Orlando Megacon Reveals Exclusive Variants (One not to be missed)

Our friends at Fan Expo Store have sent us over the images for their exclusives for Orlando Mega Con, which runs from May 25th through the 28th, and there is one that looks like it is not be missed.

It is a smaller lineup of exclusives than previous years but hit a homerun with them. 

These will be available for pre-order this afternoon, so go to the Fan Expo Store now if you are planning on getting them, because they will go quickly.

Venom #150 (Regular, b/w and virgin) – Cover by Francesco Mattina

Batman Adventures #12 (their final variant for BA12) – Cover by Jonboy Meyers


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15 Responses to Orlando Megacon Reveals Exclusive Variants (One not to be missed)

  1. agentpoyo says:

    Venom 150 has how many variants now? It’s gonna be a hard pass for me… just too many, all will be worthless in a few months time.

    • agentpoyo says:

      But.. flip’em if you get them early and cheap. Then buy back the covers you want for PC and for cheap after the hype wears off.. like Louis Winthorpe III taught us in Trading Places..


  2. Elvi says:

    The Venom covers are really nice, but variant fatigue has gripped me. As much as I’d like a set, I’m passing.

  3. We should get these. If you agree let’s go half. I’ll need you to order them though

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  4. NotJon says:

    Man, my big concern is they aren’t revealing the print numbers either. Who knows how many copies of this are going to be floating around. My variant fatigue is too real, I guess. Cover looks rad though, wish they had a non bundle option for the Virgin cover.

  5. brandon says:

    plus they ship poorly and give you all damage copies

  6. Steve Boyles says:

    I just ordered the B/W. can’t wait to get it

  7. Daniel Hernandez says:

    I think this is an awesome cover. Just had to get the set. Oh, and they ship books very well, from my experience.

  8. Bruce Solmiano says:

    I don’t see BA12 on the site yet. Any guesses when it’s gonna be avail for PO?

  9. emiobeg says:

    I so wanted that BM12. Looks like i missed it 🙁

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