Comic Picks of the Week for Delivery 5/24/17

Each week hundreds of new comics hit the stands, each with potential. Some live up to that potential. We pick the ones we feel have the best shot at heating up. Here are our picks of the week for delivery 5/24/17:

Returning Favorites

Beauty #15  – One of my favorite Image books, heck, one of my favorite books of late. Beauty centers around an STD people want to catch. It turns them beautiful, into their ideal selves. The only problem is they die in about a year. Also, people hate them and leads to a lot of crime and murder. Noir with a twist.

Black Hammer #9 – The consistently best super-hero book on the market. The Lemire variants have been top notch and issue#9’s is the best of all!

Letter 44 #33 – This book is winding down. Hope to hear more on the adaptation that was announced so long ago.

Deadly Class #28 – Rick Remender on this one so it is a must pick up. Plus, the Spawn variants are pretty good on this one too.

Old Guard #4 – This has been a surprisingly good read. Recently adapted so these early books will be key.

The One With the Hype

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #19 – MG and DD have a new character a, Girl Moon, rumored to be the daughter of Ego the Living Planet, or possibly one of his siblings’ child. Anyway, the variant on this is already doing well, but the spec chatter could lead to this usually small printed book having a huge print run.

The Terrible Two’s 

(ok they are not terrible but they are second issues of recently popular books)

Plastic #2 – Angry psychopath in love with a sex doll. What could go wrong? Twisted story but good read.

Redneck #2 – Donny Cates’ second issue of this vampire family drama. Good stuff!

The Small Press Gem

Divinica #1 – Gothic does very small print run books. These appeal to the Zenescope crowd and can sell very well. I have sold many of the Rothic titles and have been happy to do so.

The Pick of the Week

Seven to Eternity #6 Spawn Variants – If you can grab them get them. They are selling around the $25 range already. Awesome book plus hot variant equals money. I hope this will continue to grow.

One for the Book Shelf

The DC Universe by Mike Mignola – Creator of Hellboy and many other weird but completely awesome characters, Mike Mignola, used to do kick-ass art for the DCU. He was one of the first artists I started following years ago, and would pick up anything he published. This one collects a bunch of Mignola’s DC works. Worth the pick up.

this week’s New Comic Spec Review for 5/24/17:


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  1. Plastic is one of those books that I read that I hope my wife doesn’t see me reading. It quickly gets bagged and boarded after reading and filed away promptly into the privacy of a dark long box.

    • agentpoyo says:

      Haha…. I told my wife and showed her. I also shared Sex Criminals pages with the wife.. asked if we could you know…. It’s all good pointers in my opinion. Sadly she declined from engaging in any Fraction and Zdarsky suggested activities…. 😦

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