Alana’s Weekend Specs: Bat Crazy

Hey there CHUniverse, Welcome back to Weekend Specs! Slow week for new comic book related TV and movie news. This week Runaways was picked up for its first season, I’ve already spec’d these in the past so going to skip writing these up again. We also have Defenders trailer dropping and I have a little news and speculation to go with that. So with the light news week I’m going to spend some time talking up a few cheap Batman villains. Time tells us the different villains of Batman are a safe bet for a price increase, all it takes these days is whisper of a movie appearance and the book will take off. Look at the Al Ghul, Jason Todd, Killer Croc, Deadshot, Deathstroke, Bane, and of course Harley price increase over the last 8 years and you will see a pattern of big batty villains jumping up the price books. Going to cover a lot this week so let’s jump in!!!

Detective Comics Vol2 #1 1st Dollmaker Barton Mathis, the third character to use the “Dollmaker” name in DC comics. As a child Barton watched his father killed people and then eat them. He also saw his father being shot down by a young James Gordon. Barton is a serial killer who makes dolls out of the skin and limbs of his victims, his mask is also partially made of skin from his father. Doll maker is responsible for putting the Jokers face on “Jokers Daughter” Duela Dent, I could see Dollmaker showing up somewhere in DC TV or the DCEU.

Batman #417 1st KGB Beast, Anatoli Knyazev was a top secret member of the KGB cell called “The Hammer.” Knyazev was trained as an assassin and became a master in many forms of martial arts as well as weaponry. His cybernetic enhancements also allowed him to become a proficient killing machine. A twofer as a regular on Arrow and a DCEU appearance in Batman v. Superman could KGB Beast make another appearance in future films. Book is pretty cheap and worth a pickup. Book is pretty cheap and worth a pickup.

Detective Comics #583 1st Ventriloquist, 1st Scarface, 1st Rhino. Ventriloquist and Scarface Ventriloquist became a powerful drug lord in Gotham City, although Scarface his puppet was the real leader of the mob. He worked out of the Ventriloquist Club the bouncer of the club was another character named Rhino. The Ventriloquist and Scarface are known for selling a drug through Gotham called fever. I can’t wait to see this villain translated to TV or film one day.

Detective Comics #351 1st Cluemaster, The Cluemaster used puzzles in order to gain The attention of Batman. His ultimate goal was to use his puzzles in order to discover Batman’s secret identity. This character too closely resembles the Riddler but I could see him getting a shot on Gotham or the Arrowverse. This book is from 1966 and can easily be had for under $20 not bad for a Batman villain from the silver age.

Batman #404 1st Don Falcone, Have wrote this up before. This issue gets a lot of prominence because it’s first Frank Miller Batman and the beginning to the year one storyline, but this book is rarely advertised as Don Falcone’s 1st appearance. Falcone is a reoccurring character on Gotham since the beginning of the show definitely worth picking this up for a couple bucks and adding it to your collection.

Batman #608, #609 1st Tommy Elliot “Hush”, Coming from the Jim Lee run on Batman, the moment we get news Hush is coming to the big or small screen this book will do some amazing things. Good spec for the price!

Batman vol2 #2, #5, #6 1st Talon, 1st Court of Owls, The Court of Owls are first mentioned in Batman #2 and Talon 1st appears in that issue. The courts first appearance in cameo #5, and full in #6 it’s kinda muddled to figure which is the book to have because in #5 it’s a cameo like Darkseid’s cameo in Jimmy Olsen. I think this is the only thing holding back these books from taking off. The Court is a big deal currently on Gotham and translates to good Batman stories.

Batman Family #6 1st Jokers Daughter Duela Dent, Get this! I can see many possibilities for this character in the future coming to different medias. She could play a role in Gotham Sirens, Teen Titans, Suicide Squad, Gotham, Arrowverse, she’s bound to show up somewhere.

Batman vol2 #43 1st Mr. Bloom, A creepy new villain for Batsy that eerily looks like Slender Man. He provides his “seeds” to a select few, acting as implants that once rooted inside the body will grant their hosts extraordinary superpowers at the cost of their lives. Would make a great Batman movie given the popularity of Slender, easy to be found at cover price so don’t pass on this.

