Carnage to be Villain in Venom Movie

Well, the Sony Spiderman Universe is about to get one Symbiote bigger as word got out that Carnage looks to be the villain in the Venom stand-alone film.
Copies of Amazing Spider-Man #361, Carnage’s first appearance, have been gobbled up off eBay as the news hit. Still many affordable copies out there, but that may not last.
From Screen Rant:
Tom Hardy won’t be the only one with a symbiote in Venom as Carnage is also set to be included. Sony previously announced their intentions to make multiple Spider-Man spinoffs and it came as no surprise that they chose their most popular anti-hero to kick things off. Hardy has since been paired with director Ruben Fleischer for the movie, with Venom set to start production later this year. With the film centering around a character that is not the prototypical superhero or just all-around nice guy, finding an obstacle for Eddie Brock to overcome or take down could be difficult.
As of right now, it does not appear as though Venom’s biggest opponent (re: the original web-crawler) will be featured, which all but guarantees that someone from Spidey’s vast rogues gallery will make their live-action debut here, instead. Many fans have been holding out hope for one character in particular to fill that position – a fellow by the name of Cletus Kasady aka. Carnage.

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    1. Y’know….Carnage was always popular..Even if the movie sucks, just having him on screen will add to that… I never thought I would see the day where this would be a $400 book, but that’s how it is! that’s a good thing! Probably a very good purchase on your part long and short term.

      1. $400 ouch think I paid $20 for a NM+ way back when I also have a second print NM which I mistakenly won in an auction a few years ago I think I paid $3 for it

      2. I have a 2nd print that I bought at cover on release day, and I bought a NM 1st print for about $40, two years ago. ?

  1. I remember buying these off the shelf. Still have three of them, but found a graded 9.2 for $70, so pulled the trigger on that.

    1. Sigh…Wife’s going to give me an angry lecture, but found a CGC 9.6 for $150… With the movie news I figured that is about as good as I can get a certified high grade so I bought it. Will probably keep this one for the pc and sell the others I have and will get a week or so before the movie releases.

      1. HA! Tempting but we all know what happens when we hide anything from the wife! It’s pretty universal! She was OK with it, because even though she doesn’t collect comics she always liked Carnage and when we were first dating I gave her one of the copies I purchased when they came out as a silly kind of gift (when they were worth about $15)…which she can’t find now…. So, she didn’t give me any grief….an eye roll, but no grief….until I do something wrong…which is about five times a day 😉

  2. By the way, Acclaim had a promo Maximum Carnage comic book when the video game came out in 1994. A fairly early appearance of Carnage with Venom to boot. There weren’t tons f these made and even less are still around since many went to those who didn’t collect comic. Might be worth a look since it is fairly rare.

    1. Definitely keep it on! Huge news! Not everyone who visits this site later in the week will see this particular article. Always good to keep it out there!

    1. Ive read the original article at the Hollywood reporter and other then the Hollywood reporter saying this in their article they give no evidence to back it up and it’s not quoted from anyone that has anything to do with the movie.

      1. True, but this has been flying around for a while now..Makes sense, as this would be huge and bring a ton of attention to the movie…Comic fans have been dreaming of Venom and Carnage in the same film… Of course it may not be accurate, but I can see it happening. Sony would be foolish not to but it “is” Sony films, so ya never know with them.

    2. It is pretty much spread all over every geek news site now. Not sure it is confirmation and that is why I said it the way I did. Choose your wording.
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  3. Love carnage. I have 2 copies of ASM 361. One is a 9.6 and the other is a VF. Need to offload it on ebay and see what I can get for it. Thanks for the info.

    1. If you have them, selling right when the news hits can make you a good bit of money…usually it doesn’t take long after the news hits for things will calm down, but when the film is close to release, if it is a popular character such as Carnage it will start moving again.Either right now, or wait a week or two before the film is released.

  4. Honestly id sell now – I remember the buzz with Old man Logan books – and uncanny xmen 221 first appearance of sinister? Those books are doing poorly now. ASM 361 is smoking on eBay.

  5. Bought all 5 of mine at a Rite Aid (news stand) when they were 1st released.Had a feeling way back then that paid off. They are 9.4-9.8 condition..sending them off to get graded soon..

  6. hopefully asm 360 will finally get some love. i’ve bought a bunch of nm copies for a few bucks each over the last couple years so hopefully that book will go up a bit.
    obviously it’ll always be subordinate to 361 just as asm 299 is to 300 and hulk 180 is to 181 and so on and so on, but it should definitely end up being a $20 book at the very least.

  7. My local comic shop had one for $150 CGC 9.8 2 weeks ago. Went yesterday to see if they still had it, it was gone lol.

  8. Ouch! I sold last year 2 full sets of ASM 361 to 363 including the 2nd prints to 361 and 362 for 125$ each.
    Patience is a vertue I do not have it would seem!

      1. totally. i sold my 361 cbcs 9.8 a couple years ago for $130ish and i’m fine with that. sure i could have got more for it today but then i wouldn’t have had the $130 i needed 2 years ago. there’s always opportunity cost. plus i had only paid $20 for 361-363.

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