Alana’s Weekend Specs: Thunder, Lightning and a chance of scattered villains.

Aloha CHUniverse and welcome back to Weekend Specs! This week Arrow, Flash, and Supergirl wrapped up their seasons, giving us hints of villains to come. Also this week casting went out for a New Mutants role that appears to be the villain. A possible Dark Phoenix villain rumor as well. But before we get into all that it’s time to talk Black Lightning and get in on a few books sooner than later in case it becomes a hit. So let’s jump in!!!

Black Lightning #1 1st Black Lightning. Black Lightning will be premiering soon on the CW, are you prepared? 1st appearance is still really affordable in high grade. Get it now or you might be kicking yourself later when you have to shell out the same money for a low grade ripped up copy in the future. Also to find dark covers from the 70’s in high grade can be hard for some books keep that in mind. But outside of our main character Jefferson Pierce what else are we to expect from the show? Shortly put his metahuman daughters.

Outsiders vol.3 #1 1st Thunder Anissa Pierce.
This book contains the first appearance of one of Black Lightnings daughters. I should also note that both Thunder and Lightning had their own webisode cartoon show. So from comics, to cartoons, to TV maybe it’s time to take note of this duo.

Kingdom Come #1 1st Lightning Jennifer Pierce, 1st Magog.
Up next Black Lightnings other daughters first appearance Jennifer Pierce. I do think the sister duo will be half if not more than half of the CW shows focus, as Black Lightning is coming out of retirement to fight crime in season 1 and his daughters are just starting to discover their powers. This book also has a notable villains 1st appearance Magog. Magog looks like a mash up of Loki and Cable and was created to make fun of the Rob Liefield type characters. This is a Mark Waid, Alex Ross created character with a beautiful Ross wraparound cover. IGN has Magog in top 75 villains ever I don’t think I would go that far, but Magog could see play somewhere in TV or film in the future. This book contains a few other first appearances as well you can probably pick it up for less dollars then first appearances it contains.

All Flash #12 1st Thinker.
For the second time this season on the Flash we get the Thinker’s name dropped Clifford Devoe, looks like this is going to be our villain for season 4. Thinker uses tech to control his surroundings and mind control people. His first appearance comes in a rare golden age book, get it if you can find it only one exists on the internet at the moment and I suspect it will be gone by the time this article gets published. So all the makings for a hot book rare, old as hell, new season Flash villain, big demand, no supply, and a golden age key let the hunt begin!!

Superboy #89 1st Mon El. Wrote this book up at the end of season 1 and here I am writing it up at the end of season 2. This book has done pretty well in the time from when it was first was written up. Many believed Mon El was going to be done after this season, but in a fitting twist in this seasons finale Mon El was transported off Earth and bumped off course through a portal. So Mon El will remain apart of the shows future further driving this up. Old Superboy key books are rare just look how much Bizarros 1st appearance has ticked up recently.

Supergirl New52 #5, #7 1st Reign, 1st Worldkillers, Deimax, Flower of Heaven, Perrilus.
Supergirl’s finale also dropped a hint for next seasons big baddie and that would be Reign. Reign has a shrouded origin, but it looks like the show just gave us her origin story in a end of the show teaser for next season and will continue to reveal Reigns story through a television medium which is kinda cool and different. Also Reign is leader of the group Worldkillers and they most likely will be part of the season as well.

Tales of the New Teen Titans #42 1st Jericho Joe Wilson.
In Arrows season finale some information was collected and given to Deathstroke about his son Joe by Arrow and Felicity. Some believe Jericho will appear next season because of this. Jericho is not only Deathstroke’s son but also a metahuman. His throats was slit at a young age making him unable to speak, he can use his meta abilities to possess others bodies and speak through them. Can be found for a few bucks, why not?

New Mutants #3 1st Demon Bear.
Recent casting for New Mutants is asking for a 7ft man who is comfortable wearing prosthetics leading people to believe this is Demon Bears casting. Pretty sure it probably is as Demon Bear was leaked with early castings for Wolfsbane that were denied for months and months, but the casting ended up being right on so I imagine Demon Bear is as well.

X-men #221 1st Mr. Sinister
Follow me down the rabbit hole on this one, get your tin foil thinking caps on. Mr. Sin didn’t make it to Logan, no mention of Essex, just Wolverine’s genetic material from age of apocalypse makes its way to Logan. So what happened to Essex and Mr. Sin between AOA and Logan? We may just find out in Dark Phoenix. Theory is Essex also collected Apocalypse’s DNA from AOA he then uses that DNA to give him powers creating Mr. Sinister. Now Mr. Sin is great at creating dark clones like dark Beast. He even has created a Jean clone in comic storylines. So could Dark Phoenix movie be twisted to fit an evil Jean clone and have the Phoenix battle the Dark Phoenix and Mister Sinister.

X-men #168 1st Madelyne Pryor.
Well here she is the Mister Sinister created clone of Jean the infamous Goblin Queen Madelyne Pryor. Will be interesting to see how this theory pans out. But the end credits scene from AOA might not just have been specific for Logan but the next film in the Xmen line Dark Phoenix as well.

Avengers Standoff Welcome to Pleasant Hill #1 1st full Kobik.
Secret Avengers vol.2 #2 1st Kobik in cameo.
And finally today we have Kobik the little girl made from shards of the broken cosmic cube. I’ve written this up before but writing it up again because she’s becoming a big deal in the Marvel universe. The Secret Avengers #2 cameo in a vision is in the first couple pages and I have no idea what this vision means and what it’s suppose to foretell, but strangely this cameo takes place three years before her first full appearance. There is also a 1:50 Deodato variant for this that’s my variant pick up of the week.

Xmen vol.2 #65 1st Cecilia Reyes.
Late breaking Rosario Dawson was cast in the New Mutants as Cecilia Reyes. Find them easily for $1

So there you have it a lot of low price point books to start hunting for. Also go out and hunt down All Flash #12 if you know of any place that has Golden Age books still sitting in racks to be searched. This is being submitted before the finale of Arrow, if anything interesting happens I’ll update in the comments. Thanks for reading and Happy hunting!


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  1. OC_Guy says:

    Had a feeling about Black Lightning a few years ago…Bought four #1’s in high grade for just a few dollars each. Have to pull them out soon.

  2. Alana says:

    Shuri Black Panther’s sis and Black Panther herself at one time was just added to the cast list of infinity war on IMDb. We wrote her books up way back before Civil War was released.

  3. Matt s says:

    Very good info, nice write up

  4. blind adam the comicpimp says:

    #awesomesauce great job as always. there is a so much fun variant of uncanny x-men #221 and the dawson babe is in another superhero movie #awesomesauce. all flash #12 is not the only thinker book to hunt down firestorm #1,firestorm the nuclar man #99&jsa 2000 series #9 all feature 1st thinker stories int hem .

  5. TopherS says:

    The 1:25 first Kobik is undervalued. Also people should know that NM 3 is Demon’s Bear’s first but he is seen in a hallucination. For some reason this has soured people on the spec for that book and 18 remains the book people want. All of the New Mutants books have massive print runs so if it ain’t a high grade newsstand why bother?

    • OC_Guy says:

      Yeah, a lot of the New Mutants issues have huge print runs but when they start showing trailers of the movie books will sell.I still don’t see a lot of these NM first appearances being super high dollar books though. A modest bump is more like it.

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