All-Star Batman #10 Preview and Spoilers

All-Star Batman #10 s out tomorrow. It features two stories. The main story has Hush in it, which I am always happy to see, the back up story is where the pay off is, as this is Part 1 of the “First Ally” story in which Scott Snyder introduces a new character to the Batman Mythos. Spoiler images are covered, click on the spoiler warning graphic to see them, the accompanying text is not (so only click on if you don’t mind spoilers.) Check out the spoilers that follow:

The main story starts off with a familiar, but obscured face from Gotham in London, the Bobbies seem to know who he is.

Batman and Alfred chase Hush, Tommy Elliot

Tommy is not afraid of much, except losing his Bruce Wayne face

Meanwhile back to the past, our masked Gaothamite in London takes some comedy relief

Meanwhile Bruce meets up with some shady individuals….

Who mistake him for Hush with his Bruce Wayne face.

Bruce quickly dispatches them only to discover his host has been “taken care of”

Alfred sees the design of tags from London back in the day

Because our masked Gothamite turns out to be Alfred all along.

The back up story is where things start to get really good.

We meet Alexey Nokout aka Knockout (get it?)

Knockout joins the call up to the big leagues in Russia from the Myasnik family

Except he has a run in with a certain caped crusader

And he doesn’t fight as well against a better trained opponent.

Bruce in disguise in the Russian fight club

And the fight is over in time for…..

Is this our first look at the new Ally?

She appears on the C cover

So we do get a new character, but from the description, and from reading the solicitation, is the First Ally Alfred?

‘The First Ally’ part one! When the Dark Knight is taken down by a new enemy whose attacks he cannot counter, he uncovers a plot spanning generations… whose mastermind might be one of his closest allies! But who is the First Ally?


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  1. Jesus says:

    Get 3 copies of the PC. Going to stash them away and see what happens down the line. Can’t go wrong with a new batman character.

  2. neiljfreeze says:

    try to find cover c btw. Sold out on online shops.

  3. Negan says:

    Managed to snag the last copy earlier this afternoon at my LCS. 9.4ish

  4. Stanley says:

    Sold comics with cover C at ebay show higher prices.

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