Dark Days The Forge #1 Introduces New Characters

For the most part, I think this went unnoticed. I remember seeing it at first and then forgetting about it, and then going back and doing some research on it. Dark Days The Forge #1 introduces a series of new characters that will be spotlighted in some future releases from DC:

Dark Days The Forge #1 sold out at Diamond and is going back for a second printing.


So, we did the spoilers for this when it was first released. There was a panel in Dark Days The Forge #1 where the Immortal Man was talking about Duke Thomas’ mother, and in the back ground were four new characters. Unsure who the top one is with the blue eye mask. The glowing yellowish guy in a trench coat is Ghostfist, who was a secret vigilante in the 1920’s in Harlem, this is a completely new character but DC is taking these characters over multiple years. The masked white coated individual is Silencer. Unsure who the blue Beast looking character is.

So this all took a little detective work, but going back to the Forged From Metal ashcan from C2E2, we get concepts for the characters.

First up is The Silencer who appears in concept drawings below.

And we see Ghostfist.

These characters will appear in Immortal Men which run through several books and will be getting their own series.

Some notes From Jim Lee and James Tynion


Need to see how this all shakes out, if Dark Days The Forge #1 will be considered first appearance or first cameo, or if the Forged From Metal Ashcan will be considered first appearance or first concept.


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    Does Jim Lee’s picture under The Immortal Men indicate he is drawing the book?

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