to 1000 copies for sale on the site)
BABYTEETH #1 Mike Rooth Good Cover (Limited to 100 copies)
BABYTEETH #1 Mike Rooth Evil Cover (Limited to 100 copies)

The Good and Evil covers will only be a part of a set


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59 Responses to More Information on the Baby Teeth #1 Variant

  1. Scott says:

    So, I just went to the Frankies website and saw the sets as being sold out. Please tell me this is to have the website ready for Friday and reassure me I didn’t miss out….

  2. knross says:

    Any idea what time Frankie’s puts up their merch? I wanna make sure I order in time for these babies on Friday before they sell out!

  3. Simon Payne says:

    This is a sad lemon variant too and will also be available at my store too

  4. A. King says:

    These covers look nice. Will probably be picking up some.

  5. Jt Rodgers says:

    The price for the set went from $50 to $55 since your last update. Hopefully it quits going up. I really like these and hope to get them.

  6. Bill says:

    Look great! I will he after a set of three. I would do the 9.8 too, but don’t do CBCS- just a CGC guy!

  7. Junior says:

    I really dislike when they offer 9.8 cgc/cbcs
    IMO all it does is take away from possibly getting one normally since they’re definitely taking the best copies of the bunch.

    • Brennan says:

      Hey pinko! This is ‘murica! We don’t want no equality of opportunity here!


  8. Brennan says:

    I’m just going to save the gif from this post and it’s like having my own lenticular cover for free!

  9. Tweed says:

    These variant prices make me feel….like a frank shoved in a sad lemon!
    Shame… shame… shame

    • Richard Sean says:

      I’m actually thinking about the whole set of covers for $55. This comic should have a lower print run than God Country and Redneck. So I wouldn’t be surprised to see them heat up a bit. Especially if Donny Cates continues to keep his writing up there.

      • Anthony says:

        $55 gets you the Lenticular, the 2 100 copy print run books, and the regular. All in all not bad.

      • Junior says:

        ‘$55 gets you the Lenticular, the 2 100 copy print run books, and the regular. All in all not bad.’

        It does but lets be honest we all want 9.8’s and odds are your not getting one unless you decide to buy the 9.8 Package….

    • Richard Sean says:

      Gets you the torque variant as well. So five copies at $55 is what $11 bucks a pop. Not bad when you consider the chance that these have a chance to be worth something.

    • Richard Seani says:

      I’ve bought quite a few comics from Frankie’s comics during their back issue sale. They all came in good condition.

      If Kevin/Simon could be so kind to shed some light on around what grade we can expect on the packages that don’t include the graded 9.8 copies, think that would appease some fears some have on here.

      But from my experience I would expect to get NM copies from them. Just because theres a package that comes with a graded 9.8 does not mean all the other copies are going to be lower.

      • Junior says:

        Of course we can all get 9.8’s and I’m not expecting a guarantee. What I’m saying is the pool of getting a 9.8 is less because of the offering of these cgc/cbcs. Which makes me hesitant to buy.

  10. Jonathan hoffman says:

    Maybe it’s the specific style of art but these just aren’t doing it for me. Anyone else thinking these covers are a little ummm… weak/boring? Maybe I’m just being difficult

    • Tweed says:

      They dont do it for me…another thing that gets me, if this story was as good as Redneck or God Country, I’d imagine Image picking the book up. Surely Donny Cates didnt keep his best story for the indie powerhouse that is Aftershock (not to put Aftershock down)

      • Anthony says:

        inside baseball stuff, but maybe Donny Cates solicited this to Aftershock before he hit as hard as he did. Speaking with him recently on the phone, he was surprised by the success of the books. Image could have rejected it as well.

      • Anthony says:

        inside baseball stuff, but maybe Donny Cates solicited this to Aftershock before he hit as hard as he did. Speaking with him recently on the phone, he was surprised by the success of the books. Image could have rejected it as well.
        He mentioned he had books rejected by other publishers

      • agentpoyo says:

        Speaking with Donny about God Country…. He actually said almost every publisher turned it down. Image was the only one willing to take a chance on the story. I found that surprising…..

