Free Comic Wednesday: Pestilence #1 and #2 Variant Set

Up for grabs tonight, the second of two great Aftershock sets.

Thanks to  ComicXposure for sponsoring this Free Comic Wednesday. Up for grabs tonight is a set of Pestilence #1 Virgin & #2  ComicXposure variants.

The contest is simple, just follow the rules below.

Thanks again to  ComicXposure for sponsoring this Free Comic Wednesday.

One Set, one winner.

  1. Enter Name in comment section
  2. One entry per person, we have ways of knowing
  3. Winner drawn at random and listed on
  4. Winner will have 48 hours to arrange shipping details.
  5. Books ship free in the US, Foreign winners agree to chip in to ship.
  6. No purchase is necessary, odds of winning depend on number of entries. 

Thats it, good luck.


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