Phoenix Comic Con Cosplay Gallery

Louie M. attended Phoenix Comic Con over Memorial Day Weekend. He snapped a ton of great cos-play pics. Check the gallery out below. Let us know which is your favorite. 


4 thoughts on “Phoenix Comic Con Cosplay Gallery”

  1. The first “classic” Harley was pretty sweet. It may be just my mood but a lot of these had more of “laughing at” rather than a “laughing with” vibe for me.

    1. I love the classic harley look to. I don’t personally get the laughing at vibe, i think some ppl want to stand out by doing something humorous or switch up a character.
      I couldn’t snag a pic cuz we were on escalators but one of my faves was a mary poppins holding a sign that said “im yondu y’all!”

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