Gwar Signing

I love going to signings and meeting creators. I had the chance to meet not only the creator of the new Gwar Matt Miner, but also several members of the band themselves, Bonesnapper The Cave Troll, Sawborg Destructo, and Beefcake the Mighty. I grabbed a few copies of the Third Eye Variant with cover art by Matt Maguire (aka Sawborg Destructo.)

The signing was awesome. Gwar was in full costume and very much in character. No Gwar blood though. There was a huge crowd and mostly not comic fans, however copies of the comic were being snatched up. 

With signings like this, non-comic creator signings, things can be a little difficult. It can be difficult to get grown men in foam, rubber, and plastic costumes to be gentle with comics. Not to mention guys who are scourges of the universe do not always  understand comic signing etiquette (lol. See below, thanks Beefcake)

Needless to say, I have a couple of copies available for sale if anyone is interested. if you want one. 


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  1. JayClue says:

    Lol, Beefcake! That’s pretty f’n funny.

  2. blind adam the comicpimp says:

    #awesomesauce will email you . and now I must watch the beavis and butthead episode with them in it and they had comics in the past I belive blind adam out

  3. Vernon says:

    I still have the metal mania vhs that featured these guys. Pm sent.

  4. lavapoolblog says:


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