Beautiful canvas #1 Preview

Beautiful Canvas is out 6/28/17 from Black Mask Studios. Check out the seven page preview. 

Lon Eisley is a hitwoman. While dealing with the shock of discovering her girlfriend is pregnant, Lon gets hired for a new assignment: to kill a small child.

In a bold declaration of uncertainty, she saves the boy and hits the road, despite the fact her boss clearly wanted him dead for a reason.
This warped crime dystopia delves into the emotional dichotomy of creator/destroyer as Lon tries to connect the two very different worlds she now inhabits.

From Sami Kivela (Chum) & Ryan K Lindsay (Negative Space, DC Writers Workshop) comes a gonzo tale of personal discovery, animal/hybrid hit troupes, and reactive pyrokinesis.


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19 Responses to Beautiful canvas #1 Preview

  1. Vann says:

    Black Mask continues its path of being a horrible publisher unabated. Why even put out new books when they can’t even manage to finish previous works? What a grand move by Pizzolo to do interviews expressing how their “problems” have been solved a couple of months ago.

    • Anthony says:

      Yup. They were solved. Until five minutes after the interview I did was published. Still running horribly late on books. Young Terrorists comes out once a year. I heard that even Rangel Jr. from Space Riders called the company a joke.

    • Wayne says:

      You’re talking about past news..they are putting out books regularly and finishing them.

      • agentpoyo says:

        Some books, not all books and most of the books that are coming out regularly have sucked if you asked me.

  2. Andrew Cantrell says:

    Kitchen scene reminded me of Kill Bill a little bit. Doesn’t seem like a bad read just wish it wasn’t colored like an Easter Egg.

  3. ryankl says:

    Hey, everyone :]
    I can 99 3/4% guarantee we will hit our deadlines – all 4 issues are scripted, inks are drying on the final issue, colours are wrapping on #3. We’ve worked our ass off, and held off even soliciting this book, until we knew we could deliver. Hope that helps, fwiw.

    And as for the Kill Bill comparison – I mean, we have two women in a kitchen, true. That’s pretty much literally the only two actual connections between the two scenes I can find 😀

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