Marvel Introduces Homage Covers For Marvel Legacy

Marvel released cover images of Thor upcoming covers for Marvel Legacy, including Hulk returning to Planet Hulk. Check them out below. 

“Our titles will unearth gems from Marvel’s
rich history, remind readers of connections between characters, and usher in the return of some major characters who’ve been missed,” reflected Alonso. “Above all else, we want to inject our comics with a massive dose of fun!”

We’ve seen some of Marvel Legacy in action most recently with the renumbering of their Venom series to #150 and have been told to expect some more of that with other titles as well.

and from Comicvine


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7 Responses to Marvel Introduces Homage Covers For Marvel Legacy

  1. john dye says:

    Those are amazing especially the planet hulk. I wonder what the prices are?

  2. Daniel says:

    Moongirl is swiping Fantastic Four #49.

  3. Corey Dvorkin says:

    Moon Girl is FF #49 by Kirby.

  4. A. King says:

    Is it really a return to Planet Hulk?

  5. alana says:

    there’s also a second set of Venomized variants coming out too whos art was recently released Unknown comics has all 23 covers foraround $60-$70

  6. I hope some of these actually reflect the interior story. I actually am a fan of Longshot & the Mojo-verse. The art on that cover looks lousy from what I can see in that small image, but I would be glad to see Longshot back in the mix. I was glad X-factor gave us some closure on Longshot & Shatterstar before it closed-out it’s phenomenal run. I’d been hoping Peter David would get back to it after some time had passed, but then Marvel had to go and screw it up by killing off Madrox in Death of X and giving no mention of Layla Miller…

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