Avengers #144 1st Hellcat, Very good chance Patsy Walker will be suiting up as Hellcat in either Defenders or Jessica Jones season 2. Recent mobile game updates suggest Hellcat will be a part of the Netflix branch of Marvel.

Daredevil #187, #188 1st Shaft, 1st Chaste, Ok we have confirmation of Shaft, a ninja of the Chaste, on the Defenders cast list. The Chaste are the good Ninjas that Stick is from that are the enemies of the hand. These issues also deal with Elektra’s resurrection.

Daredevil vol2 #66 1st Alexander Bont, The big question is what villain is Sigourney Weaver playing. A few theories out there exist, including a gender swapped Alexander Bont the original Kingpin. Other theories a gender swapped Owl, a host body for the demon beast of the Hand, the person behind Luke and Jessica’s powers, even rumors it could be Mephisto. I would think if Mephisto would show up anywhere it would be Infinity Gauntlet and not Defenders. Who do you all think Sigourney will be playing?

Ultimate Spider-Man #160 1:100, 1:200 sketch Quesada variants, Been awhile since I’ve written up a variant. This book rarely comes up for sale, a beautiful virgin variant marking the death of Peter Parker. Worth tucking away! If they string a few good Spider movies together the death of Peter could come in play, and this book could go bananas.

So there you have it fellow CHU’ers another week another Weekend Specs. Not much to talk about for immediate Specs, so it was nice to take time this week for a cheap Batman villains list. I love my villains! Also I think it’s time the CHUniverse becomes it’s own comic verse. I know you have artist and writer friends Tony. How about a comic universe who’s characters share the names and screen names of the different people who chime in here at CHU. Oc_Guy pushing drugs on the corner for evil crime lord Agent Poyo only to be confronted by Marvelous Mel and his variant misfits! I think you could sell out a small print run of a 4 issue mini-series lol. Would be unique to tie a comic series with a ongoing spec site. Maybe even one day I can spec on CHUniverse coming to TV or film. Until next time happy hunting!


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  1. The Authority says:

    Lots of great spec here. My favorite is the Mr Bloom. He is one of Batman’s newest characters but I think he won’t have to wait long to become a big player. Another character that has some potential would be Prometheus. No idea what his first appearance was and he is not a Bats exclusive guy. He was awesome in those Grant Morrison written JLA battles. Great stuff.

  2. Peter says:

    Great article Alana. I particularly like Batman #43 (first Mr. Bloom). I just picked it up at the LCS today as comics were on sale because of FCBD today.

    Some of the other Batman books are getting expensive: Batman 608/609 are already getting pretty expensive because collectors are on to Hush. Batman 404 cannot be had for “a couple of bucks” as you mentioned in your article. 404 has been expensive for a long time because it was part one of the Year One and because it’s a Frank Miller Batman story.

  3. OC_Guy says:

    Will have to pick up Batman #43 at my lcs and check him out.

  4. blind adam the comicpimp says:

    and in this chu comic don’t forget about the citys #1 pimp blind adam . and in the movie ia m played by the guy who plays wells on the flash . nice list don’t forget about detective comics #826 the first female vantrillaquest she needs cos play love and is a nice gender switch already in play. and why do people in your state put ham and pineapple on pizza as it is weird and not normal I love you guys blind adam out

  5. Alana says:

    I think the pineapple pizza connection explains why so many Canadians own 2nd homes and rental properties here in Hawaii.

    • JayClue says:

      We own rental properties everywhere. It’s cold up here during the winter months (well, used to be). And Canadians invent all sorts of wacky food. I thinks it’s because of our love for ganja.

  6. TopherS says:

    The Dent you have pictured here looks like the Ame-Comi Duela Dent who first appeared in Ame-Comi Girls Wonder Woman 2.

    • Anthony says:

      Yeah. Alana does “associated” pictures. It necessarily the one from the actual issue.

      Sent from my iPhone


  7. Ken M. says:

    Picked up Batman #404 and #417 for a decent price. Also, bought a few copies of #43, regular and DC Bombshells cover. Slender Man seems to be a thing with younger folks, so I could see this Mr. Bloom character catching on, maybe in a big way if he becomes a regular or is in a movie.

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