Wednesday Open Forum

Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)
We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.
The 139th edition of the open forum!
A couple points of note: I am still waiting on the Solar Flare #1 Baltimore Comic Con variants to come in. They are shipped from the UK and are supposed to be here this week. Thank you for your patience. The Venom Variants are in and I will be shipping them out straight away.
As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?
What had disappeared off the shelves?
What was sitting on the shelves?
What back issue deals did you grab?
My weekly pick ups

37 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum”

  1. Baby Teeth, Reborn, Walking Dead,
    Mighty Mouse ( Ross or Adams? Both?).
    Batman might have a run on it tomorrow, I doubt very much DC will marry the Bat & the Cat off. If they do, will Marvel loan them Mephisto when they change their mind?

  2. Babyteeth #1, Doctor Strange #20 (LOVE the Bachalo cover), DKIII Master Race 9, Spawn 274 … and keeping an eye out for another copy of the elusive What If? Spider-man Other just for fun. This is my main pick list for the week … will likely pick up Pestilence #2 and may pick a few variants if prices are right.

  3. This weeks pickups….
    Dark Horse Presents fifth anniversary 1st Sin City find em cheaper on Amazon I paid $11 with shipping.
    Detective Comics #647 1st Stephanie Brown
    Batman #655 1st Damian Wayne

  4. Not picking up anything this week. Nothing out that I’m interested in and there is a parade in front of my lcs today that starts when the store opens. All of the nearby roads will be blocked off.
    Just finished reading God Country 1-5. It was ok, but not good enough for me to want to pick up Baby Teeth. I’ll pick up issue 6 and then sell my set.
    I’ll be enjoying a lot of live baseball. My wife and I again have season tickets for the Portland Pickles, a small wood bat league team. First home game was last night.

      1. Our first, true minor league team, the Portland Beavers, was sold to turn the stadium into a ML Soccer stadium. The Hillsboro Hops opened up a few years ago, but are too far away to enjoy. The Pickles play about 5 minutes from my house on my side of town. Gotta love small team names. The Hops mascot is a beer hop named Barley. The Pickles mascot is a large pickle named Dillon.

  5. Pick ups for the week:
    Batman #24 (A & B covers)
    Pestilence #2
    Baby Teeth #1 (Torque variant)
    Darth Vader #1 (Granov variant)
    Walking Dead (Pride variant)
    Last week’s pick ups for PC:
    Supergirl #5 (1st Reign)
    Spider Man What If? The Other (thanks for the heads up Alana)
    Machine Man #19 (have always loved Amazing Spider-man Hobgoblin run and decided to pull the trigger on a NM copy as these have started to go up in price)

  6. Batman #24
    Dark Knight #9 I actually gave up on reading these. I’ll get started now that it’s complete. When did this thing start? 2005?
    James Bond #4
    Lord Of Gore #3
    Night Owl Society #3
    Paper Girls #15

      1. I like Noto but I wasn’t too big on that cover… I nabbed it anyways, I love Vader so a complete cover set is a must…..

      2. It’s not his best, but it is Vader. I collect the Noto head shots as a portrait gallery. The fact that the cover is so different from anything else, it’s growing on me. To me it shows the human vulnerable side of the character.

    1. How the heck did you score the Brooks 1:50 Vader variant for cover price!? Your LCS must really like you! I’m jealous!

      1. One of my local shops sells all new books at cover. They don’t get them all though and some get thrown into subscriber folders….. But yeah, it’s nice, if they get it and it’s on the shelf, it’s cover price.

  7. Only 19 so far……where’s everybody at? I guess it was a slow week all around. My pickups included……
    Rouge One #3b
    Superman #24a and b
    Pestilence #2
    TWD #168
    The Force Awakens #6 Rey photo cover
    I was going to get a couple extra Batman #24, but decided to wait and get a couple of newsstand editions later.

  8. I spent the better part of the day in traffic court. I wasn’t able to hit my regular shops but did still make it to few new ones. My pick ups this week are:
    Harley #13, Cho variant
    Namwolf #1 & #2
    The Rift #2 & #4 , 1st appearance of Joe
    Death be Damned #4
    Pestilence #2
    Bane #2
    Divided States #1
    TWD #138
    Vader #1, 1:10 + regular
    Batman #24 A&B
    DKIII #9
    Reborn #6
    ASM #28
    Harley #21 A&B
    Incredible Hulk #336, McFarlane pencils, NM , $5

  9. I didn’t see one person on here picking up Cullen Bunn’s new book from Boom!, The Unsound. Harrow County is one of my favorite books, and 95 percent of what Bunn writes is really, really good. Definitely giving this series a shot.
    Other than that…
    – Babyteeth 1 (Because…duh)
    – Batman 24 (Still haven’t read the Super Heavy arc from Snyder’s run, but one day I’ll get caught up)
    – Cannibal 6 (Didn’t like the first two issues, but eventually sat down and reread them and 3-5 all in one sitting. The series reads much, much better that way. Picking this one up but not reading until the second arc is finished).
    – Dark Knight III (Still haven’t touched issue 1. Someday…)
    – Green Arrow 24 (Not sure why I’m getting this. I doubt I’ll ever even start the series).
    – Nightwing 22 (Again, some day in the future I’ll get around to reading this series. Maybe).
    – Outcast 28 (Gets slow at times, but has been very good since the main character’s dad showed up).
    – Reborn 6 (The first issue almost brought me to tears. Since then, it’s been above average. Curious to see how it ends).
    – Rock Candy Mountain 3 (This has been SUCH a surprise for me. I love this book. Please tell me others are reading it. So. Much. Fun.)
    Spider-Man/Deadpool 18 (Pretty sure I just get this because I have anxiety when it comes to trimming my pull list. Still haven’t read a single issue).

