Mel V.’s Variant Picks of the Week for 6/7/17

What Up CHU? Mel V. here with your weekly dose of variant picks, I got to admit last week’s variant selection was dismal to say the least, and I was looking at this week’s selection I was thinking the same. Then 6 selections later I said this week is not bad at all…got some nice ones on deck so let’s get into it


Rocket #2 Cover B Incentive Steve Epting Variant Cover –  My man Rocket looking spiffy with a collar shirt and gun ready all James Bond like. Looks good for your PC, especially for  fans of Guardians of the Galaxy

 Aquaman Vol 6 #24 Cover B Variant Joshua Middleton Coveryou guys should know by now I don’t like Aquaman…any cover of him hurt or getting beat up is going to make the list going forward.

Batman Vol 3 #24 Cover B Variant Tim Sale Cover – I like the nostalgic 70’s feel (it looks like 70’s to me ) Batman and Catwoman always make for great covers  


Dark Knight III the Master Race #9 Cover F Incentive Mikel Janin Variant Cover I like the way Mikel Janin captures the feel from the original Dark Knight


Darth Vader Vol 2 #1 Cover H Incentive Mark Brooks Homage Variant Cover – Mark Brooks…I love his cover work, Beautiful X-Men 145 Homage…I really like the added cover wear touches. Sold out and already selling for $80


Lord of Gore #3 Cover B Variant Matthew Southworth Cover – This cover captures the 80’s Horror feel perfectly. I read issue 1 and liked it I missed issue 2, I’m gonna get caught up with #3


Mighty Mouse #1 Alex Ross Virgin Variant Cover – Mighty Mouse…sheesh I forgot all about Mighty Mouse…I use to love this cartoon as a kid…this is a nostalgia pick for me ..The legendary Alex Ross art does not hurt either. Only one listed on eBay at just over $59

ROM Vol 2 #11 Cover E Incentive Claudio Castellini Variant Cover – You know how hard it is to make ROM look like a bad ass …hats off to Mr. Castellini


Street Fighter vs Darkstalkers #2 Cover D Incentive Warren Louw Guest Artist Variant Cover – Issue 1 was an aftermarket success…Issue 2 lower print run should do well. Listed from $35 to $70 on eBay

Zombies Assemble #2 Cover B Incentive Greg Horn Variant Cover – My Cover of the week. I really like the look of this cover, I have a feeling this could be under ordered not many on eBay at the time I write this


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    Just for the record, there’s nothing wrong with being gay! I hope the gay readers and appreciate a little humor, cause I found this one to be hilarious. 🙂

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    • JayClue says:

      Lmao…best thread I’ve seen a while.

    • ha! Hilarious. I’d like to think you took hours to find all of those Poyo but somehow I think they were securely saved on your hard drive waiting for the moment to be unleashed.

      • agentpoyo says: is great.. only took about 10 minutes of surfing “aquaman sucks” to find them.. I originally planned to only post the BigBangTheory one but then I was gonna spread the Aquaman hate love since Mel secretly loves Aquaman. 🙂

      • haha, I love me some google image search. Many of my work emails include memes when I’m corresponding with co-workers I know.

  8. chfrontst says:

    Mel what makes that mighty mouse cover a must have for me besides how awesome mighty mouse is and how big of a part of my youth is that the dude in the background is a image of the man himself… Alex Ross. Such a amazing cover. I will be buying that.

  9. blind adam the comicpimp says:

    what up with the aquaman hate ?? aquaman is #awesomesauce and he is king of the seas blind adam out

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