One to Watch: Mindbender #1

Scout has been putting out some great releases recently that have grabbed the market’s attention. Mindbender #1, out this week, is already getting people interested. It is sold out at TFAW, which normally sells out early of small press books, but also sold out at Midtown, which is a good sign. (Make sure to check out Mycomicshop between 7 and 8 PM if you are looking for copies as their books go on sale around this time). Mindbender #1 definitely has peoples attention. However, if you are looking for the first appearance, read on….

Both the A and B cover are both being listed on eBay for around $12. The Phil Hester C Cover is being listed for around $30.

Earlier this year, Mindbender #1 Comicspro Variant was released which had the full issue in it. The Mindbender #1 Comicspro Variant was limited to 250 and is currently available for about $12, pretty cheap for such a limited cover. While this is worth the grab, it is not the first appearance of Mindbender.

The first appearance, though unnamed, is actually in Negative Burn #48. He appears in a short story called “Straight Jacket.” While the story is not connected to the current release, it is the first appearance of Alex from Mindbender.

If the series really takes off, keep an eye out for Negative Burn #5 in which another character that may appear in Mindbender, first appears. These are both pretty cheap pick-ups, but people do like first appearances.


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8 Responses to One to Watch: Mindbender #1

  1. Alana says:

    Hellboy reboot confirmed and will be R rated, get on next men #21 if you don’t have it!

  2. OC_Guy says:

    Dime press #4 I believe only has Hellboy on the cover. but does pre-date SDCC #2 but is not listed as his first appearance. First appearances are rarely granted with cameos or covers only. Never understood why…. Anyway, SDCC #2 is listed on CGC slabs as his first appearance… Next men #21 is his first full color appearance. I would say if anyone has a few extra bills laying around, get the Dime Press #4 and the SDCC #2…. Both are kind of pricey so I am not sure how much more they would go up with a re-boot…Certainly a spike but not sure if it would be worth it for flipping unless you can find one super cheap.. Now, if anyone wants this for the personal collection it might be a good time . Was lucky enough to be in San Diego in 1993 when they were giving out SDCC #2. Been in a bag and board since. Think I will just call it a day with that one.

  3. Jeff Walker says:

    Anthony great article on Mindbender 1. I was able to snag a few A and C covers on the Scout website.

  4. Jesus says:

    On a side note, Stan Lee announced that he will be doing a Latino superhero which is to be release later on this year. I will be keeping and eye on this as I am curious to see how it turns out.

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