Blind Adam's Hidden Gems Vol. 51

Greetings to my Comics Heating Up and Awesomesauce families. Thank you all for reading this each and every week. Thank you all for the friendship, encouragement, advice and support. Hopefully you all made out better then I did for your NYCC tickets this year. Week two at the blind training center went well. I am now in a waiting period to start
the full twenty week program . Let’s all hope it isn’t a long wait.
Titans #11 was my read of the week. My only complaint is the major change they made with Deathstroke. All-Star Batman #10 was fun and this weeks Riverdale and Flash episodes kicked major a$$. Still need to see Guardians. Now lets make some money with some comics because you can’t teach that

1. Hellboy Box of Evil #1 – well it looks as if instead of getting Hellboy 3 we are getting a big screen reboot, w.t.f. is that? Well maybe we will see some of Hellboy’s more popular supporting characters, such as, Lobster Johnson. This is Lobster Johnson’s first appearance and is quit cheap as well $5 and up
2. Dark Horse Presents #8889  – a classic two part Hellboy story, cheap as well $5 and up
3. Chimichanga #1 – The Goon, Eric Powell this is a speculator dream team and a fun book as well, Powell needs some media attention. There are cheap remarked and signed editions out there as well, $5-10
4. Robin #126 –  1st spoiler Stephanie Brown as Robin. Is this back in cannon with Rebirth. I want answers, but this is a key Robin book for the Spoiler fans $45 and up
5. Batman #491 3rd print – I am a huge fan of 1990’s 2nd &3rd prints especially from key stories like Knightfall and Death of Superman. This is part three of Knightfall and has a Joker cover and appearance. Happy hunting
6. Flash #93 (second series) – Bart Allen was name dropped a lot in this week’s episode of the Flash. (The name Bart is cool.) It was dropped more times then an average Easter Egg. Impulse is CW bound second appearance of this character and cheaper then #92
7. Impulse #1– Bart Allen in his own series – Barry Allen’s grandson is a TV star. Young Justice season here and I will put a cosplay pizza party on the line betting he shows up in CW style by season 5 $5-10
8. Amazing Spiderman #509 Directors Cut – this is part one of the awesome and infamous Sins Past story. Gwen Stacey was not such a sweet girl after all. Well, #509 had a few prints and this directors cut is in dollar boxes. Read the story as it is not as bad as One More Day testify
9. Detective Comics New 52 #1 Second Print – the greatest New 52 Batman moment of the entire New 52 was when the Joker had the Doll Maker cut off his face. Just craziness. This is the second print and it is pretty cheap for a collectible second print $10
10. Batman #235 – second appearance of Ras al Ghul. Batman #232 has gotten pricey in recent years. Most of the other key Ras apperances are climbing ,but lets not forget second appearances are the next great speculation wave, so, snag the grade you can afford and enjoy.
11.  Punisher Born #1-4 – Punisher origin story by Garth Ennis. Netflix show is coming, with a slight tweek this story could work. Dollar box finds, happy hunting
12. X-Men #24 1991 series – classic Gambit and Rouge kiss cover. If that Gambit movie ever gets moving this could be a great spec then, plus I just really like the cover
13. Spiderman 1990 #17 – Spiderman vs Thanos. Avengers movie tie in comic and it has cooled off recentally $5 and up
14. Crisis on Infinite Earths #8 – Death of the Flash. The Speed Cannon got a mention in last weeks episode and a weapon that looks the cannon from this classic series is being made in the show. I believe they will do a death of Barry some day on the show. Always a copper age blue chip book $20
15. Daredevil #8 volume 1 – First Stilt-man. Just rewatched the Netflix show and noticed the stilts in the Gladiator’s workshop. I would love to see the lamest super villain in history make it to Netflix. Copies in all grade are cheap
16. Nightwing 1/2 – Nightwing is #awesomesauce. This is a Wizard mail away comic and I don’t see it that often in the wild. Nightwing has been great since Rebirth and with that and movie hype soon to come, this book could heat up $10
17. Nightwing #4 New 52 – Barbra Gordon and Dick Grayson equal money. First new 52 meeting and all new 52#4s are tough finds. $10 and up
18. Harley Quinn #13 (2000 series) – no real spec value,  just a Joker Last
Laugh tie in, a Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn meeting, and a Gotham Sirens
movie coming $10 and up
19. Detective Comics #826 – if this character got more or some cosplay love and was used  in Gotham Academy or Birds of Prey, who knows how high the first appearance of the female Ventriloquist could go. This is also the death of the original Scarface and Ventriloquist. Oh, almost forgot the dummy lives in this one but I like the new female Ventriloquist. This is so cheap right now $5 and up, and honestly Batman villain first appearances are always good pick ups.
once again thank you for reading each and every week. thank you for
everything and until next time…
now that I fade away, I find myself osblete
blind adam out

5 thoughts on “Blind Adam's Hidden Gems Vol. 51”

  1. Great read, Adam. I was at a comic sale about 2 months ago and found one of the Nightwing 1/2 in a bin for .50

  2. There’s a Punisher 4 part Year One set by Abnett that is really good too if you are into his origin stuff. As far as Flash 92, try finding the DC Universe UPC printing if you like various printings of keys. Great list as always.

  3. Huh. I didn’t even realize there was another female Ventriloquist prior to the one who debuted in Gail Simone’s Batgirl! I will have to check that one out.
    And if they won’t give us Stilt-Man in Daredevil, maybe they can do Lady Stilt-Man? Lol.

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