Alana’s Weekend Specs: Slow start to Summer

Aloha and welcome back CHUniverse to another edition of Weekend Specs. A slow couple of weeks for comic specs but I have a few back issues worth a look. The release of Injustice 2 this week gives us a new hot spec! Looks like X-23 could be getting a solo movie as well. Also a few specs from the latest episodes of the Flash and Agents of Shield, and I’ll finish up with a couple dollar binner Spider-Man keys. Get ready for the summer and let’s jump in!!!

Justice League vol 2 #231st Grid. Grid a Geoff Johns character makes an appearance in Injustice 2. In Injustice, Brainiac created Grid by briefly taking over Cyborg’s body to create a clone of him deprived of Cyborg’s humanity. Grid then fights Cyborg. I love Specs from games, I remember when DC vs. Mortal Kombat came out way back when… Batman Adventures #12 back then was a $30 book, I bought BA #12 because of that game 7 years ago. I’m thinking Grid could show up in a stand alone Cyborg movie or maybe even coming Titans tv show. There is a reg cover, 1:25, 1:100 sketch. I went with the 1:100 find them on Amazon for $15 + shipping. The reg covers on eBay for cover free shipping, 1:25 on eBay for $4 + shipping.

Flash #92 1st Impulse. Bart Allen “Impulse” a teenage sidekick and grandson of the Flash, later on becoming the second known Kid Flash. The character first made a cameo appearance in The Flash #91 in 1994, while his first full appearance in Flash #92. In a recent episode of the Flash, Barry lost his memory and was going by Bart Allen making many believe the foreshadowing of Impulse coming to next season of the Flash.

Astonishing X-Men vol 3 #3, #6 1st cameo, 1st appearance Abigail Brand and S.W.O.R.D.

Abigail Brand is the commanding officer of S.W.O.R.D. a Shield offshoot that deals with defending the Earth from extraterrestrial threats. The season finale of Agents of Shield ends with the agents being taken to a space prison making the case for Sword appearing next season.

Captain America #217 1st Quasar. When talking about Sword a couple names come to mind 1st is Quasar. Quasar’s powers are derived from the pair of Quantum Bands fused to his wrists from the seven gems on each of the bands. Quasar’s Quantum Bands are permanently affixed to his wrists; while he can make light bend around them so they appear to be invisible, they are still tangible. Makes a few Sword and Shield appearances making him a likely Ghostrider type character for the new season.

Captain Marvel vol.5 #16 1st Phyla-Vell. Phyla could also be part of a SWORD storyline, or better yet maybe a new character to debut alongside Moondragon in GOTG3.

New X-men vol.2 #31. Talks of a possible X-23 standalone film. Kimura would fit the bill for the villain if the movie were to be made. Her story almost goes hand in hand with the events of the movie Logan and could easily be done. Kimura was X-23’s handler in the facility that created X-23 and assigns X-23 her missions. Throughout Kimura’s time as X-23’s handler, she abused X-23, finding any excuse to bully her, regardless of whether X-23 failed or not.
After X-23 escaped the Facility, Kimura has made it her duty to track down X-23, bring her back to the Facility, and kill anyone X-23 has come in contact with. Sounds like a continuation of Logan to me.

Amazing Spider-Man #256 1st Puma. Going to finish with a couple dollar binner villain/antihero Spider-Man keys. Puma is of Native American descent. The tribe he belongs to (located near Hartsdale, New Mexico; Marvel Westerns: Western Legends suggests that the tribe may be the Kisani, as one of Puma’s ancestors belonged to that tribe and lived at Lost Mesa) has had an ancient prophecy of the coming of a powerful being who might destroy the world for generations. Long ago, they began making preparations for this coming doom. They used mystic ceremonies and selective breeding to create a perfect warrior. Thomas Fireheart is the latest in this line of men. Though he never believed in the prophecy, he took his duties as protector of his tribe seriously, and has strived his whole life to be the best he could be, mastering his ability to turn into a powerful humanoid mountain lion werecat. Both a villain and partner to Spider-Man this book is worth a couple bucks in your back issue hunts.

Amazing Spider-Man #2101st Madame Web. Finally we have Madame Web
Madame Web was a clairvoyant, who first showed up to help Spider-Man find a kidnap victim. Making a few other appearances she was later killed by Kraven’s daughter and her powers were passed on to a new Madame Web. Madame Web is also the Grandmother of Spider-Girl. Another dollar binner worth your consideration.

There you have it CHU another edition of Weekend Specs to keep in mind for your back issue hunting this weekend. A little bit of everything this week video game, TV, movie, and dollar binner specs. I’m looking forward to the Wonder Woman movie and I should have spoilers and specs for it here in the next week or two. Until then CHUniverse happy hunting!


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10 Responses to Alana’s Weekend Specs: Slow start to Summer

  1. Brian Soucie says:

    Good read. Thank you.

  2. Al Wurst says:

    Love Alana’s speks.

  3. blind adam the comicpimp says:

    #awesomesauce. don’t forget about flash 93 the second inpulse/kid flash . plus for now bart allen ont he show was an easter egg. we haven’t even gotenn an easter egg for the twins yet. unless I missed it . but this season has hinted with source material from books such as flash #164 marriage of barry&iris #275 death of iris#350 return of iris some of the later inpulse issues dealing witht he time doubles ect ect nice spiderman picks blind adam out

  4. Is Madame Web related to one of the Spider-Girls? I know she is related to the villainous Spider-Woman, Charlotte Webb. I’m definitely surprised her 1st appearance is a dollar bin book. I used to love her character; who I admittedly became intrigued by due to her over-the-top appearances in the 90’s cartoon, where her powers were on par with The Beyonder, lol.

  5. Shines says:

    Great picks, I like the Grid spec. Johns is good at inserting characters for future use, sometimes years later. Stargirl & Jessica Cruz come to mind.
    Also gonna look for Sword appearances, I hadn’t connected that with the SHIELD finale.

  6. Lonzilla says:

    Phyla-Vell is a great spec and she was a major player in the 2008 GOTG series. I’ve been picking up Captain Marvel 16 & 17 every time I see them over the last couple of years, a dozen of each in the stash box

  7. OC_Guy says:

    Funny, picked up a Captain America #217 a few hours before this went up!

  8. A. King says:

    I’ve been hunting that New X men #31 in the wild for a while. I could get it online but I think I’ll keep digging through boxes for a little bit longer.

  9. Cody says:

    Nice write up. A lot of your picks are in line with the types of books I seek out. It’d be nice to pull together an undervalued list. TOS 94 etc etc just s thought tho.

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