Variant Envy: Edge of Venomverse #1 Natali Sanders Variant

My friends over at Comic Market Street have a hot cover coming up for Edge of Venomverse #1. Venomized characters are all the rage due to the upcoming series. If you haven’t heard, the series will focus on Venom and other characters who are Venomized battling it out with “Posion”, a new “Earth based” (organic if you will) Sybiote that takes over other characters to eradicate Venom. 
Comic Market Street is releasing sneak peeks of the variant with one section being released at a time. Just by looking at the image revealed, you can see this is an awesome cover.

We will have a copy or two of these in the future for a Free Comic Wednesday giveaway. 
Check out some of Natali’s pervious work and you can see the detail she puts into it. Natali does amazing pin-up style work.

18 thoughts on “Variant Envy: Edge of Venomverse #1 Natali Sanders Variant”

    1. I would have to look. I believe this is a new type of symbiote. the Poison are also symbiotic in nature and when they bond with their hosts the end result looks like the most extreme version possible of the victim possible.

      1. Yeah, I’m thinking the same thing as all of the press / release info Marvel is putting out calls this a “new” symbiotic lifeform … just seems coincidental … but this could also be a possible 1st appearance opportunity … always an adventure 😉 Let me know what you find out.

      2. I just picked up a copy of “What If…? Spider-Man: The Other” from my LCS … really good condition. Have not read it yet… but based on some quick research I did before picking it up the “being” calls itself Poison … hmmmmm … What if indeed. Let me know your thoughts.

      1. I don’t know that’s technically just Venom changing his name for that particular issue because the symbiote thought Venom was a loser name.

      2. Loving this discussion thread … sorry it is not related to the subject of the story above… apologies for this rabbit hole folks are jumping into with me. I’m not convinced either; just very coincidental based on how the symbiote acts and wants to create “others” as companions… almost like an alter ego of the original Venom symbiote … will keep digging as I have free time … Anthony, what pics would you like? Again, I’ll try to send some out this evening (Atlantic time).

  1. I recently picked up a All New GotG #1 KRS Natalie Sanders variant. I saw it and it was just so nice, I had to order it. She is really talented, and I think her work is gorgeous.

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