Solar Flare #1 / Baltimore Comic Con Variant

So here is the “something cool” that I mentioned earlier. Check out below for the Solar Flare #1 Baltimore Comic Con variant and the story leading up to it.

I have been talking with James Haick for a while now about Solar Flare. It is a book I have really enjoyed. When he told me the book would be going to Scout I was excited for him, and the book too. Needless to say, when he told me he was coming to Baltimore Comic Con this year, my hometown show, I wanted to do something a little special.

I also talk to a lot of readers of CHU off the site. Jeremy Abbott and I got talking about Solar Flare  and the joke kind of came up that with my luck I would be on a plane when the flare hit, knocking out all the power to it.  So I shot the cover concept by James Haick and he liked it. Jeremy, who has never published anything before, said he wanted to take a crack at doing a cover. I said sure, if you draw it I will color it. Needless to say Jeremy took my idea and ran with it and in two days I got back a fully drawn and inked cover. So I took to coloring it. However, since my work schedule is insane, topped off with everything else I do, I was unable to complete the coloring. We called in Wendell Scott, another friend of CHU, to do it.

So, there you have it. Not only is it a CHU variant (which we have had numerous done now) but also one drawn and colored by CHU readers.

We fully plan to have these covers at James Haick’s table at Baltimore Comic Con, but since that is in September, and I can’t stand sitting on something cool, I am going to do a pre-sale and start shipping copies out to CHU readers in the next two weeks. The book is limited to 250 copies and the only variant for the book (unless you count the second print out in a few weeks). Price is $10 plus shipping.

One Copy Shipped $13.99
Two Copies Shipped $25.99
Three Copies Shipped $35.99
Four Copies Shipped $46.99
Five Copies Shipped $56.99

Please make sure to add your shipping address to the comment section on PayPal.

For larger orders or for orders outside the US please contact me at


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31 Responses to Solar Flare #1 / Baltimore Comic Con Variant

  1. Jeremy Abbott says:

    These books are going to sell out fast!

  2. Cody says:

    You guys must be proud. Keep em coming!$

  3. Adam Lebednik says:

    Email sent. Thanks.

  4. OC_Guy says:

    I’ll buy one! Email sent!

  5. jlam2003 says:

    I’ll email for 2 copies if possible.
    Thanks. John

  6. A. King says:

    Just sent you an email.

  7. OC_Guy says:

    With my luck I would be the guy who looks up and sees a giant airliner heading strait down on top of me. I don’t run very fast, so… y’know… I do scream loud if that helps.

  8. JayClue says:

    Cool idea. Cool story behind it. Great finished product. Good job, fellas.

  9. Brian Soucie says:

    Email sent.

  10. melthemovieguy says:

    SolarFlare is an amazing story

  11. Steve Boyles says:

    I just ordered one. I missed out on the first print from my LCS since they didn’t order any. Looking forward to adding it to my Collection.

  12. SFader says:

    I ordered a few, but I forgot to add my address in the comment section. What should I do?

  13. Franz Ratnavale says:

    Ordered 2. Thanks again

  14. A. King says:

    Midtown has #1 available.

  15. Ken M. says:

    Purchased two copies, mailing address included with payment. Thanks.

    • Anthony says:

      Thanks Ken. Much appreciated. Besides the ones I set aside for Baltimore Comic Con, these are almost gone.

      • Ken M. says:

        At the Nickel City ComiCon today, I spoke briefly with James Haick about the series. He mentioned that he had submitted a treatment within the past week or so for a possible show or movie (not sure which) based on Solar Flare. Nice guy. I picked up the second Scout issue since my LCS didn’t get it (signed by James), and also bought the original six issues that they put out on their own. If you’re in the Buffalo area and plan on heading to that comicon, take some time to stop by their table and say hello.

      • Anthony says:

        Yes. That is correct. The book is being shopped around for a tv show. This is something James told me a while ago and also mentioned the treatment. I have been a fan of the book for a while and would love to see it Optioned.

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  16. Ryan Faylogna says:


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