29 thoughts on “Variant Envy Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-man eBay Exclusive”

  1. Dang it. Saw the post and went to go do some errands. Checked back an hour later and they’re all gone.

  2. If anyone wants to sell me a few NM copies of theirs when they receive them I would be grateful! (At an up-charge of course, I know you need to make money!)

  3. Just received a notice that my order was not completed due to insufficient supplies. How do you proclaim availability and afterward state that the comics were not available?

    1. My order was cancelled as well. Not a good thing to pull with buyers such as us. They’ve lost my business.

      1. Charles, you may want to check your email. Mycomicshop sent me an email stating that the order was incorrectly cancelled. They corrected the issue and will ship me the comics.

  4. Mycomicshop said the email I got stating my order was cancelled was sent in error. My money was refunded and they said they are still sending my order for free. Neat!

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