  11. John F. says:

    Any idea what time on Friday they’ll be put up? (Timezone as well)

  12. koopavelli says:

    For those concerned about 9.8s, I only see it offered on the Lenticular on their site. They do not have the lenticular up for sale individually, only with the set. With Lenticular being 1000 copies and 200 going to AfterShock, that leaves 400 for Frankies and another 400 for Sad Lemon with each of them only selling 50 sets a piece. I would assume with 350 Lenticular covers left over for each, getting a 9.8 raw would not be as “rare” as people are making it seem here. Now, if they offer 9.8 graded copies of the 100 copy covers, that is an entirely different story, but I do not see that on their site…at least not yet.

  13. OC_Guy says:

    Will there be a limit of one set per order?

  14. Nicc T says:

    Yeah. I need these

  15. J. Dan Patane says:

    Well, at 3:50 EST the $50 option is sold out while the others appear to be available.
    That will really be a crap move if they went live before 4PM, despite the title saying otherwise on their page.

    • OC_Guy says:

      Meh, they only care about money…customers and potential customers are secondary at best.

  16. Cody says:

    Did these sell out already?

  17. BED says:

    Got my 5 pack. Got a text from Frankie’s saying they were on sale st 10 minutes of 4pm. Jump on in time. Looks like the 5 pack sold out before 4pm. Looks like they wanted to reward they loyal customers with an early jump.

  18. J. Dan Patane says:

    I get that … but they advertised 4PM and those 5-packs were gone before that time. Those were going to sell REGARDLESS of 3:50 or 4PM, so why risk alienating customers?

  19. SFader says:

    Accidentally screwed up and put the 9.8 Lenticular Variant in my cart instead of the set, by the time I made it to paypal and realized I added the wrong thing to the cart the others were sold out haha. Oh well… bought the 9.8 anyway…

  20. Nate A. says:

    Luckily I was off work today and started hitting “refresh” in my browser every five minutes starting at 2pm. I was able to get the set of five at exactly 3:50. Called a friend to see if he wanted me to place an order for him and chatted for a few minutes. Hit refresh again and they were sold out at 4:01.

    Seems like those Good/Evil variants are going to be a huge, huge hit. Especially if they truly are limited to 100 prints.

  21. OC_Guy says:

    Despise stores that do this…put up such a limited supply and sell out instantly…. I know what store I won’t spend another dime on again. Oh well, been spending too much lately anyway.

  22. Jt Rodgers says:

    Got a set. Website clearly states “AROUND 4pm est”.

    • Richard Seani says:

      Where did it say that? The picture on the website says May 5th, 2017 4pm EST

    • JC Harris says:

      I’m with you on this one Jt … it did say “around” … you win some and you lose some … all for the love of comic speculating. I’m curious to know what kind of impact these variants have on the overall value of a comic long term.

      • Cody says:

        Let’s be as vague as possible tho. I’m not even mad though really as my intention was to immediately list them for double or triple price. 😈

  23. Cody says:

    I have iron good authority that most of the sets were promised before they went on sale. Smh

    • Cody says:

      It on good authority…

      • JC Harris says:

        … this was my very first time ever buying something from Frankie’s and I was able to snag a set… lucky timing to be honest. Based on Anthony posting this article a few days before and knowing his readership I’m sure there were MANY anxious folks hitting that refresh button about 15 mins before Frankie’s link went active …

      • Anthony says:

        2 million hits last year and we are up 30% year over year so far. I get a lot of hits but it’s because of the awesome readers who hang out here. CHU readers were not the only ones hip to this since Frankie’s does advertise on other outlets. I am sure there were more buyers than books on this one.

    • Anthony says:


      Sent from my iPhone


      • Cody says:

        To insiders. Friends of the store. Which is Frankies prerogative by all means.

      • Anthony says:

        I wasn’t promised one, and I know Kevin very well. I am not disputing what you are saying because I have no proof either way but can say I didn’t get one. Ow was promised one. In fact, by the time I was able to open the text link, I was at my 9-5, they were all gone.

  24. Cody says:

    Anthony I wasn’t claiming that you are an insider. They should totally send you a set tho due to the traffic you send their way. I missed the boat which happens. On to the next one!

    • Anthony says:

      Oh I know, it’s all good. I don’t jump on many exclusives because I would be broke. This one I tried and failed on. Like you said, on to the next one.

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