Free Comic Wednesday: Mindbender Signed Prize Pack

Ok, Not going to lie, this one is a good one. One winner, four books. And this one is sponsored by none other than the writer, James Pruett. James has been nice enough to donate a set of Mindbender #1. You will get the Regular A cover, the Regular B cover, the Phil Hester Variant C cover, and the Comicspro variant! Not bad eh? And did I mention they were signed?

The rules are simple:

1. Enter your name below.

2. Winner drawn on site and posted on site, you will need to check back later.

3. Winners drawn at random.

4. Books ship free in the United States and foreign winners agree to chip in.

5. Winners will have 48 hours to respond to the email address posted or another winner will be drawn.

6. One entry per person, we have ways of knowing.

7. As always, no purchase necessary, however, go pick up the book and support Scout Comics!


Thanks again to James Pruett for sponsoring this Free Comic Wednesday


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    Ibn Stiles (I already picked up mine, but this would be awesome)

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    Cheers! – Rafa O.

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