      1. I’m at the point right now where I’ll pick up anything by Donny Cates or Cullen Bunn. I thought the first issue of Regression was really good. I have issue 1 of The Damned, but haven’t had a chance to read it. Bunn just knows how to write effective horror.

      1. There’s so few books out there that make me literally laugh out loud. Currently, The Fix, Curse Words and Rock Candy Mountain are doing the trick.

  10. This weeks pick ups
    New mutants 1 14 18 87 98
    Batman Harley Quinn 1
    Batman adventures Mad Love
    Killing joke
    Needless to say I’m happy. ?

    1. All are nm. The mad love and hq 1 were 75$ a piece 50$ for killing joke and the new mutants lot was a steal at 144

  11. LCS
    Babyteeth 1 reg cvr
    Harley Quinn 21 var
    Batman 24 reg
    Walking Dead 168 reg
    All-New Guardians Of The Galaxy #1 Cover C Variant Jeffrey Veregge Marvel Hip-Hop Cover
    Bane Conquest #1 Cover A Regular Graham Nolan Cover
    Black Bolt #1 Cover A Regular Christian Ward Cover
    Blood Blister #2
    Bullseye #4
    Comic Shop News #1565
    Courier From The Ashes #2 Cover B Allan Otero 1st ish good
    DC Super Hero Girls Wonder Woman Day Special Edition #1
    Dregs #3
    Eternal Empire #1
    Everafter From The Pages Of Fables #9
    Extremity #3 Cover A 1st Ptg
    Fear Agent #1
    Foolkiller Vol 3 #1 Cover D Variant Marvel Hip-Hop Cover (Marvel Now Tie-In)
    Foolkiller Vol 3 #2 Cover A Regular Dave Johnson Cover
    Foolkiller Vol 3 #3 Cover A Regular Dave Johnson Cover
    Foolkiller Vol 3 #4
    Foolkiller Vol 3 #5
    Giant Days #26
    Hawkeye Vol 5 #6
    Invisible Hands #2
    Iron Fist Vol 5 #3 Cover A Regular Jeff Dekal Cover
    Jean Grey #1 Cover B Variant Shawn Crystal Marvel Hip-Hop Cover
    Jessica Jones #8 Cover B Variant Marco Checchetto Cover
    Mindbender #2 Cover A Regular Federico De Luca Cover NEXT WEEK
    Nam #78
    Outcast By Kirkman & Azaceta #27
    Paper Girls #14
    Postal #20
    Predator Hunters #1 Cover B Variant Francisco Ruiz Velasco Cover
    Reggie And Me Vol 2 #5 Cover B Variant Shawn McManus Cover
    Riverdale #2 Cover A Regular Francesco Francavilla Cover
    Sandman Overture #5 Cover B Regular Dave McKean Cover
    Sandman Overture #6 Cover B Regular Dave McKean Cover
    Savage Things #3
    Scott Pilgrim Color Edition Vol 4 Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together HC
    Secret Empire #1 Cover A Regular Mark Brooks Cover
    Secret Origins Vol 3 #36
    Shadow Show #4 Cover B Variant Shane Pierce Subscription Cover
    Shadow Show #5 Cover B Variant Shane Pierce Subscription Cover
    Shadowman #1 1st Series
    Slasher #2 NEXT WEEK
    Solar Flare #3 NEXT WEEK
    Solo Avengers #1
    Space Riders Galaxy Of Brutality #2 NEXT WEEK
    Spider-Man Deadpool #17
    Spider-Man Vol 2 #16
    Stained #1 Cover A Regular Steve Morris Cover
    Superman Vol 5 #22 Cover A Regular Ryan Sook Cover
    Swordquest #0 Cover A Regular Goni Montes Cover
    Underdog (American Mythology) #1 Cover A Regular Bill Galvan Classic Homage Cover
    Venom Vol 3 #151 Cover B Variant Francesco Mattina Mary Jane Cover NEXT WEEK
    Winterworld #2
    Wonder Woman Day Special Edition #1
    X-Men Gold #3 Cover A Regular Ardian Syaf Cover
    Big sale @ Midtown this week

  12. Abirato #2
    Amazing Spiderman #2
    Batman #24(Sale cover)
    Black Bolt #2(Mary Jane cover)
    DKIII #9(Superman cover)
    Darth Vadar #1
    Hysteria #1
    Walking Dead #168(Megan cover)
    ASM #59 VF $100
    ASM #671 NM $15
    ASM Annual #14 VF+ $15
    ASM Annual #16 VG $5
    ASM Annual #19 FN $6

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