What if Guardians of Nowhere #1 Wasn’t the First Gwenom?

So this is a “What If?” story about a what if comic. For the longest time Guardians of Knowhere has been considered the first appearance of Gwen Stacy Venom, AKA Gwenom. She appears on the variant cover to the book as part of Gwen-month. But there is an earlier appearance of Gwen Stacy with a symbiote.

And thanks to J. Chris H. for this. He pointed out that What If Spider-man The Other contained a symbiote, formerly Venom, called Poison, which is a symbiote that appears in Edge of Venom-verse. Fans have also been awaiting Gwenom’s appearance and we do get a Gwen in a Symbiote in this issue, check it out.

The story starts off during the JMS run on Amazing where Peter is under the bridge in a  cocoon going through his transformation, but the Venom Symbiote gets him.

Peter/Venom dubs himself Poison (the link to Edge of Venom-verse.)

Peter goes after Mary Jame offering to make her like him.

Mary Jane declines.

Peter goes with plan B. Someone else he can infect. A familiar name.

Empty grave…..

Another cocoon…..

and the end results.


Needless to say this is a “What If?” story, and we only see a hand, but the intent is there and it is pretty obvious who the hand is.  Copies sell as fast as they are listed. Mostly due to the Poison reference, but the possible Gwenom shouldn’t be overlooked. There are no copies of What If Spider-man The Other  on eBay in the US, there is one in the UK. There are a couple of copies on Amazon starting at $14.99. These are nowhere to be found on any of the online comic shops as well, I have looked. Check your local comic shop for this 2007 book.


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16 Responses to What if Guardians of Nowhere #1 Wasn’t the First Gwenom?

  1. Alana says:

    We need to add the category first arm appearances to cgc graded books lol.

  2. Alana says:

    Under Ghostrider next to the bride of Venom

  3. Bobby Mansfield says:

    With the red arm, looks more like it should be Gwarnage…

  4. agentpoyo says:

    I liked Gwen Stacy dead.. she needs to stay dead, that’s the best Gwen, the dead one.

  5. blind adam the comicpimp says:

    agent poyo why so much player hate for gwen Stacey ?? gwen is sexy #awesomesauce and a cos play goldmine. and with this edge ofvenomverse should we start speculating on all venomized peeps in the marvel unverase such as vulk what if #4 ect ect blind adam out

  6. A. King says:

    I have one of these in the PC. The Other was a pretty good storyline.

  7. The red arm looks more like a Carnage inspired symbiote, and we actually saw that with Ultimate Gwen Stacy. Ultimate Gwen Stacy actually died and her more-recent appearances in the Ultimate Comics (before the Ultimate Universe went away) were a humanoid form created by Carnage to look like Gwen’s old self. People just kind of forgot that she was a walking, talking symbiote with Gwen’s old memories & feelings *pretending* to be human.

  8. Matt Riley says:

    Quite a stretch, cameo at best.

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