Winner: Billy The Penguin #1 Signed by Owen Marquess

Catching up on giveaways tonight. First up, two winners for Billy The Penguin #1 signed by Owen Marquess.

The Back Ground
Owen Marquess came up with this all ages story years ago. When he was a little kid to be exact. Owen was not a good writer. In fact, according to Harriet, his mother, he wasn’t a good writer at all. His parents had to switch him out of public school into a private school because he wasn’t getting the attention he needed. Oh, I forgot to mention, Owen, the creator of Billy The Penguin is 16, just turned 16 this week. The comic is his first published work. He is using the funds from issue 1 to finance issue 2.

Winners have 48 hours to contact me at ships free in the US foreign winners agree to chip in for shipping.


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  1. Anthony says:

    For those who cannot watch at work, the winners are John Radke and Walter Miller

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