More Potential Evidence That Tiffany Espensen is Playing Cindy Moon In Spider-man Homecoming

We covered this back in August of last year that the rumor is actress Tiffany Espensen is playing Cindy Moon in the Spider-Man Homecoming movie.

It all started back with the call sheet that got leaked that shows Tiffany’s character is named Cindy:

More recently IMDB and Wikipedia have some interesting things that could lead one to believe that Espensen is playing Cindy Moon, aka Silk.

Here is a quick video which shows the character named Cindy as well as something neat on Wikipedia (please note though, both IMDB and Wikipedia can be edited, or have edits suggested by anyone.)

If this turns out to be true than you could see pretty good price increases in Amazing Spider-man #4 (3rd Series) and  Silk #1


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21 Responses to More Potential Evidence That Tiffany Espensen is Playing Cindy Moon In Spider-man Homecoming

  1. Alana says:

    This book has already done well! I remember when the Ramos variant (the one you want) was $10 now it’s closing in on $100.

  2. Butch S. says:

    I am actually quite excited about this. Silk was the character that intrigued me the most between Spider-Gwen and Silk and I enjoyed Silks story more. I really hope Silk is in it cause it wI’ll boost all my first appearances and the comicspro variant too.

  3. agentpoyo says:

    Don’t forget…. First cameo is in Amazing Spider-Man #1 Vol. 3…. It’s the flash back sequence at the beginning of the book. There’s​ a billion of these out there so the real winner will be #4 but we might start seeing #1 dry up…. My local shops were trying to dump these in the dollar bins at one point so could be a potential flip if you find them for dirt cheap.

  4. Brennan says:

    I still believe that in the long run that spider-gwen is forgotten andnsilk is still kicking around. She has so much more longevity than a nostalgic fad.
    Gwen = better suit
    Cindy = better character

    • JayClue says:

      I disagree with Gwen having the better suit. I am not a fan of people wearing full masks and wearing a hood on top of that. I’m saying this from a practical standpoint. I am bald and live in the Great White North, so, I frequently wear my hood up to keep my noggin warm. Now, when you are wearing a hood on your head, it truly affects your peripheral vision. Especially when you have your head turned to the side and you are attempting to look behind yourself (picture reversing in a car, wearing a hood up creates huge blind spots). I would imagine this would cause all sorts of vision problems if you were web slinging in the streets of New York, especially with a baddie behind you throwing pumpkin Bombs. I think the bandana, half over the face, is way more badass then the redundant, impractical, hood over full mask.

      • JayClue says:

        I suppose if you wore you hoody a la Eliot from ET, you could avoid the blind spots, but if your Palpatine, and reversing your car in a busy parking lot with your hood up, you’re going to be in trouble.

  5. Cindy Moon’s story is so much more compelling than Spider-Gwen’s. I am really going to be ticked if her current ongoing series is cancelled. Spider-Gwen is now seeing increased attention with the Gwenom storyline finally happening, which is going to help keep it alive, but Silk has seen a lot of storylines coming to a close, and inconsistent artwork, with a lot of people pointing to it’s demise. I do think the series could benefit from a quality regular artist.

  6. What’s curious is the idea of being locked away in a bunker for many years is an integral part of Cindy’s story, but the films would not want to have that much time needing to pass in the narrative, and would be less likely to utilize Morlun and the Inheritors as villains. I am hoping they will at least find some alternative to give Cindy similar experiences and motivations. If perhaps she were abducted by Osborn to be experimented upon, even just for a year or two, then returns to society to see how much has changed and that her parents have seemingly vanished.

    • Anthony says:

      I thought the premise to her story was she was bitten after Peter got bitten. If they stick with that simple premise then it’s no issue. Or simply have her as a character. Now, she may not be Cindy Moon but young Asian girl named Cindy is a big coincidence.

      • The spider bite is her Origin story, but what motivates Cindy is her missing family and what is integral to her characterization is being out-of-touch with society, pop culture, and technology she missed in her absence. I get that they’ve at least got to clue us in that she is Cindy Moon and got bitten by the same radioactive spider, but I am hopeful we get some parallel personal trauma for the character.

      • Brennan says:

        I’m sure it’s going to be a small interaction to establish her existence. Maybe a conversation about or a flashback to the day Peter was bitten to show she was there too, so that in the future ahead not out of left field if they want to use her later.

  7. Steven Garza says:

    But like a few other guys have said the whole idea that she has been away in a bunker for a while will not be her origin in the movie since in Homecoming Peter is still in high school. If they use the idea that she was bitten by the same spider Peter was then it just happened to both of them so she has no time to be in a bunker and out of touch with society which is a big part of who the character is. I just dont think they would be doing justice to Cindy if she was just the second person bitten and it just happened to both of them.

    • Anthony says:

      Well in Issue 1 she is in high school with Peter and bitten then whisked away at a later point to the bunker.

    • Brennan says:

      I can easily see the bunker being ignored for the movie character. She’s been around for all about five minutes and they’ve already dropped it in her character development. She’s out, adjusted and back with her family. The bunker was just to explain where she’s been this while time. It never really defined who she was. It was always about finding her family.

      • While it doesn’t come up as frequently as she acclimates to her freedom and learns more about the world today, being locked in a bunker for 7 years takes a huge psychological toll on a person, and as much as she has worked through it, she will be forever changed by it. It was literally a life-changing experience. She spent nearly a third of her life in confinement with no human interaction whatsoever. But as I said in my own post above, I understand that they will not go this route in the movie, but could instead have a variation on it, to give her a similar experience in the movie continuity.

      • JayClue says:

        She was alone for 7 years, but wasn’t her choice? And didn’t she have access to reading material and videos of the outside world, the whole time. I thought she had the code to the dungeon but chose not to let herself out. This wouldn’t be so traumatic, imo.

  8. STORMSHADOW_80 says:

    They probably could have her in a small role with Peter in high school which could lead into Morlun being the enemy and a full introduction of Silk in the next Spider-Man movie. Pick up those ASM 30s!

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